Best Wishes
Besutō Isshu
S1V02 titlecard
Episodes 55
(BW001 - BW055)
Region(s) Unova
Preceded by [[The Adventure Begins]]
Followed by [[Best Wishes: Emerging Powers]]
English Sanctuary
Japanese Passion パシオン

Best Wishes (Japanese: ベストウイッシュ Besutō Isshui) is the second arc of The Alexis Saga series. The arc surrounds Alexis arriving in Unova with her friends Gary, Morty and Greta, along with meeting new friends Caitlin, Elesa, Chili and Brock as Alexis begins her Unova adventure. It premiered on September 06, 2010 with BW001 and ended on July 22, 2011 with BW055.


After receiving Zorua in the Sevii Islands, Alexis arrived in Unova's Castelia City alongside Gary, Morty and Greta. Bringing the Pokémon back home, she soon met Professor Juniper, the regional Professor, who gave her a Starter Pokémon. Knowing she wanted to begin her own journey, Professor Juniper requested Alexis travel around the region with a Pokédex, filling it up to further her research. She agreed; and Alexis went on her way.

As she officially began her journey, catching and Training new Pokémon for her team, Alexis also met new friends, including mysterious Psychic-type Trainer Caitlin, Striaton City Fire-type Gym Leader Chili, Nimbasa City Electric-type Gym Leader Elesa and finally Kanto Rock-type Gym Leader Brock, as she takes on the Unova Gym Leaders.

But the Gym Leaders aren't the only battle Alexis will have to face - villainous organization Team Plasma and their Senior members the Seven Sages along with the enigmatic N. Both pose as a threat to face against - both with their reasons. But what are there reasons and what do they have to do with Alexis?

Episode list

Episode Code Information Air date
BW001 Introducing Unova! Alexis arrives in Castelia City! September 06, 2010
BW002 Alexis meets Professor Juniper! Alexis given Oshawott! September 06, 2010
BW003 Zorua Given Back! Morty Captures Yamask! September 13, 2010
BW004 Studio Castelia Battle! Greta vs. Morty! September 13, 2010
BW005 Gary Training, Gary captures Deerling! September 20, 2010
BW006 Narrow Street Trainers September 20, 2010
BW007 Morty contacted by Gym! Morty leaves Team! September 27, 2010
BW008 Drayden introduced! Alexis given Axew! September 27, 2010
BW009 Greta & Gary Ultimatum! Greta and Gary leave team! October 04, 2010
BW010 Alexis meets Cheren! Cheren vs. Alexis! October 04, 2010
BW011 Bianca's Father Troubles! Trying to Prove She's Ready! October 11, 2010
BW012 Professor Juniper Capture Help! Cheren Captures Patrat! October 18, 2010
BW013 Accumula Town! Team Plasma's Plee! Otober 25, 2010
BW014 Route 2! Alexis captures Lillipup! November 01, 2010
BW015 Route 2! Alexis vs. Bianca! November 08, 2010
BW016 Striaton City! Trainer School Help! November 15, 2010
BW017 Striaton Gym! Alexis vs. Cress & Chilli! November 22, 2010
BW018 Striaton Gym! Alexis vs. Cilan! Chilli Joins Team! November 29, 2010
BW019 Striaton Meeting! Fennel introduced! December06, 2010
BW020 Dreamyard! Caitlin Joins Team! December 13, 2010
BW021 Dreamyard! Team Plasma Battle! December 20, 2010
BW022 Striaton City Winter Freeze! Alexis Captures Cubchoo! December 27, 2010
BW023 Route 3! Daycare Meeting! Elesa Joins Team! Caitlin receives Gothita! January 03, 2011
BW024 Cheren & Bianca Returns! Stolen Pokémon Help! January 10, 2011
BW025 Route 3! Alexis Captures Blitzle! January 17, 2011
BW026 Nacrene City! N Returns? Museum Entrance! January 24, 2011
BW027 Nacrene Museum! Lenora Introduced! Alexis vs. Lenora! January 31, 2011
BW028 Nacrene Gym Outcome! Team Plasma Return! Stolen Item! February 07, 2011
BW029 Café Warehouse! Training Session! February 14, 2011
BW030 Pinwheel Forest! Brock Introduced! February 21, 2011
BW031 Plasma Battle! Caitlin vs. Team Plasma! Item Return! February 28, 2011
BW032 Skyarrow Bridge Battle! Chilli vs. Brock! March 07, 2011
BW033 Castelia City Return! Training in the City! March 14, 2011
BW034 Battle Company! Lexi vs. Elesa! March 21, 2011
BW035 Burgh Introduced! Team Plasma Threat! Iris Introduced! March 28, 2011
BW036 The Seven Sages Introduced! Bianca retrieves her Pokémon April 04, 2011
BW037 Castelia Gym! Alexis vs. Burgh! April 11, 2011
BW038 Route 4! Desert Training! Brock captures Roggenrola! April 18, 2011
BW039 Desert Resort! Chilli Captures Darmanitan! April 25, 2011
BW040 Dawn Appears! Relic Castle Exploration! May 02, 2011
BW041 Route 4! Alexis vs. Cheren May 09, 2011
BW042 Nimbasa City! Bianca's Father Returns! May 16, 2011
BW043 Big Stadium Tournament! May 23, 2011
BW044 Small Court Tournament! May 30, 2011
BW045 Musical Special! Caitlin and Chilli Attract! June 06, 2011
BW046 Nimbasa Gym! Elesa the Gym Leader! Alexis vs. Elesa! June 13, 2011
BW047 Nimbasa Gym Part II! Alexis vs. Elesa! Elesa Remains with Team! June 20, 2011
BW048 Dawn Appears! Nimbasa City Exploration! June 27, 2011
BW049 Ferris Wheel! Alexis vs. N! July 04, 2011
BW050 Route 5! Brock captures Timburr! July 08, 2011
BW051 Cheren in Trouble! Brock vs. Cheren! July 11, 2011
BW052 Caitlin captures Solosis! July 15, 2011
BW053 Juniper Returns! Alder Introduced! Talks about Plasma! July 18, 2011
BW054 Driftveil Drawbridge! Swanna Swarm! July 22, 2011
BW055 Lighthouse Dock! Elesa Captures Stunfisk! July 22, 2011
This concludes Volume 2.

Party changes


The following Pokémon are obtained:

Gym battles

Alexis defeats the following Gym Leaders:

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