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Annabel (Japanese: リラ Lila) is a member of Team Plasma and former Salon Maiden from Hoenn.

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Annabel is a Trainer from Hoenn; after challenging the Pokémon League and lost, she was infact scouted to join the Battle Frontier. Not long during her time there, she became the Tower Tycoon. Annabel knew of Lexi when she was undercover as Arcade Star Dahlia while she was a member of Team Galactic. They were good friends, but lost touch after Lexi's plans with Team Galactic came to a head.

Years later, the Battle Frontier shut down, and Annabel was out of a job. She travelled to Unova, where she found out about Ghetsis and the truth about Lexi and her and Ghetsis's family connection. While Ghetsis was trying to convince her that Lexi was still in the team, Annabel was targeted by Looker, who had been keeping an eye on potential recruits by Ghetsis into Team Plasma to stop them. Annabel revealed her connection to Lexi which led Looker to asking her to join him to discover the truth behind Team Plasma's plans. With this, Annabel went under cover and joined Team Plasma, giving Ghetsis the impression she was thinking she'd meet Lexi again. She remained under cover, until she was finally put on the operation to track and kill Lexi.

The Alexis Saga

Annabel first appeared when she ended up attacking Lexi while the former was running away. When they finally tracked her down, Annabel overheard some Grunts talking about the teams theory of Looker being involved in a takedown operation and an apparent "leak" within the team, revealing that if the leak theory was true, they would have to kill Looker. Afraid her undercover status would be revealed and for Looker's life, she realised that she would have to take drastic measures, in order to escape Team Plasma and save her mentor. Finally finding Lexi, Annabel planned out her own demise, turning violent towards Lexi and making an apparent attempt to end her life. Lexi's quick actions lead to Annabel herself being injured, which resulted in her apparent death, not before revealing to Lexi that she was always a friend, and not to trust those around her, before passing out due to her injuries.

Following her apparent death, it was later revealed that Looker had also been undercover on the same operation, returning to the scene only to find Annabel being attacked by a mysterious Pokémon. He attacked the Pokémon and saved her, taking her to safety. Both she and Looker then returned to their hideout where they continued their operations covertly.

Astral Eclipse

Annabel first appeared in 25%, seeing Lexi and again, leading to the realisation that she was alive and well. She revealed the truth behind her involvement with Team Plasma and the International Police. She revealed that she is in Alola with Looker to track down and discover the truth behind the Ultra Beasts, due to herself being attacked by one during her apparent demise in Unova.

During the mission, she is revealed to be apart of the Fallen, a group of Trainers attacked by Ultra Beasts therefore emitting Wormhole energy, which draws Ultra Beasts to them. Following The Massacre of Aether Paradise, Annabel's fate is unknown.


This listing is of Annabel's known Pokémon:

Alakazam artwork Alakazam is a Pokémon Annabel has owned since before becoming a Tower Tycoon in Hoenn.

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