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イーブイ&ザ無限迷路パート2 Eievui Za Mugen Meiro Pāto 2
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Japan June 21, 2013
United States June 21, 2013
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The Alexis Saga: Eevee & the Infinite Labyrinth: Part II (Japanese: ザアレクシスサーガ:イーブイ&ザ無限迷路パート2 Za Arekushisu Sāga: Eievui Za Mugen Meiro Pāto 2) is the fourth and final Alexis Saga movie and the second of a two part climax to The Alexis Saga. It was released Worldwide on June 21, 2013. The movie was set between B2W2-070 and SI001.

The movie features Alexis, N, Colress and Ghetsis in prominent roles. Eevee makes the star role in the movie.


Colress wakes from a sleep, and simply grins to himself. Upon getting ready, Colress leaves his room and heads into the open gardens. The gardens is filled with greenery and flowers; Colress takes a large breath in, then let’s out a Darmanitan and a Houndoom. As he begins to exhale, he orders his two Pokémon to use flamethrower – bringing the gardens into tatters. The scene then reverts to Alexis and her brother n, who are walking through a street. The two then slide into a small shop, and head into the back. A young man sits the two down. He reveals that he hasn’t been able to contact anyone, and that he was aware that many people had retreated to other regions, and that large cities like Nimbasa and Castelia had been abandoned, as that’s where the base of Colress’s grunts were situated. He also revealed that many of those who wanted to help Alexis were brought together. Outside, the town is quiet – before explosions occur from the desolate buildings. Shocked, the shop starts being raided by Team Plasma. Before he was able to tell them where the others were, he quickly let N and Alexis out of the back, before being captured by Team Plasma. The duo end up on the back streets, which they are tackled by a Team Plasma duo. The duo look at Alexis and N and tell them that they are going to sort it out themselves, and they don’t need the rest of Plasma to take them down. The duo are then launched into a battle. Alexis and N use Eevee and Zorua respectively, while their opponents let out a Skuntank and a Druddigon. The group are set in a deathly battle – with Plasma ensuring only the hardest attacks at their opponents. The battle soon turns differently – with the Team Plasma members going into physical combat with each other. The female member pulls out a knife, which scares Lexi. She shouts to N but he is struck by the blade, cutting his face. Alexis continues to battle – before an attack from Eevee leads to a moment – Alexis turns the blade onto the Plasma member, before the blade penetrates her skin. The Plasma member falls to the floor, before her mask is removed to reveal Anabel. Shocked that her friend turned on her, Anabel revealed that she’s not safe from anyone, and that no one is there to help her, that Plasma has got too far with their plans to allow Alexis to survive. Taken aback, Anabel passes away in her arms. With the other Plasma member knocked out, Alexis wakes N and the two escape. Following a black screen, Colress is present at the scene with Plasma members. They tell him what has happened and he simply smiles to himself. He then gets a plethora of Pokéball's, and releases them. With a click of a machine, the wind resurfaces and hits the Pokémon, in which they become angry, and he orders them to kill. The screen cuts out. Now walking alongside a river, Alexis is shocked at the lack of Pokémon around, N reveals that he doesn’t hear any Pokémon for miles. The two soon notice Opelucid city, and look at each other, before speeding up towards it. Shadowed in capes, the duo enter Opelucid, empty; the duo walk on towards the gym, before N suggests they split up. He send Alexis to the back of the gym, while he enters the front door. Lexi, placed in the back of the gym, hidden. N walks through, in which he finds the junipers tied up in the center of the gym, with Colress stood behind them. N speaks to Colress, revealing that he wanted no trouble, but simply wanted answers as to what his plans were. Colress revealed that he was recruited by Ghetsis in a bad time in his life, which Ghetsis told him that he could help him. Colress was in fact a struggling scientist that had discovered many things – all of which were stolen from him and credited elsewhere. Colress wanted revenge on the world – his heart filled with darkness at how cruel the world could be, with the people in it.

Colress revealed that he trained with Ghetsis “in the shadows” while Ghetsis brought up n. N revealed that he never knew of Colress – but said that he knew his father was drunk with darkness and power, and that he was simply a tool in his own fiendish plan. Disgusted by the thought, Colress begins to shout at n, telling him that N was the reason that Ghetsis didn’t succeed – because his care for N made him loose sight of what he needed to do. He said that Ghetsis was a fool and that he didn’t need Ghetsis to succeed. N then asked him what his quarrel was with the junipers. He revealed that as a child, he was denied a Pokémon by the junipers, as his methods of looking after them was bad. He was given a job at the junipers lab many years later, which he created machines and gadgets a plenty; but were all turned down for their values. He actually worked on a machine which would allow him to travel to another world. Juniper sr. – Who believed in Colress, stumbled upon Colress’s invention and promised to help him. The machine was successful, however, a dramatic accident caused a Pokémon they sent into the world to become ill, in which it later died, due to the exposure from within the dream world. Juniper sr. Hid this from his daughter, and destroyed the machine. He also told Colress to leave the lab and the region, telling him to start a new life elsewhere – somewhere where he couldn’t destroy lives. Colress revealed that it was at this time which he joined Ghetsis. N, tired of the stories, told him to free the junipers and the Eeveelutions, which Colress obeyed, letting them free instantly. All the time, Alexis thought to herself – why did the Plasma grunts threaten to kill them if Colress was just going to let them go? Was their an ulterior motive for the ransom? As Alexis thought this, Colress revealed that he had used the junipers to help him create a new machine – a machine that once again open the dream world. He revealed that the junipers gave the project to Fennel, who would do what was necessary to get the portal stable. However, world of which fennel worked on was a ruse – simply a figment of the dream world which was created to hide the true contents of the dream world. Colress reveals he has also been working on other machines, which are used to control humans and Pokémon, which will create the new world for him. He lets out his Hydreigon. The Hydregion grows immensely, due to the waves in the machine, and becomes deformed with the darkness. The Pokémon begins to battle n, with Colress revealing his true wish was to get Alexis and N to the gym to kill them, however, he was happy to accept N’s death while he went to find Lexi. Retreating to his back room, Alexis reveals herself to Colress. Colress looks on at her smiling. Alexis asks Colress why he was so mad with the world, and what his problem was with her and her brother. Colress revealed that he was never loved, and didn’t feel anyone else deserved to either. He also revealed that Alexis had caused so much trouble for Ghetsis, and while he felt he didn’t need Ghetsis, he would be forever loyal to him. The two begin to fight, as scenes cut from both the battle with N and the dragon and Alexis with Colress. Alexis opens to the door in which their battles intertwine. Alexis discovers a plan, in which she gets Colress into a certain position, then, N backs into Colress, before the Hydreigon lets out a fire-attack. N, dodging the attack, escapes the firing line, where Colress is set alight by the attack. Colress screams in pain, burning in front of their eyes. Colress, now dead; the Hydregion leaves the gym. Freeing the two junipers, N soon finds a person tied up in the corner hidden in a cloak; as he frees him, the hooded figure turns and strangles n. N falls to the floor, strangled to death. Lexi, seeing this, runs towards the man.

The man unveils himself to be Ghetsis, and that he fully intended for both N and Alexis to turn up. He revealed that Colress was another puppet like n, and that he only used him in order do his work for him. He revealed that the death of Colress was not planned, he found it to be a simple “removal” of his problems. He revealed that the new world would be created under his image, and that the death of Alexis and the Eevee would solve this, and finally remove everything that was in his way. Ghetsis uses one of Colress’s machines which unleashes Eevee from her Pokéball. The Eevee is taken from Lexi, and Ghetsis fires a gun, which brushes Lexi, causing her to faint. Waking moments later, Alexis wakes to find her friends around her. They revealed that Ghetsis has taken over Unova and is all over the news, and that they returned to Opelucid following the junipers arrival in Nimbasa. Alexis tries to get up, before falling down again. She then finds herself in the eyes of the Eevee – which shows her where they are. They are in fact, near the giant chasm. Waking from the vision and informing the group, she soon remembers about n. The group reveal that they haven’t seen n, so think that possibly Ghetsis has removed his body. Getting ready, Lexi, Elesa, Marlon, Roxie and others are seen fighting and battling all those along the way to the giant chasm. Arriving in the giant chasm, the group enters the cave nearby. It’s here where Alexis see’s the same thing that was in Eevee’s vision – the labyrinth. Alexis eyes Ghetsis, who stands alone in the cave. Ghetsis turns to see Lexi, which he reveals that he knew she would return. He then unveils a capsule – containing the same entity Alexis found in the dream world before. Ghetsis the uses one of Colresses inventions to join the entity, becoming much stronger. The rest of the other trainers unleash their Pokémon. An army of Plasma grunts come out, outnumbering the group. At that moment, dawn shouts, in which she appears with her family, and all of Lexi’s Pokémon, among many wild Pokémon. The group then begin in combat, in which Alexis runs along to fight Ghetsis, joined by the Eeveelutions and her Pokémon. The group continues in a massive battle with each other, with Alexis battling the Ghetsis creature. Following an intense battle, N turns up, battling side by side with his sister, along with dawn and mother, Johanna. The group battle the creature, before an attack by Lexi’s Pokémon hits Ghetsis, with entity being unleashed. Angered, Ghetsis then manages to turn on the machine that controls Pokémon and humans, with everyone standing still. He then opens the portal to the dream world, in which he orders everyone to retreat. He then gets Lexi’s Eevee and uses it in the portal – in which is quickly drains all the power from Eevee. The brainwashed are now able to retreat to the dream world, without being harmed. With everyone in the dream world – Alexis suddenly finds herself out of the trance – and goes to fight Ghetsis. The two go into combat with each other, where they fight together. Moments later, N takes over – fighting his father hand to hand. Alexis then goes to help the Eevee, who is in a bad way. While fighting Ghetsis, Alexis manages to free the Eevee, who faints from it’s injuries. Alexis notices that the portal is closing – managing to break the trance from everyone. She tells everyone to retreat – however, N and Ghetsis remain in battle. Ghetsis’s full darkness is unleashes, where the two battle hand to hand in a glorious battle. With the portal nearly closed, Alexis shouts n. N, slays Ghetsis, in which the darkness surrounds N.

Ghetsis, who has now dramatically died, and N, surrounded by darkness are left in the dream world, with Alexis going towards her brother to help him. The darkness becomes too much and consumes the dream world, leaving just a small space which N and Alexis stand. N reveals that Alexis must get out of the dream world and destroy the machine – to save humanity. After a moment of emotions, Alexis leaves the dream world, and with the help of Eevee, manages to close the portal. Emotional, the labyrinth begins to collapse, in which the group begins to run away. Alexis picks up the injured Pokémon – running out of the labyrinth. The wind – still present, takes over lexi’s Pokémon, and her’s only. Alexis realizes that Ghetsis used the time which he interrogated her family to apply a virus to her Pokémon – which would only affect them. Alexis manages to talk to her Pokémon – managing to free them from the trance. They manage to escape from the labyrinth just in time, landing in Opelucid city with the rest of the group. The screen cuts to black

The scene then turns to a burned and destroyed Unova, with Pokémon slowly returning to their region. The scene turns to Alexis – who sits reflecting on a tree. The Eevee comes up to her, in which she strokes it. Alexis looks at it and smiles. The rest of Lexi’s Pokémon turn up – they all sit together. Alexis decides to capture the Eevee, putting into a Pokéball. The Lexi, once captured, is released from it’s Pokéball, and smiles at Lexi. Juniper then walks over and reveals that the Dream World is currently being analyzed, as she feels the dream world was in fact tainted by one of Colress’s machines – and that Fennel would once again work on getting the dream world properly working. She then asks Alexis what she plans to do next, before the screen cuts out...

An ending scene shows Xerneas and Yveltal flying in the sky, before cutting out.

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