Best Wishes II
Saikō Negai II
S1V05 titlecard
Episodes 30
(B2W2-001 - B2W2-030)
Region(s) Unova
Preceded by [[Best Wishes: Noble Victories]]
Followed by [[Best Wishes II: Plasma Freeze]]
English Sanctuary
Japanese Passion パシオン

Best Wishes II (Japanese: 最高願いII Saikō Negai II) is the fifth arc of The Alexis Saga series. The arc surrounds Alexis 2 years on from M02, with Alexis returning to Unova meeting new friends Roxie, Marlon and reuniting with Bianca. It premiered on August 20, 2012 with B2W2-001 and ended on November 30, 2012 with B2W2-030.


Episode list

Episode Code Information Air date
B2W2-001 Aspertia City! Hugh vs. Alexis! August 20, 2012
B2W2-002 Bianca Meeting! Team Plasma Return? August 24, 2012
B2W2-003 Aspertia City Gym! Alexis vs. Cheren! August 27, 2012
B2W2-004 Route 19! Alder & Team Plasma! Flocessy Town! August 31, 2012
B2W2-005 Route 20! Alexis Captures Cherrim! Rescues girl! September 03, 2012
B2W2-006 Virbank Complex! Magnemite Attack! September 07, 2012
B2W2-007 Virbank City Gym! Alexis vs. Roxie! September 10, 2012
B2W2-008 Pokestar Studios! Brycen vs. Riolu Man! September 14, 2012
B2W2-009 Castelia City Gym! Alexis vs. Burgh! September 17, 2012
B2W2-010 Castelia return! Sewers! Roxie Joins Team! Relic Passage! September 21, 2012
B2W2-011 Clay Tunnel! Underground Ruins! Route 4! Armor Fossil! September 24, 2012
B2W2-012 Join Avenue! Team Plasma Return! September 28, 2012
B2W2-013 Nimbasa City! Riolu on the loose! Alexis captures Riolu! October 01, 2012
B2W2-014 Nimbasa City Gym! Alexis vs. Elesa! October 05, 2012
B2W2-015 Nimbasa Music Theater! Elesa rejoins Team! October 08, 2012
B2W2-016 Route 5! Alexis captures Teddiursa! Plasma Grunts! Plasma vs. Team! October 12, 2012
B2W2-017 Driftveil Drawbridge! Elesa vs. Roxie! October 15, 2012
B2W2-018 Driftveil City! Plasma vs. Plasma! Alexis vs. Rood! October 19, 2012
B2W2-019 Dritveil City Gym! Alexis vs. Clay! October 22, 2012
B2W2-020 Plasma! Hugh Returns! Plasma Ship Battle! October 26, 2012
B2W2-021 Deerling Research! Pokérace! October 29, 2012
B2W2-022 Chargestone Cave! Team Plasma Battle! November 02, 2012
B2W2-023 Mistralton City! Elesa and Skyla! November 05, 2012
B2W2-024 Celestial Tower! Professor Juniper help! Alexis captures Misdreavus November 09, 2012
B2W2-025 Route 7! Kami Trio Trouble! November 12, 2012
B2W2-026 Unova Plane Ride! Alexis vs. Skyla! November 16, 2012
B2W2-027 Plane Stop! Kami Trio! November 19, 2012
B2W2-028 Lentimas Town! Alexis meets Elder! November 23, 2012
B2W2-029 Reversal Mountain! Bianca Joins Team! Meeting Heatran! November 26, 2012
B2W2-030 Reversal Mountain! Strange House! Alexis captures Deino! Heatran battle! November 30, 2012
This concludes Volume 5.

Party changes


The following Pokémon are obtained:



The following Pokémon evolved:


Gym battles

Alexis defeats the following Gym Leaders:

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