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20 Male
Pewter City
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Gym Leader
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Brock (Japanese: タケシ Takeshi) is the Rock-type Gym Leader of Kanto.


Brock was born and raised in Pewter City, where he spent his childhood watching his father Flint train in the Pewter Gym. As the eldest of 10 children, Brock inherited the Gym on his 11th birthday. He trained there for many years, before giving the Gym to his younger brother, Forrest. He then went traveling with Ash Ketchum for several years.

The Alexis Saga

Brock first appeared in Best Wishes when he journeyed to Unova after officially becoming a Pokémon Breeder. He joined the group after remeeting with Alexis, deciding to attempt to balance both his skills as a Breeder and a Battler. During his time, he captured a Timburr, Boufallant, Sawk and a Tangrowth.

Brock continued with Alexis until the end of Best Wishes: Noble Victories, where his brother, Forrest came and asked him to return to the Pewter Gym while he studied.

Brock's second appearance was during the events of M03 and M04 where he played a major role in the battle against the Ghetsis Initiative.

Brock reappeared once again when Alexis was in Sinnoh, where he and Elesa visited her, and ultimately helped her decision to travel to Kalos.

Xenial Destiny

Brock appeared once more in Xenial Destiny in Fate Decided, where he came to visit Lexi.


This listing is of Brock's known Pokémon:

150px Onix is a Pokémon that Brock caught shortly before his journey to Unova. Unlike Brock's first Onix, it appeared to find battling hard, and spent a lot of time training by itself.
150px Timburr is the first Pokémon that Brock caught in Unova. It is an optimistic and outgoing Pokémon that loves battling, and yearns to evolve into its final forme. It has become Brock's token Pokémon.
150px Bouffalant is a Pokémon caught by Brock in Unova. It's a boisterous Pokémon that enjoys battling and playing jokes on others. It often spends time unsure of it's goals.
150px Sawk is a Pokémon caught by Brock. It's a keen battler who, while outside of battle, trains by itself in the wild. It's always focused and doesn't like playing with other Pokémon.
150px Durant is a Pokémon caught by Brock. It's an unsocial Pokémon that Brock finds hard to communicate with, leading it to disobey him in battle.
150px Tangrowth is a Pokémon caught by Brock. It's a docile Pokémon that is clumsy both in and outside of battle. It likes to care for Brock's other Pokémon, and often tells off those that are mean or naughty.

Gym Team

This listing is of Brock's Pokémon exclusively for his Gym battles:

075 111 139
Graveler Rhyhorn Omastar

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