Alpha is a secret ending to the Astral Eclipse series. It gives insight to Ghetsis and Lexi's true relationship, and sets up a precedent of events to come withint he series going forward.


A taxi pulls up to a motel, where the light flickers. A vending machine is being used, and three bottles of water are released, with a man picking them up, revealed to be Lysandre. He walks across the street to a door, and opens the door, throwing the water on the bed. Cyrus comments is that all he brought back, with Lysandre scoffing saying they've hardly got money to throw around at the minute. Cyrus retracts himself, before the door opens again, Ghetsis walking in. The two men stand up, asking for any updates, in which Ghetsis shakes his head. Lysandre, annoyed, shakes his head, only turning back to comment on the uselessness of his return, before slamming the door. Cyrus shakes his head, before asking Ghetsis why he looks so shifty. Ghetsis refuses to answer, before resolving, and sitting back in front of Cyrus.

He reveals that Giovanni had spoken to him when he brought him back, revealing that he had done so as he uncovered a secret that he wanted answers for, hence freeing Ghetsis at all. He was unsure how Giovanni found out, but now that he has, he's worried more people could know, which could cause the issue he was trying to prevent in the first place. Cyrus questions him on it, but Ghetsis reveals if he says anything, its another person in the know and all the closer to the danger he fears. Cyrus suggests a series of reasons, which Ghetsis refuses to answer. As he berates him, Cyrus once again asks about "his kids", suggesting "his daughter" before Ghetsis snaps revealing she (Lexi) isn't his daughter.

He takes a moment to compose himself, before revealing that Lexi is not his daughter, or that "it" isn't. Cyrus is perplexed, before Ghetsis reveals that "it" could destroy the whole world, and that he needs Cyrus's help to make sure he can prevent it.

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