Best Wishes: Emerging Powers
Besutō Isshu: Shinkō no Pawāzu
S1V03 titlecard
Episodes 55
(BW056 - BW110)
Region(s) Unova
Preceded by [[Best Wishes]]
Followed by [[Best Wishes: Noble Victories]]
English Sanctuary
Japanese Passion パシオン

Best Wishes: Emerging Powers (Japanese: ベストウイッシュ:新興のパワーズ Besutō Isshu: Shinkō no Pawāzu) is the third volume of The Alexis Saga series. The volume surrounds Alexis and her friends Caitlin, Elesa and Brock as Alexis continues her Unova adventure. It premiered on August 01, 2011 with BW056 and ended on January 30, 2012 with BW110.


Alexis continues her Unova adventure alongside Caitlin, Elesa and Brock, fighting against the threat of Team Plasma. With 5 badges already acquired, Alexis heads further into Unova to take on the final three, along with strengthening and molding her team for the Unova League.

Caitlin continues her Pokémon Musical endevour, while Brock and Elesa continue to grow and learn from Alexis. Johto Flying-type Gym Leader Falkner arrives in Unova and meets the group - becoming the next travelling partner for the group.

With the groups continued journey, also comes the development of Team Plasma, who's plan becomes more clear as time progresses, and even more encounters between the group and the villainous team - with violent consequences. But with mysterious Trainer N and Seven Sage Leader Ghetsis showing that there efforts are much more personal when concerning Alexis - what is their connection and why do they focus so much on defeating Alexis?

Episode list

Episode Code Information Air date
BW056 Market Street Battle! Alexis Receives Petilil! August 01, 2011
BW057 Cress Returns! Chili Returns Home! August 01, 2011
BW058 Clay Introduced! Team Plasma Return! August 05, 2011
BW059 Hayley Introduced! Ranch Opening! August 08, 2011
BW060 Caitlin Musical Rematch! August 12, 2011
BW061 Falkner Introduced! Bird Battle! August 15, 2011
BW062 Zorua Returns! Alexis Rescue Mission! August 19, 2011
BW063 Zorua Evolves into Zoroark! Alexis captures Zoroark! August 22, 2011
BW064 Clay and Juniper Talk! Training! August 26, 2011
BW065 Cold Storage! Cheren Returns! Team Plasma Stakeout! August 29, 2011
BW066 Cold Storage! Cheren vs. Zinzolin September 02, 2011
BW067 Fennel returns! Caitlin vs. Fennel! Solosis evolves! September 05, 2011
BW068 Training Session! Alexis decides team! September 09, 2011
BW069 Driftveil Gym! Alexis vs. Clay! September 12, 2011
BW070 Route 6! Bianca Returns! Cobalion Sighted! September 16, 2011
BW071 Route 6! Clay Chargestone Cave Help! September 19, 2011
BW072 N Returns! Shadow Triad Introduced! Brock vs. N! September 23, 2011
BW073 Juniper Returns! Bianca & Juniper Quest in Chargestone Cave! September 26, 2011
BW074 Plasma Seigue Once More! Elesa vs. Team Plasma! September 30, 2011
BW075 N Mysterious Talk! Alexis vs. N! October 03, 2011
BW076 Mistralton City! Prof. Juniper Snr. & Skyla Introduced/Problem Help! October 07, 2011
BW077 Route 7! Alexis Captures Archeops! October 10, 2011
BW078 Celestial Tower! Climbing the Tower! October 14, 2011
BW079 Celestial Peak! Helping Skyla! October 17, 2011
BW080 Return to Mistalton City! Caitlin/Falkner Musical! October 21, 2011
BW081 Caitlin/Falkner Musical Part II October 24, 2011
BW082 Aero Battle Club! Elesa & Brock vs. Skyla & Cedric Juniper! October 28, 2011
BW083 Pokémon Center Help! October 31, 2011
BW084 Mistralton Gym! Alexis vs. Skyla! November 04, 2011
BW085 Mistralton Gym! Alexis vs. Skyla Finale! November 07, 2011
BW086 Route 7! Training! November 11, 2011
BW087 Twist Mountain! Clay & Cheren Return! Clay vs. Cheren! November 14, 2011
BW088 Twist Mountain! Cheren confronts Team Plasma! Fighting! November 18, 2011
BW089 Cedric Juniper! Talking About Dragonspiral Tower! Training November 21, 2011
BW090 Icirrus City! Team Choosing! November 25, 2011
BW091 Icirrus Gym! Alexis vs. Brycen! November 28, 2011
BW092 Icirrus Gym! Alexis vs. Brycen Finale! December 02, 2011
BW093 Cheren & Bianca Return! Cheren vs. Bianca! December 05, 2011
BW094 Caitlin and Falkners Final Musical! December 09, 2011
BW095 Team Plasma Return! Dragonspiral Tower Accension! December 12, 2011
BW096 Dragonspiral Tower! Brock/Caitlin/Elesa/Alexis Troubles! December 16, 2011
BW097 Dragonspiral Tower! N Returns! Reshiram Battle! December 19, 2011
BW098 Iccirus City! Alder Returns! Brycen vs. Alder! December 23, 2011
BW099 Route 8! Alexis Captures Cofagrigus! December 26, 2011
BW100 Fly to Relic Castle! Team Plasma Takeover! December 30, 2011
BW101 Relic Castle! Alder vs. Ghetsis! January 02, 2012
BW102 Fly to Nacrene City Museum! Alexis's Decision about N! January 06, 2012
BW103 Back to Route 8! Training Time! Alexis vs. Bianca! Alexis Petilil evolves! January 09, 2012
BW104 Tubeline Bridge! Ghetsis Confrontation! January 13, 2012
BW105 Shopping Mall Nine Battle! Brock vs. Waitress! January 16, 2012
BW106 Opelucid City! Ghetsis's Proposition! January 20, 2012
BW107 Iris & Drayden! Talk about Reshiram/Zekrom! January 23, 2012
BW108 Opelucid City Gym! Alexis vs. Iris! January 27, 2012
BW109 Opelucid City Gym! Alexis vs. Iris finale! January 30, 2012
BW110 On the Road to the Pokémon League! January 30, 2012
This concludes Volume 3.

Party changes


The following Pokémon are obtained:



The following Pokémon evolved:


Gym battles

Alexis defeats the following Gym Leaders:

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