Brawly artwork
Age Gender
20 Male
Dewford Town
Trainer class
Gym Leader
Type Speciality
First Appearance
Current Status

Brawly (Japanese: トウキ Touki) is the Gym Leader from Dewford Town, Hoenn.


Brawly was born and raised in Dewford Town. He spent a lot of time as a child playing in on the beach and swimming in the shallow pools outside his home. He became keen to surf after watching many people around his town doing so, and one day participated in a Surfing match and won. He's remained a Surfer ever since. However, his parents were strict, and made him go through school to make the best of his life. He became equally interested in fighting and training, and began training in Granite Cave. When he turned 16, he came the Gym Leader of Dewford Town and balanced himself between surfing, training and his duties as a Gym Leader.

Xenial Destiny

Brawly first appeared when the group were traveling to Dewford Town. The group were traveling aboard the Seagallop Ferry when a collision between the Ferry and a large rock resulted in a large wave that toppled Brawly off of his surf board. After being saved by Lexi and her friends, he revealed himself to be the Dewford Gym Leader. He accompanied the group back to Dewford Town before participating in a Gym Battle against May.

Brawly appeared just as the group were set to leave Dewford Town, when he overheard a small group of men talk about Team Aqua's plans at Slateport Museum. Upon discovering their plans, he decided to accompany Lexi and her friends to Slateport City to stop them. Upon arriving at Slateport Museum, he aided the group in halting Team Aqua's plans, before deciding to remain with them just in case Team Aqua became a burden again.

During his time with the group, Brawly provided a mature and experienced view on their training and battling, often helping May and Brendan when they were having trouble training. He also became closer to Flannery during this time, feeling passionate about helping her retrieve her position as Gym Leader.

Brawly stayed with the group until the incident at Mt. Chimney, when after a meeting of the Hoenn Gym Leaders (barring Tate and Liza), he decided to return to Dewford Town in order to protect it from the impending threat, but promised he would be there to help Lexi and her friends if he was needed.


This listing is of Brawly's known Pokémon:

150px Brawly was given Makuhita by his parents when he was young. He's trained with Makuhita since then and uses it in all his Gym battles.
150px Machop was the first Pokémon caught by Brawly when he became a Gym Leader. Machop has large ambitions to evolve into his final form.
Meditite artwork Meditite was a Pokémon caught by Brawly after he became a Gym Leader for his battles. He took her with him hen he left with Lexi and her friends.

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