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Diantha (Japanese: カルネ Carnet) is the Champion of Kalos.


As she grew up, she became interested in acting, in which she took part in many different roles as time went on. Soon enough, she became one of the most famous actresses and a world renowned Trainer. Her success resulted in her deciding to take on the Elite Four in which she became the Champion of the Kalos region's Elite Four.

The Alexis Saga

Diantha first appeared in New Beginnings, when she turned up at the Sinnoh Ranch on the request of Professor Sycamore. After discovering that the Fennekin he had traveled to Kalos with had escaped its Pokéball, he had contacted Diantha to retrieve it for him, as she was in the region. However, upon seeing Lexi and the Fennekin together, she decided not to, and returned to Kalos promising to see Lexi again in the future.

Xenial Destiny

Diantha reappeared for the first time in Xenial Destiny in The Fiery Meeting, where she appeared briefly speaking to Lysandre, before having to rush off.

Diantha next appeared in A Fancy Finish! Lexi vs. Diantha where she was revealed to be the Champion of Kalos, and battled against Lexi in which, despite a heavy battle and using her secret weapon Mega Gardevoir, she was beaten by Lexi, effectively losing her Champion title.

Despite being defeated by Lexi, Diantha remained as the Kalos Champion at Lexi's request.

In XY100, Diantha was seen once more after Lexi stumbled upon her in a café. After speaking, Diantha gave Lexi a Ralts, wanting her to train it to become a powerful Pokémon, before leaving once more.

Diantha's current final appearance was in X vs. Y: Destruction, where she led the battle against Lysandre on behalf of Lexi. After Lexi's apparent death, she was present at her funeral, before returning to the League.

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