Best Wishes: Noble Victories
Besutō Isshu: Nōburu Shōri
S1V04 titlecard
Episodes 56
(BW111 - BW166)
Region(s) Unova
Preceded by [[Best Wishes: Emerging Powers]]
Followed by [[Best Wishes II]]
English Sanctuary
Japanese Passion パシオン

Best Wishes: Noble Victories (Japanese: ベストウイッシュ:ノーブル勝利 Besutō Isshu: Nōburu Shōri) is the fourth arc of The Alexis Saga series. The arc surrounds Alexis and her friends Caitlin and Brock as Alexis continues her Unova adventure. It premiered on February 06, 2012 with BW111 and ended on August 10, 2012 with BW166.


With all 8 Gym Badges secured, Alexis begins a new journey on the way to the Pokémon League. Deciding to wait a while before heading to her final battle, she decided to further explore Unova and all its secrets and legends, all the while planning and training for the League with her Pokémon.

But when it boils down to the end, Alexis faces Victory Road and eventually the Unova League. Will she be successful and become the next Champion of Unova?

Episode list

Episode Code Information Air date
BW111 Heading Out Again! Returning to Nuvema Town! February 06, 2012
BW112 Route 17! Exploration! February 06, 2012
BW113 Route 18! Exploration! February 10, 2012
BW114 P2 Lab! Genesect Information! February 13, 2012
BW115 Fly to Mistralton Cave! Cobalion Sighting! February 17, 2012
BW116 Fly to Pinwheel Forest! Wirizion Sighting! February 20, 2012
BW117 Fly to Victory Road! Terrakion Sighting! February 24, 2012
BW118 Arrival at the Abundant Shrine! Landorus Awakening! February 27, 2012
BW119 Landorus/Tornadus/Thundurus Battle! March 02, 2012
BW120 Off to Undella Bay! Mission to Abyssal Ruins! March 05, 2012
BW121 Abyssal Ruins Exploration! Mysterious Sighting! March 09, 2012
BW122 Abyssal Ruins! Battle! March 12, 2012
BW123 Abyssal Ruins! Escaping the Cavern! March 16, 2012
BW124 Keldeo - Secret Sword Learning! March 19, 2012
BW125 Training Time! League Teams Decision! March 23, 2012
BW126 Meloetta Awakening! Two Formes! March 26, 2012
BW127 Castelia City Return! Meloetta Relic Song! March 30, 2012
BW128 Royal Unova! Boat Ride! April 02, 2012
BW129 Unity Tower Tournament! April 06, 2012
BW130 Tournament Round 1! Alexis vs. Blake! April 09, 2012
BW131 Tournament Round 2! Alexis vs. Whitlea! April 13, 2012
BW132 Tournament Round 3! Alexis vs. Cynthia! April 16, 2012
BW133 Liberty Garden! Plasma Grunts Capture Victini! April 20, 2012
BW134 Liberty Garden II! Alexis Captures Victini! April 23, 2012
BW135 Back to Castelia City! Fable of Volcarona! Falkner vs. Brock! April 27, 2012
BW136 Desert Resort! Darumaka Army! April 30, 2012
BW137 Relic Castle! Volcarona Fight! May 04, 2012
BW138 Nimbasa City! Falkner's Musical Encore! May 07, 2012
BW139 Battle Subway! Alexis vs. Emmet! May 11, 2012
BW140 Battle Subway! Alexis vs. Ingo! May 14, 2012
BW141 Route 16! Lostlorn Forest! Bug Battle! May 18, 2012
BW142 Marvelous Bridge! Caitlin Returns! Caitlin vs. Fennel May 21, 2012
BW143 Marvelous Bridge! Caitlin Releases Gothitelle! Leaves Team! May 25, 2012
BW144 Route 15! Alexis Trains! May 28, 2012
BW145 White Forest/Black City Special! June 01, 2012
BW146 Foggy Route 14! Fishing Games! June 04, 2012
BW147 Undella Bay! Undella Town Recovery! June 08, 2012
BW148 Route 13! Bliztle Evolves! June 11, 2012
BW149 Kyurem Sighted! Escape the Ice Cave! June 15, 2012
BW150 Lacunose Town Reenactment! June 18, 2012
BW151 Back to Route 10! June 22, 2012
BW152 Victory Road! The Journey Begins! June 25, 2012
BW153 Victory Road Part II! Alexis Captures Golurk! June 29, 2012
BW154 Victory Road Part III! Alexis vs. Elesa July 02, 2012
BW155 Victory Road Part IV! Petilil Evolves! July 06, 2012
BW156 Alexis begins to Train! League Begins! July 09, 2012
BW157 First Round! Alexis vs. Shauntal! July 13, 2012
BW158 Second Round! Alexis vs. Grimsley! July 16, 2012
BW159 Training Break! July 20, 2012
BW160 Cynthia Introduced! Plasma Sighting! July 23, 2012
BW161 Third Round! Alexis vs. Marshal! July 27, 2012
BW162 Fourth Round! Alexis vs. Caitlin! July 30, 2012
BW163 Alexis Family Meeting! August 06, 2012
BW164 Brock's Brother Appears! Brock Leaves Team! August 06, 2012
BW165 Alexis and Elder Reuinite! Reflection! August 10, 2012
BW166 Alexis All Alone! Training! Two Years On! August 10, 2012
This concludes Volume 4.

Party changes


The following Pokémon are obtained:



The following Pokémon evolved:


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