Best Wishes II: Plasma Freeze
Saikō Negai II: Purazuma Tōketsu
S1V06 titlecard
Episodes 30
(B2W2-031 - B2W2-060)
Region(s) Unova
Preceded by [[Best Wishes II]]
Followed by [[World of Dreams]]
English Sanctuary
Japanese Passion パシオン

Best Wishes II: Plasma Freeze (Japanese: 最高願いII:プラズマ凍結 Saikō Negai II: Purazuma Tōketsu) is the sixth arc of The Alexis Saga series. The arc surrounds Alexis during her return to Unova with friends Roxie, Marlon and Bianca. It premiered on December 03, 2012 with B2W2-031 and ended on March 15, 2013 with B2W2-060.


Episode list

Episode Code Information Air date
B2W2-031 Undella Town! Cheren vs. Bianca! Bianca leaves! Alexis captures Ponyta! December 03, 2012
B2W2-032 Route 13! Cobalion! Mystery of the Swords of Justice! December 07, 2012
B2W2-033 Lacunose Town! Virizion! Lexi Defeats Zinzolin! December 10, 2012
B2W2-034 Chase to Village Bridge! Female Singer Attacks! December 14, 2012
B2W2-035 Opelucid City! Alexis vs. Drayden! Frigate Appears! Opelucid Frozen! December 17, 2012
B2W2-036 Opelucid City! Alexis helps Drayden! December 21, 2012
B2W2-037 Alexis, Drayden & Elesa vs. Shadow Triad! December 24, 2012
B2W2-038 Back to Undella! Marine Tube! Cheren captures Mantine! Alexis captures Mantyke December 28, 2012
B2W2-039 Humilau City! Group Pokémon Problem! December 31, 2012
B2W2-040 Humilau City Gym! Alexis vs. Marlon! Marlon joins Team! January 04, 2013
B2W2-041 Seaside Cave! Crustle Attack! Plama Frigate! January 07, 2013
B2W2-042 Plasma Frigate! Kyurem Awoken! Alexis vs. Zinzolin! January 11, 2013
B2W2-043 Route 22! Giant Chasm! Alexis Frigate Return! January 14, 2013
B2W2-044 Alexis vs. Colress! Ghetsis returns! Kyurem Enters! January 18, 2013
B2W2-045 N Returns! Zekrom/Reshiram Fuse with Zekrom! Alexis vs. Kyurem! January 21, 2013
B2W2-046 Alexis vs. Ghetsis! N Joins Team! January 25, 2013
B2W2-047 Route 23! Alexis captures Rufflet! January 28, 2013
B2W2-048 Victory Road! Lampent leaves! February 01, 2013
B2W2-049 Victory Road Pt. 2! N Leaves! Zoroark Love! February 04, 2013
B2W2-050 Elite Four! Alexis vs. Shauntal! February 08, 2013
B2W2-051 Elite Four! Alexis vs. Grimsley! Introducing Luxray! February 11, 2013
B2W2-052 Elite Four! Alexis vs. Marshal! February 15, 2013
B2W2-053 Elite Four! Alexis vs. Caitlin! February 18, 2013
B2W2-054 Elite Four Finale! Alexis vs. Iris! February 22, 2013
B2W2-055 Nature Preserve! Alexis vs. Shiny Haxorus! February 25, 2013
B2W2-056 Virbank City! March 01, 2013
B2W2-057 Floccessy Ranch! Alexis Helps Breeders! Given Ampharos! March 04, 2013
B2W2-058 Flocessy Town! Alexis vs. Benga! March 08, 2013
B2W2-059 Oath Woods! Alexis teaches Keldeo! Forme Change! March 11, 2013
B2W2-060 Asperia City! Alexis vs.Bianca! March 15, 2013
This concludes Volume 6.

Party changes


The following Pokémon are obtained:



The following Pokémon evolved:


Gym battles

Alexis defeats the following Gym Leaders:

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