Blake artwork
Age Gender
22 Male
Nuvema Town
Trainer class
Type Speciality
First Appearance
The Final Passage
Current Status

Blake (Japanese: ブラック Black) is a Trainer and a former Plasma Grunt from Unova.


Blake started his journey at age 10 alongside Whitlea, his childhood friend. The two had competed with one another, but both failed to enter the Pokémon League. Angered, the two ended up joining Team Plasma, finding themselves to be failures. They befriended Lexi and the three became good friends. Once Lexi had betrayed Team Plasma, knowing his friend wouldn't of left without good reason, used the opportunity to himself leave, with Whitlea joining him (unbeknownst to him who had never left the team but instead used the opportunity to find her and gain her trust).

The Alexis Saga

Blake first appeared in The Final Passage with Whitlea introducing himself as an old friend of Lexi. They accompany Lexi on her journey to get away from Team Plasma, of whom he reveals he's an ex member of. They all decide to excape to Sinnoh, however both he and Lexi are captured by Team Plasma as its revealed Whitlea was always a member serving as a double agent to track Lexi down, which angers him as the two were good friends.

He later joins Lexi and her friends to stop Team Plasma, even fighting against Whitlea. Once Team Plasma was stopped, he left to start his own journey, away from Unova and his former team. ---

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