Pokémon Contest Spectacular (Japanese: ポケモンコンテストライブ Pokémon Contest Live), also known simply as Pokémon Contests (Japanese: ポケモンコンテスト Pokémon Contest) are competitions that are often seen as a contrast to Pokémon battle's such as the Elite Four and Gyms which are held in Contest Halls. Pokémon are judged on their condition, moves and overall performance in three rounds.

Contest Halls

Contest Halls (Japanese: コンテストホール Contest Hall) are buildings in which Pokémon Contests are held. There are four Contest Halls in Hoenn: Slateport City, Verdanturf Town, Fallarbor Town and Lilycove City. Normal, Super and Hyper Rank Contests are held in the first three Contest Halls, but only Master Rank Contests are held at Lilycove City.


Coordinators is the title given to Trainers who take part in Contests. Anyone can become a Coordinator, however, if you win a Contest, your title can change to Super Coordinator, Hyper Coordinator and Master Coordinator if you've won a Gold Ribbon in any of those ranking Contests.

Contest types

There are five Contest types: Beautiful, Cute, Clever, Cool or Tough; all the features of the Contests are the same, but the audience and the judges vote depending on the different Contest types.You can enter Pokémon into any Contest type, but a Pokémon who, for example, is suited to Beautiful Contests with Beautiful moves, will struggle in a Tough Contest, so it's advised to only participate in the Contest that is ideal for the Pokémon.


Primary judging

The first round is compromised of primary judging, in which the audience votes on which Pokémon out of the Contestants looks the best depending on the Contest type: Beautiful, Cute, Clever, Cool or Tough. Once the audience has voted, the Top 4 Contestants then move onto the second round. In the case of a tie, the judges will personally select the Pokémon who'll move on to the next round.

Secondary judging

The second round, or the Talent Round is when the Pokémon showcases their moves in front of the audience and judges, having 5 rounds to impress the judges. The Pokémon will gain points depending how appealing the move is for the specific type of Contest they're participating in, and even more if they use a combination of moves that are deemed appealing. If the Pokémon is nervous, fails a move or messes it up, they will lose points. Coordinators can Mega Evolve their Pokémon if the crowd's excitement for the Pokémon reaches its peak. The two Pokémon with the highest scores are then selected for the third and final round.

Final judging

The third and final round is when the final two Pokémon battle against each other. If a Pokémon attacks its opponent and has an effective attack that causes damage, they are awarded points from the opponent depending on what the judges vote the attack to be worth. The goal is to take as many points from the opponent as they can using effective moves. If the moves miss, aren't effective or cause no effect, points are taken away from that Pokémon and given to their opponent. The round ends either when one Pokémon is out of points, or the timer runs out (The time is dependent on the rank of Contest)

After judging

Once the five rounds have ended, the four Pokémon results are tallied and shown. They are awarded pink hearts, each representing 40 points in the first round (rounded to the nearest star), and white stars, representing 60 points in the second round. The Pokémon who's meter has the highest cumulative score in the combination of both rounds is selected winner.


The Top 3 in each Contest are awarded Ribbons: Gold, Silver and Bronze for the Pokémon who place first, second and third respectively. Each Contest Rank has their own ribbons, as do each Contest type. A Pokémon can accumulate as many Ribbons as they can.

Contest ranks

There are four Contest ranks: Normal, Super, Hyper and finally Master. Not all Pokémon can access each rank; Only in the Normal Rank Contests can any Pokémon enter, while Pokémon who have won a Normal Rank Contest can participate in a Super Rank Contest, and so on. If a Pokémon achieves a Gold Ribbon in a Contest, they can participate in the next ranking Contest straight away. Those who win Silver must win either another Silver Ribbon, in the same Contest, two Bronze Ribbons in the same Contest, or a Gold Ribbon in the same Contest. Those who win Bronze must win 3 more Bronze Ribbons, two Silver Ribbons, or a Gold Ribbon, to participate in the next ranking Contest. Even if they lose in the next ranking Contest, they can still enter the same Ranking Contest in the future.

However, you cannot, for example, enter a Super Rank Tough Contest if you haven't won a Normal Rank Tough Contest, even if you have a Gold Ribbon in the Normal Rank Beautiful Contest. You must have won the Ribbon(s) in the same type Contest in order to participate in them at the Super Rank stage, and so on.

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