Gallant Fate: despair
Isamashī Unmei: zetsubō
S4C02 titlecard
Episodes 45
(GF041 - GF085)
Region(s) Galar
Preceded by break
Followed by hope~ The Isle of Armor
Japanese 꼭두각시 (Puppetry)

Gallant Fate: despair (Japanese: 勇ましい運命:絶望 Isamashī Unmei: zetsubō) is the second chapter of the Gallant Fate series. The chapter surrounds Lexi and her friends continuing their journey through Galar to discover the secrets of Zacian and Zamazenta.


As the group continue their Galarian journey, the Gym Challenge heats up as Lexi and Calem discover just who their real competition is - with Marnie, Hop and the mysterious red haired guy right on their tails for the win.

Lexi's journey heads to new heights as she continues to deal with her anxiety and emotions when it comes to battling, arming herself with a bunch of new teammates. Ponyta is found safe and sound in the forests of Glimwood Tangle, but that's not all she finds as she snags a double capture of a Hatenna and an Impidimp. Rounding off with a very courageous Dreepy and ever positive Cufant, Lexi heads into the League Challenge fully charged - Not to mention, powering her team through many evolutions! Calem continues to persevere as his insecurities over his capabilities as a Trainer set in again, finding himself rivaled by his fellow competitors. As he continues to show his strength to his friends, is he able to step from Lexi's shadow and prove himself? Marlon is still sure there is something afoot within Galar, and so does his sister Nessa. As the two continue to help find out more information on Zacian and Zamazenta, they also help support their friends in their training and battles.

The group continue to delve into research with Sonia, meanwhile also trying to figure out the cause of mysterious Power Spots unleashed around Galar, causing many different calamaties as Pokémon Dynamax with no control! Who or what is behind it, and can the group thwart it to ensure Galar's future?

The stage is set for the Champion Cup - but who will come out victorious?

Episode list

Episode Code Information Air date
GF041 March 06, 2020
In Stow-on-Side, the fight for who is the true Gym Leader commences! Allister vs. Bea - who will win?
GF042 March 09, 2020
With his Gym title secured, Calem and Lexi face Allister in their Gym Battle!
GF043 March 11, 2020
Setting their sights to Ballonlea as the group gain information Ponyta may have been found, an explosion at the Mural causes the group to discover - Bede?!
GF044 March 13, 2020
The group are mezmerized as they head through the magical Glimwood Tangle. But wait... has Ponyta been found!?
GF045 March 16, 2020
The group find themselves finishing their Glimwood Tangle visit, when a turf war breaks out in front of them!
GF046 March 18, 2020
Lexi and Calem face Opal - the Ballonlea Gym Battle commences!
GF047 March 20, 2020
Who will be victorious? The Gym Battle concludes! Meanwhile, Nessa and Marlon uncover a secret in the mural rubble.
GF048 March 23, 2020
The team head back on their way to Hammerlocke, when a fossil researcher convention fights over the secrets behind fossils.
GF049 March 25, 2020
Passing through Stow-on-Side, Lexi and Calem are shocked to find Allister cheated to become Gym Leader, resulting in a Bea battle for the Gym Badge!
GF050 March 27, 2020
Nearing Hammerlocke, the group hit a sticky situation as Alcremie errupts into a Giant!
GF051 March 30, 2020
Arriving back in Hammerlocke, Sonia and Leon discover a mysterious Power Spot in the aftermath of the battle against Alcermie, so testing commences! Meanwhile, Bede is moping around, and looking for a fight. But wait... Opal?!
GF052 April 01, 2020
Professor Magnolia contemplates her future as a Professor, as Lexi asks for her help in training.
GF053 April 03, 2020
Heading for the next Gym Battle in Circhester, the group run into one of the fossil researchers again! But wait, their machine begins working too well.. fossils everywhere!
GF054 April 06, 2020
The group are perplexed as their journey is staggered by a mysterious maze... the Maze of Falinks
GF055 April 08, 2020
Nearing Circhester, the snow and ice begin to fall.. but this only angers a nearby Flapple who... grows giant?!
GF056 April 10, 2020
The group are captured by... Mr. Mime!
GF057 April 13, 2020
Circhester's ice becomes fiery hot as an argument between mother and son errupts!
GF058 April 15, 2020
The Circhester Gym battle concludes! Meanwhile, Team Yell are at it again, causing mischief at a neaby hotel!
GF059 April 17, 2020
Sonia arrives with an update on the Darkest Day, while Hop tries his luck at a battle with Calem!
GF060 April 20, 2020
Invited to experience the Hero's Bath - Lexi has a vision of Zacian. But wait... a mysterious force is scaring people away, named Runerigus!
GF061 April 22, 2020
At Hotel Ionia, the group are dragged into a mystery surrounding a missing basket of berries!
GF062 April 24, 2020
Heading towards Spikemuth, the group discover they are unable to enter? Running into Marnie, as tensions over his loyal followers Team Yell errupts, Marnie faces battle with Lexi!
GF063 BOOM! April 27, 2020
Deciding to put their differences aside, the group try and enter Spikemuth with Marnie! Can they get in unseen?
GF064 April 29, 2020
The Spikemuth Gym Battle commences!
GF065 May 01, 2020
A large disruptive explosion causes the group to worry whats happening in Galar. Dynamax battle with Sandaconda!
GF066 May 04, 2020
The group are faced with the aftermath of Sandaconda's rage, as issues pop up across the city!
GF067 May 06, 2020
Back in Hammerlocke, the group are thrown into their last Gym Battle unexpectedly.
GF068 May 08, 2020
Aboard the train to Wyndon, the group are faced with more problems, as Trainers host an illegal cage fighting event with Perrserker!
GF069 May 11, 2020
A Snow Storm hits as the group head to Wyndon, and it seems there is some steel-ly issues stopping them!
GF070 May 13, 2020
Finally in Wyndon, the group face the first round of the Semi Finals! Lexi vs. Marnie / Calem vs. Hop
GF071 May 15, 2020
The Outcomes for the Champion Cup are announced! But where's Leon?
GF072 May 18, 2020
The group are faced with infiltrating Rose Tower!
GF073 May 21, 2020
Oleanna holds the barracade as Chairman Rose and Leon speak about Galar's future.
GF074 May 23, 2020
The group decide to test their skills at a neaby Battle Café
GF075 May 27, 2020
Marnie and Hop meet the group, as their futures are questioned now their Champion Cup journey is over.
GF076 May 29, 2020
With the Champion Cup but a day away, the group train near a construction site!
GF077 May 31, 2020
The Champion Cup begins! Lexi vs. Kabu
GF078 June 01, 2020
Calem vs. Milo
GF079 June 03, 2020
Lexi vs. Raihan / Calem vs. Nessa
GF080 June 05, 2020
Wait, What?! Bede enters the stadium?! And the Champion Battle commences!
GF081 June 08, 2020
Back in Hammerlocke, the group face the looming destruction of Eternatus!
GF082 June 10, 2020
Can the group conclude Eternatus' rage?!
GF083 June 12, 2020
The Final Champion Battle Commences!
GF084 June 15, 2020
The Champion makes their decision. Meanwhile, Marlon has some decisions to make of his own.
GF085 June 17, 2020
On their own path, two of the friends are met by a woman Klara, and Professor Magnolia suggests their next step!
This concludes Chapter 2.

Important events

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  • Calem captures Indeedee. (GF041)
  • Yamper evolves into Boltund. (GF042)
  • Lexi/Calem battle against Allister and win. (GF042)
  • The Mural in Stow-on-Side is destroyed by Bede who then battles Lexi and loses, and is then disqualified from the Gym Challenge. (GF043)
  • Ponyta is found in Glimwood Tangle having had been drawn to it by the bustling life energy within the forest, and transforms into its Galarian Form. (GF044)
  • In Glimwood Tangle, Lexi settles a fight between species of Grimmsnarl and Hatterene and captures both an Impidimp and a Hatenna in the aftermath. (GF045)
  • Lexi/Calem battle against Opal and win. (GF047)
  • Marlon's Sobble evolves into Drizizzle.
  • Calem's Rookidee evolves into Corvisquire. (GF049)
  • Lexi/Calem rematch battle against Bea and win.
  • An Alcermie Dynamaxes near Hammerlocke. (GF050)
  • Bede joins Opal as her apprentice, while a Power Spot is found in Hammerlocke. (GF051)
  • Marlon captures an Arctovish. (GF053)
  • Calem's Carkol evolves into Coalossal. (GF054)
  • A Flapple Dynamaxes near Circhester. (GF055)
  • Lexi's Type: Null evolves into Silvally.
  • Lexi's Ponyta evolves into Rapidash. (GF058)
  • Lexi/Calem have a double battle with Melony and Gordie and win. (GF058)
  • Lexi's Hatenna evolves into Hattrem. (GF062)
  • Lexi/Calem battle against Piers and win. (GF064)
  • Lexi captures Dreepy while Toxel evolves into Toxtricity after a Sandaconda Dynamaxes in Hammerlocke. (GF065)
  • Chairman Rose worries about the future of Galar's energy due to the phenomenom.
  • Magnolia retires and promotes Sonia to Professor.
  • Lexi's Impidimp evolves into Morgrem. (GF066)
  • Lexi/Calem battle against Raihan and win. (GF067)
  • Calem captures Duraludon while his Raboot evolves into Cinderace. (GF069)
  • The group arrive in Wyndon, finding out the Semi-Finals are about to start, leading them to wonder why the League is so soon.
  • Lexi battles against Marnie and wins. (GF070)
  • Calem battles against Hop and wins.
  • Lexi and Calem advance to the Finals of the League Challenge, and Leon invites them all to dinner.
  • Piers reveals that Leon headed to Rose Tower, and Hop asks the guys to help find his brother. (GF071)
  • Oleana bypasses the team and tells them they will not be able to see Leon, leading to them trying to find a security key to get into the Tower.
  • The team dress up as Team Yell Grunts to hide their identities from the Key Keeper.
  • The team find the key and break into Rose Tower. (GF072)
  • Marlon, Calem and Hop are forced to take out a horde of Macro Cosmos' Workers.
  • Nessa, Lexi and Marnie face Oleanna who tries to stop them reaching Rose. (GF073)
  • Lexi's Hattrem evolves into Hatterene.
  • Leon and Rose speak about the future of Galar, with Rose wanting to stop the Tournament due to his fears that the energy needed to power Galar will run out in the future therefore needing to act now. Leon refuses and requests the tournament continues.
  • Chairman Rose apologises for Oleanna's actions, revealing that she is obsessed with him, and Leon takes the group to dinner.
  • Chairman Rose secretly continues his plans.
  • The group train ahead of the tournament.
  • Lexi frees an abused Cufant and captures it. (GF076)
  • Calem and Lexi enter the Champion Cup.(GF077)
  • Lexi battles against Kabu and wins, moving to the Second Round.
  • Calem battles against Milo and wins, moving to the Second Round. (GF078)
  • Calem's Corvisquire evolves into Corviknight.
  • Lexi's Dreepy evolves into Drakloak (GF079)
  • Lexi battles Raihan and wins, heading to the Champion Cup.
  • Calem battles Nessa and loses, coming in 3rd in the Champion Cup.
  • Calem faces Bede and wins. (GF080)
  • Chairman Rose declares his attempt to bring forth the Darkest Day.
  • Power Spots go out of control and cause havoc amongst Galar.
  • The team are left to fight Gigantamax Pokémon.(GF081)
  • Marlon's Chewtle evolves into Drednaw.
  • Lexi runs into Zacian again and heads to the Slumbering Weald.
  • Sonia, Lexi and Marlon head head into the Slumbering Weald and run into Zacian and Zamazenta, who run away.
  • Lexi and Marlon find a Rusted Sword and Rusted Shield respectively.
  • The team head back to Hammerlocke as the Stadium begins to collapse. Calem and Nessa forced to battle Dynamax Pokémon. (GF081)
  • Lexi, Nessa, Marlon and Calem find Chairman Rose and Lexi battles him, defeating him.
  • The team face battle with Eternatus.
  • Leon attempts to capture Eternatus and fails. (GF082)
  • Lexi suffers PTSD from her battle with Team Rainbow Rocket and is knocked out.
  • The Rusted Sword and Rusted Shield are used, leading Zacian and Zamazenta to wake up and arrive in front of Eternatus.
  • Marlon using Zamazenta and Lexi (revived by Zacian) using Zacian battle against Eternatus.
  • Marlon captures Eternatus to subdue it.
  • Chairman Rose hands himself in, and Leon announces a new date for the League.
  • Lexi battles against Leon and loses, coming 2nd in the Champion Cup.
  • Nessa battles against Leon and wins, becoming Champion. (GF083)
  • Nessa remains in Hammerlocke to hold her Champion title, and leaves the group. (GF084)
  • Marlon heads off with Sonia to study more about Zacian, Zamazenta & Eternatus.
  • Lexi and Calem meet up with Professor Magnolia who gives them Armor Passes and suggests they head to The Isle of Armor. (GF085)
  • Lexi receives a Grookey from Professor Magnolia.
  • Calem receives a Marill from Professor Magnolia.

Party changes


The following Pokémon are obtained:


The following Pokémon evolved:

Gym battles

Ash defeats the following Gym Leaders:

Champion Cup - 1st Round - Lexi vs. Kabu - Calem vs. Milo - Bea vs. Nessa - Raihan vs. Piers

Champion Cup - 2nd Round
  • Lexi vs. Raihan
  • Calem vs. Nessa
  • Calem vs. Bede
Champion Cup - Champion Match
  • Lexi vs. Leon - draw
  • Nessa vs. Leon (off screen)

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