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Alexa (Japanese: ビオラ Pansy) is a Journalist who works in Lumiose City.


Alexa is Kalos native, being born and raised in Santalune City with her younger sister, Viola. She is a Journalist who works for a news firm in Lumiose City, alongside her sister, who works part-time for the company as a Photographer. Unlike her sister, Alexa does not class herself as a Trainer, but someone who uses Pokémon to further her work.

Xenial Destiny

Alexa first appears in The Santalune Sisters! Lexi vs. Alexa! after running into Lexi and her friends who were speaking about meeting her sister for a Gym Battle. Alexa personally brought them to meet Viola at her home.

When there, Calem and Lexi have a tag-team battle with Alexa and Viola. Knowing that her sister wouldn't return to her Gym and battle Lexi unless she lost, Alexa threw the match secretly, which ultimately led to Viola angrily demanding they battle back at the Gym, completing her plan. This isn't gone unnoticed by Lexi, who thanks her for doing so.

In Click, Flash! Lexi's Bug Battle, Alexa was present during Lexi and Viola's Gym Battle, which Lexi wins, before saying goodbye to the group. She tells them she hopes to meet them again during their time in Kalos.

Alexa appeared in 8 Hours to Go alongside her sister after Team Flare announced their plans to wipe the world of ugliness. She became apart of the team to take down Lysandre and stop the Ultimate Weapon from detonating. She helped them especially in 3: The Ultimate Weapon to cause a distraction to allow them passage into the Secret Headquarters and again when fighting against the Team Flare Scientists in 1: Avenge the Fallen.

Alexa then returned in X vs. Y: Destruction where she once again helped take down Lysandre and appeared at Lexi's funeral.

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