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イーブイ&ザ無限迷路パート1 Eievui Za Mugen Meiro Pāto 1
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Japan May 3, 2013
United States May 3, 2013
English themes
Opening Simple & Clean (Opening)
Ending Simple & Clean (Ending)
Japanese themes
Opening Simple & Clean (Opening)
Ending Simple & Clean (Ending)

The Alexis Saga: Eevee & the Infinite Labyrinth: Part I (Japanese: ザアレクシスサーガ:イーブイ&ザ無限迷路パート1 Za Arekushisu Sāga: Eievui Za Mugen Meiro Pāto 1) is the third Alexis Saga movie and the first of a two part climax to The Alexis Saga. It was released Worldwide on May 3, 2013. The movie was set between B2W2-070 and SI001.

The movie features Alexis in the prominent role. Eevee makes the star role in the movie.


Lexi and eevee escape from the dreamworld just moments before gene attempted to take lexi’s life. Colress returns to the real world with anger in his heart, however, hesoon jumps into action, leaking the contents of the dream world into the real world, which includes a mysterious wind. Many pokémon around the world seem to become evil and bad as the wind hits them. Colress lets out a small laugh. After moments of darkness, lexi wakens from her coma to find herself in a hospital bed, where she seemed to have stayed for several weeks. As she gets out of her room, she finds the hospital more or less empty, the place in pieces and abandoned. Lexi finds herself in a large computer room which displays the news, revealing that the pokémon world was under attack from an unknown threat – and that many pokémon had turned on their trainers unexpectedly. Shocked by the extent of trouble, alexis returns to her hospital room to find a pokéball; which upon opening is revealed to be eevee – the same one from the dreamworld. Back together, lexi and eevee set off into the city to get back to fennel’s lab. As they exit the building, lexi is fired at by a pokémon, in which she inadvertedly dodges, before hiding in a corner. The city is filled with pokémon who are attacking the people and buildings, with the trainers running around manic. Alexis spots the lab, and quickly makes her way there, dodging all problems that face her. Upon getting to the building, lexi enters to find an array of characters – including fennel, dawn, elesa, marlon, roxie and more. Fennel explains that some malfunctioning occurred while lexi was in the dreamworld, which resulted in several entities escaping. Lexi’s body was moved to a nearby hospital when she wasn’t able to be woken, and they revealed that the said entities entered the hosptal trying to get to lexi’s body. It was here when the pokémon started to turn on their trainers, in which they revealed they were able to get all pokémon away from lexi, however were chased away, leaving lexi alone and the group stranded in the lab. Lexi asks for the reasoning for the malfunctioning, but Fennel reveals she is completely unaware, however believes it’s her mistake; and that she hasn’t researched enough on the subject, causing the problem. Lexi tries to reassure fennel, however this is unsuccessful. Fennel is interrupted by a phonecall from proffessor juniper. Upon taking the call, juniper reveals that he and his daughter had discovered what had been causing the problem, however revealed that they were under attack, before the camera cutting out. Moments later, the camera resumed, with a masked figure revealing that they had captured the junipers and planned to kill them. It’s here when lexi decides to gather her friends to get to opelucid city, where the junipers were being held. As the group begin to depart the city, they are stopped by a group of trainers. They reveal that they have been ordered to take down lexi and her friends, as word had got out that lexi had returned. Marlon and his gym trainers stand in lexi’s way, telling her and the others to go the opposite way, in order to get to opelucid city. Lexi began to see visions of her encounter with gene in the dreamworld, in which she remembers one sentence he had said. “The labirynth won’t wait for your friend forever”, before she is woken from the vision.

Lexi is tapped on the shoulder by elesa, who speaks about the happenings going on while she was in a coma. She revealed that everyone connected to lexi was being captured and interrogated, in which she revealed she remembers seeing her mother and sisters there. However, elesa revealed that she was hurt and woke back in the city without any recollection of getting there. Lexi reacts badly, and begins to check her pokegear. She finds that the pokégear is acting strangely, and that the screen features a loading bar, but with no other function. Lexi thinks nothing of it, and simply bags her things together to continue. Upon reaching another abandoned town, lexi finds that she in unable to contact anyone, and can’t even get her pokémon from her pc. Returning into the city, a strange wind begins to come, in which a flock of flying-type pokémon appear. Lexi and her friends then go into battle with them, in which elesa is badly injured. With many injuries, lexi decides that she will continue alone, as the rest need to help the injured. Lexi continues on with just eevee by herside. Half way on her way, lexi is stopped by n – her brother of who had gone to a faraway land. Lexi spoke to n about what had happened in which he revealed he knew – saying that he had returned after finding out that lexi was alive. His attention turns to the eevee, who cowers back from n. N’s ability to understand pokémon makes him aware of eevee’s hostile nature. He crouches down and holds eevee’s head in his hands, in which the trio are sent into a realistic dream. Eevee stands alone in a room, before a door is opened revealing a sillhouette of a man. That man is shouting at the eevee, cowering the said eevee to follow him. A large maze is below them, which the human tells eevee that it must find it’s way to the middle, as in the center lied a portal to another world. This world was said to be home to a large pokémon, that could help the man become a powerful threat in the world. This pokémon not only possessed power, but also a stone from it’s body that gives the ability to command all those through the ability of sound and technology. The man sends the eevee into the labirynth, which is filled with evil creatures and entities. The eevee manages to make it, but with it extremely ill. The eevee finds the portal, but moments before it enters, the man turns up, revealing that it needed the eevee’s strength to show him the way through the labirynth. Numberous orbs featuring eevee’s evolutions are present, asleep due to their powers taken by the man. The eevee becomes mad, and attacks the man. The man however casts the eevee aside, and enters the portal. The eevee manages to make it’s way into the portal too.. Where the scene changes to the eevee in the dreamworld. The eevee finds the man who stands before a large pokémon. The eevee runs towards the pokémon and touches it, in which a magical power is transferred into the eevee. The man, disgusted and angry sends his pokémon out to kill it, however this prooves unsuccessful. The scene then slowly fades away, returning the group back to the real world. Upon realising this, lexi remembers something she read in ghetsis’s old study a while back, that spoke of a trainer who had owned a pokémon that posessed the power of infinity, which meant the infinite power in strength, health and power. This power held many drawbacks, including the ability to break the barriers of time and space, and held the power of all elements. This power consumed the pokémon, and had turned him into the darkness whenever he became angry or upset. The pokémon, who had accidently killed many with it’s powers, became scared for his trainer’s safety, and requested to be hidden away in the dream world, which it’s trainer did, and then hid the portal to the dreamworld through a labirynth, filled with all sorts of obstacles.

Ghetsis’s notes spoke of eevee’s special ability of adaptibility, and that because of it’s ability, it would be able to consume the power of the pokémon, and therefore being a living vessel of which the power could be contained. Lexi realises who the man is, before the scene cuts to a scene, revealing the silhouette of the man to be ghstsis. In ghetsis’s hideout, ghetsis speaks to the masked group (revealed to be members of the “ghetsis initiative”) about the new king of the pokémon world; colress. Colress is then instructred by ghetsis to kill lexi and the eevee, and consume the power that eevee holds to take over the world.

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