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Chili (Japanese: ポッド Pod) is a former Fire-type Gym Leader of Unova.


Chili is one of three triplets, along with his brother Cilan and Cress. The trio were born and raised in Unova, which they all showed much interest in the culinary arts and cooking. Chili and his brothers opened a small pop-up café in Striaton City as teenagers which was ransacked by some youths. The trio fought against them and eventually decided to purchase a café and incorporate a Gym within it.

The trio were originally denied a Gym in which all three of them were Leaders, which led to Chilli and his brother Cress running the Café while their brother, Cilan, was the sole Gym Leader. This later changed over time and the trio began running the café and Gym as one.

The Alexis Saga

Chili's first appearance was in Best Wishes when he and his two brothers were challenged by Alexis for her first Unova badge. She battled against Cilan and won, impressing Chili. A few days after their battle, his brother Cilan went on a journey with Ash Ketchum, leading to Chili himself wanting to go on a journey. With his brother Cress willing to look after the Gym alone, Chili headed out to find Alexis to join her.

After running around Nacrene City, he eventually caught up to Alexis and joined the group. During their journey, he decided to branch out from Fire-types, discovering his love for Bug-types.

Unable to cope alone with both the restaurant and the Gym, Cress came to find Chili while the group was in Driftveil City. Upon finding his brother, Chili ended up leaving the group for Striaton City. He was later mentioned when Cilan met Alexis, which he revealed that Chili and Cress were coping well in Striaton, and that they had even expanded the building.

When Alexis returned to Unova two years later, she discovered that Chili along with his brothers had closed the Gym side of their Café and focused primarily on the café and restaurant.

Chili, along with his brother Cress made their only other appearance during the events of M03 and M04, although Chili was the only of the triplets to fight during the battle.


This listing is of Chili's known Pokémon:

150px Pansear is a Pokémon caught by Chili as a child. He and his two brothers all caught elemental monkeys and used them constantly as their token Pokémon. When he first had Pansear, Chili was always scared of Pansear and it's fire attacks. He eventually got used to Pansear during one winter when he got lost in a blizzard, which Pansear helped him stay warm. Pansear is a caring Pokémon who's vicious in battle but equally caring to even it's opponents.
150px Heatmore is a Pokémon caught by Chili. Heatmor is a strict Pokémon that doesn't allow itself to have fun, and focuses strictly on training for battles.
150px Sewaddle is a Pokémon caught by Chili. It is a childish and playful Pokémon who tries its best to exceed in battling. It gets encouraged by Chili's praise and always works to it's full potential.

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