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Alexis & The Water Warrior
アレクシス&ウォーターの戦士 Arekushisu & Mizu Senshi
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While heading off for a small trip on the Royal Unova to a tourist island off the Unova waters, Alexis and her friends are caught up in a heap of trouble when Team Plasma's Seven Sages arrive and commandeer the Royal Unova, looking for something. When a Mythical Pokémon is uncovered, all is clear as Team Plasma is once again trying to get their hands on something for their ultimate goal. Can Lexi and her friends stop them?
Japan January 31, 2012
United States January 31, 2012
English themes
Opening Simple and Clean (Opening)
Ending Simple and Clean (Ending)
Japanese themes
Opening Simple and Clean (Opening)
Ending Simple and Clean (Ending)

Best Wishes: Alexis & The Water Warrior (Japanese: ベストウイッシュ: アレクシス&ウォーターの戦士 Besutōisshu: Arekushisu & Mizu Senshi) is the first Alexis Saga movie. It was released Worldwide on January 31, 2012. The movie was set between BW110 and BW111.

The movie features Alexis, Elesa, Brock and Team Plasma in prominent roles. Legendary Pokémon Keldeo makes its debut and the star role in the movie.


Arriving just outside of Opelucid City, Brock and Alexis are awaiting the arrival of Elesa from shopping. The boat about to leave, Elesa returns in a haste ready to board to Royal Unova. Before stepping onto the boat, Alexis is stopped by an old man who hands her a stone. Not knowing what the stone is, Alexis puts it into her bag and boards the boat.

Now settled on the boat, Alexis begins a training battle between her Pokémon. In the midst of a battle between Oshawott and Axew, Brock causes amuck on the boat. Interrupting the battle, Alexis’s bag falls into the nearby pool. Victini notices the stone begins to glow, although the moment passes as it tries to alert Alexis. Recovering from the battle, the group is having fun, before Victini begins to panic and becomes invisible. Confused at Victini’s behaviour, Alexis begins to feel the boat shake. The boat jolts and grinds to a halt. Unaware of what caused the halt, Alexis, Elesa and Brock run to the front of the boat. It’s here where a large submarine rises from the water, revealing a group of men. Alexis notices the costumes, however is taken aback and confused about their appearance. Suddenly, Victini reappears as Alexis’s bag begins to glow again, and the stone from within it rises into the sky. As the stone disappears, Plasma soon boards the ship taking capture of all the passengers. Plasma announces that they are taking over the ship looking to find mysterious a bay, unable to search from their submarine. Listening in on Team Plasma, the group sneak out of the room to escape; however Elesa is captured by a grunt and sent to the main hall. Now hidden on the boat, Alexis and Brock get below the deck. Alone in the decks, Alexis begins to hear a voice from around the room, which shouts her name and tries to escape from wherever it is. Still confused, Alexis finds a shaft which leads into the water. Brock finding some diving equipment suits up and dives into the water. Before Alexis is able to dive in, a group of Plasma grunts walk in, quickly trying to capture Alexis. Hot on their tails, Alexis and Brock quickly escape from the grunts. Reaching a small island, the stone reappears from the sky and falls into the sand below. Now being caught up by the grunts, Brock quickly plunges his Pokémon into battle, distracting the grunts. Alexis recovers the stone and runs into the forest.

Back on the boat, Elesa is being interrogated by the Plasma grunts about Alexis and Brock. When the grunts turn up to update the other grunts, Elesa is able to escape with her Pokémon, before being stopped by a hooded figure. Back on the island, Alexis has managed to escape the grunts and is out of sight. Now deep in the woods, the rain begins to fall. Axew and Oshawott help create a small camp for them, however Alexis’s bag begins to glow once again. With all the Pokémon now witness of the glowing, Alexis is alarmed to see it too. Moments later, the stone transforms into a Pokémon, the same Pokémon Alexis envisioned earlier. The Pokémon, dazed and confused, begins to battle Alexis and her Pokémon. With all Alexis’s Pokémon been taken down, Alexis then manages to talk to Keldeo, who speaks to her using its telepathy.

Returning to the boat, Brock is thrown into a room where Elesa is sat. 4 hooded figures unveil themselves, revealed to be 4 members of the Seven Sages. They reveal that they have no quarrels with Alexis or the other passengers, but need to reach Keldeo in order to save it. Knowing they’re lying, Brock scolds them. The Sages smile, and reveal that they need Keldeo in order to capture the Swords of Justice for their big plan. Elesa shouts in disgust, but the Sages shut her up, before grabbing the two and throwing them overboard. The two of them seem to sink further into the ocean, tied together unable to breathe.

Back in the woods, its morning and Keldeo wakes to Alexis and her Pokémon eating breakfast. Alexis offers Keldeo some, but he refuses telling her he needs to leave in order to escape some bad people. Alexis reveals that she wants to help it, and that she will help him get to wherever he needs to be. Keldeo thanks her, and they pack up and begin walking.

Alexis, Keldeo and her Pokémon all train and play together, and Alexis smiles happily. They all continue playing for a while, before night returns once more, and they all go to sleep.

Meanwhile, the Seven Sages continue to search for Keldeo. They scatter through the cave, before one man says they've found something.

As they reach the outskirts of the forest, helicopters begin to surround them, in which Alexis tells them all to run. A heated escape then occurs, with Alexis and Keldeo being separated from her Pokémon. Thinking they’re safe, a group of Mightyena and Houndour appear trying to attack Alexis. Keldeo protects her and saves her as the Pokémon run away. Alexis thanks it, before Keldeo realises he is at his destination. A small cave opening is revealed, and Alexis, with the help of Keldeo, stagger into the cave. The cave is revealed to be a huge cavern filled with illuminous water. Keldeo reveals that he had to return to the cave in order to call on the Swords of Justice, whom had been sleeping within the water. However, the water soon drains from the cave, and the Sages step out with the Swords of Justice captured.

Keldeo begins to attack the Sages, but is unsuccessful and is easily beaten by Team Plasma’s machines. Alexis, unable to help, tries to break the machines manually, but is quickly grabbed by a member of the Sages. In this moment, a water attack is fired at the Plasma member, which is revealed to be from Oshawott. Elesa and Brock walk in, wet through, with Alexis’s Pokémon. The Keldeo manages to regain some strength, but the Plasma members wake the Swords of Justice, and control them in order to destroy Keldeo. The Sages reveal that if the Keldeo will not help willingly, the Swords of Justice will recover Keldeo’s power through destroying it. After an intense battle, Keldeo manages to break the Swords of Justice from Team Plasma’s control, and the foursome tackle the Sage members. After another battle, the Sages are defeated and cower together. Just as Lexi calls Officer Jenny, she and the others are knocked out. A figure in the background tells the Sages to leave, telling them they are “relieved” of their post.

As the group recovers, Officer Jenny tells Alexis that the Sages must have got away, however that Keldeo and the other Swords of Justice were released and went away. As Alexis, Elesa and Brock head onto the beach, Keldeo appears. He says that he thanks Alexis for helping him, and reveals that he’d happily join her on her adventure. After a moment, Alexis throws a Pokéball, in which she captures the Keldeo.

In a post credit screen, a hand of a man is shown, who is wearing a glove. A man asks for orders, in which he tells him to “head for base”.

Featured Pokémon




  • Oshawott (Alexis's)
  • Axew (Alexis's)
  • Timburr (Brock's)
  • Geodude (Brock's)
  • Onix (Brock's)
  • Emolga (Elesa's)
  • Zebstrika (Elesa's)
  • Stunfisk (Elesa's)
  • Cofagrigus (Multiple; Team Plasma's)
  • Swoobat (Multiple; Team Plasma's)
  • Vanillite (Gorm)
  • Golett (Bronius)
  • Ferrothorn (Rood)
  • Mismagius (Giallo)
  • Bisharp (Ryoku)

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