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AZ (Japanese: AZ AZ) is the former King of Kalos and the creator of the Ultimate Weapon. Currently, he is a forever traveling Trainer.


AZ was born thousands of years ago in Kalos, a son of royalty. After the death of his parents, he became the King of Kalos. Many years past, when a war broke out, in which the whole region was plagued with war, crime and death. Within this war, was his beloved Pokémon - a Floette. Guilt ridden and filled with unspeakable grief, he built a giant device to restore its life. He succeeded - but he was unable to overcome his despair at the world and transformed the device into a nuclear weapon. He detonated it, which ended the war. It was soon discovered that the weapon was powered by the life energy of other Pokémon, which resulted in his beloved Floette turning his back on him and left him.

In the years that past, AZ realized the radiation from the machine left him immortal - left to roam the world unable to die or age. Because of this, AZ left Kalos and traveled the world, watching it grow for thousands of years.

Xenial Destiny

AZ first appeared in An Unusual Savior!, where he saved Lexi, Valerie and Calem after their run in with Team Flare. After saving him, he and Lexi talk in which he alluded the the story of the 'King of Kalos'.

AZ appeared once more in captivity by Lysandre at the base of Lysandre Café, in which he Lexi his story in more depth, confirming that he was in fact the man who created the Ultimate Weapon and also the one with the key in his possession.

Ruby & Sapphire

AZ didn't appear, but was mentioned during Xenial Destiny: Delta Episode, in which it was uncovered that the detonation of the Ultimate Weapon over 3,000 years ago created an asteroid holding a Deoxys, which in present day was found to be hurtling towards Earth.

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