Xenial Destiny: Conquest
Xenial Unmei: Konkuesuto
ゼニカル運命: コンクエスト
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Episodes 27
(XY081 - XY107)
Region(s) Kalos
Preceded by [[Invasion]]
Followed by [[Ruby & Sapphire]]
English XYZ
Japanese XYZ

Xenial Destiny: Conquest (Japanese: ゼニカル運命: コンクエスト Xenial Unmei: Konkuesuto) is the third chapter of the Xenial Destiny series. The chapter surrounds Lexi as she continues her journey in the Kalos region finishing her Gym Leader battles, taking on the Kalos League and forming a detective agency with Looker. It premiered on July 09, 2014 with The Calm After the Storm! and ended with Fate Decided on October 11, 2014.


With Lysandre and Team Flare taken down, Lexi continues her journey of Kalos, heading for her final Gym battle and eventually the Kalos League. Lexi manages to take down the Kalos League and eventually, Champion Diantha. Becoming the new Champion, Lexi decides instead of becoming the new Champion, she'd instead continue her journey.

Now a Champion of Kalos, she returns to her sisters Daycare, in which she's offered a choice by Calem and Shauna - go to Hoenn with them, or remain in Kalos. Despite being gifted a baby Chespin by Shauna, and Calem finally admitting his true feelings for Lexi, she decided to remain in Kalos, deciding that she had to do what was right.

But after they leave, Lexi is shocked to receive a mysterious letter - asking for her help in Lumiose City on the request of a mysterious man - leading to a whole new adventure!

Lexi comes into contact with mysterious Detective Looker, who wants to open a Detective Agency in Lumiose City to tackle to various crimes occurring in the city. After the two set up the Looker Bureau, they come into contact with a young girl named Emma, and her Espurr, Mimi. Together, the trio take on the mysterious and unsolved mysteries in Lumiose City, only to find a larger task at hand. With Looker dealing with other matters, and Emma trying to help with the finances, Lexi heads out in the field to discover what's truly going on. She's shocked to find the various crimes - all the work of Dr. Xerosic - the same Xerosic involved with Team Flare. Lexi and Looker discover the truth behind mysterious humanoid Essentia - and eventually take down Xerosic and his plans.

But even with the crimes in Lumiose City foiled, Looker leaving Kalos and Emma as the head of the Looker Bureau, Lexi finds herself in other issues, when Professor Sycamore discovers a horrifying reality in the aftermath of Team Flare's initial takeover.

Episode list

Episode Code Information Air date
XY081 The Calm After the Storm! July 09, 2014
Following the recent events, Lexi inherits several gifts from the deceased while at their wake.
XY082 Returning Home! July 12, 2014
Lexi helps Xerneas return to it's home as she reflects on what has occurred in the past few weeks. Will she find peace with recent events?
XY083 Sycamore's Meeting! July 16, 2014
Unexpectedly, Professor Sycamore decides to meet Lexi in Couriway Town to talk, and even maybe something else! Plus, a new face shows up.
XY084 A Mysterious Call? July 18, 2014
Lexi receives a mysterious call from someone to meet them in Terminus Cave. But Terminus Cave turns out to be a tougher challenge than she expected.
XY085 A Struggling Strength! July 23, 2014
Lexi meet the mysterious man who wants her for a specific reason. Will Lexi be able to help the man?
XY086 Shauna's Rewarding Rematch! July 26, 2014
Shauna meets Lexi on her way to Snowbelle City and requests to battle again to show how she's grown. But has Shauna grown enough to beat Lexi?
XY087 The Winding Search! July 30, 2014
When Lexi is told Snowbelle City Gym Leader is at the Pokémon Village beyond the Winding Woods, she decides to head into the eerie woods to challenge the Gym Leader. But will it be clear sailing through the woods?
XY088 An Icy Battle! Lexi vs. Wulfric! Part I August 02, 2014
Lexi decides to take on Wulfric with a whole new team of Pokémon to ready herself for the Pokémon League.
XY089 An Icy Battle! Lexi vs. Wulfric! Part II August 06, 2014
Lexi and Wulfrics battle continues with a frosty finish!
XY090 The Road to Victory! Part I August 09, 2014
Lexi sets out on her way through Victory Road.
XY091 The Road to Victory! Part II August 13, 2014
Lexi continues through the dangerous Victory Road.
XY092 Ready... Set... August 16, 2014
At the League, Lexi readies to begin challenging the Elite Four. But who will make her team?
XY093 A Fiery First Match! Lexi vs. Malva! August 20, 2014
Lexi begins the League fighting Fire-type Master Malva! The battle is intense, and there is a fire behind Malva's fighting!
XY094 The Strong as Steel Round! Lexi vs. Wikstrom! August 23, 2014
Lexi takes on Steel-type Master Wikstrom in her second battle against the Elite Four!
XY095 A Showered Match! Lexi vs. Siebold! August 27, 2014
The third Elite Four battle takes place! Who will victor between challenger Lexi and Water-type Master Siebold?
XY096 The Final Elite! Lexi vs. Drasna! August 30, 2014
The fourth and final battle between Lexi and the Elite Four begins with Lexi taking on Dragon-type Master Drasna! Can she make it to the Champion?
XY097 A Fancy Finish! Lexi vs. Diantha! September 03, 2014
The Champion takes the Stage! It's Actress Diantha! The battle begins, with a secret weapon on either side?
XY098 A Bond & the Letter September 06, 2014
After the League, Shauna and Calem meet with Lexi with an important announcement and gifts - what are they? Soon after, Lexi receives a strange letter from a mysterious man.
XY099 A Familiar Face! September 10, 2014
Lexi arrives in a small building and is surprised to see a familiar face. They give Lexi an interesting offer, but will she take it?
XY100 In the Back Alleys September 13, 2014
Looker receives the first case in the new agency, where kids are hanging around alleys through Lumiose City acting suspicious. Looker sends Lexi to investigate, but what will she find?
XY101 Detective, Tourist, Gang September 17, 2014
A woman comes to the agency after her Pokémon are stolen, resulting in Looker and Lexi heading to Lumiose Station to confront the suspected thieves.
XY102 An Unforgivable Crime September 20, 2014
Looker confides in Lexi with his worries about Emma, however, distractions fill the agency when a crime spree hits Lumiose City.
XY103 A Friendship Giveaway September 24, 2014
Still confused over the crimes occurring, Looker and Lexi getting deeper into the current case, but with a surprising conclusion.
XY104 The Fiery Mistress September 27, 2014
With Looker gone, Lexi holds the fort when she's approached by an elderly man on behalf of his Mistress. Lexi heads off to meet her, and is taken a back by who she finds.
XY105 Back in the Lions Den October 01, 2014
Lexi returns to Lysandre's Labs when she's informed of the true criminal behind the recent events in Lumiose City. Will she be able to handle the case alone?
XY106 Here's Lookin' At You, Kid! October 04, 2014
Lexi and Emma are asked to meet at the agency to welcome Looker back from the hospital, but it seems there's more behind the meeting than they expected. Sycamore realizes everything is not as it seems
XY107 Fate Decided October 11, 2014
While her friends and family are on their way to see Lexi, she prepares for something, but what is it? Sycamore rushes to inform Lexi of his discovery.
This concludes Chapter 3.

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