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22 Female
Nimbasa City
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Gym Leader
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Elesa (Japanese: カミツレ Kamitsure) is the Electric-type Gym Leader of Unova.


Elesa was born and raised in Unova, where she was brought up around large buildings and the city life. As she grew up, she helped introduce new technologies to the city, before receiving a modelling contract, in which she traveled many different regions. A few years later, she returned to the city and became the Gym Leader of the City.

The Alexis Saga

Elesa first appeared in Best Wishes, joining the team after meeting Lexi at a Daycare Centre. While on the team, she captured several Pokémon including Joltik & Vanillite. When the team reached Nimbasa City, she battled against Lexi in her gym, in which she lost and subsequently gave Lexi a Bolt Badge. She remained on the team until Lexi defeated the Unova League, in which she returned to her gym.

She returned in Best Wishes 2 when Lexi once again challenged her Gym. Elesa lost once more, and decided to join the team again. She remained with them for a brief while, until Team Plasma had made their return, in which she decided to return to her home city in order to protect it. She made a small reappearance in Opelucid City to aid Drayden and Lexi in their quest to take down the Shadow Triad, before returning quickly to her city once more. She made another brief return during the events of M03 & M04 in taking down the Ghetsis Initiative.

Elesa reappeared once again when Alexis was in Sinnoh, where she and Brock visited her, and ultimately helped her decision to travel to Kalos, marking her final appearance in the series to date.


This listing is of Elesa's known Pokémon:

150px Emolga is a Pokémon Elesa caught from a young age. Like many Emolga, it's a mischievous and playful Pokémon, that often messes around outside of battle. Elesa's Emolga in particular plays tricks on it's opponents on battle, pretending to be weak and lazy but attacks viciously when it's opponent isn't focused.
Blitzle artwork Bliztle is a Pokémon caught by Elesa. Elesa revealed she and Blitzle enjoy riding around the City together, and Blitzle is often called upon by Elesa outside of battle to aid her while travelling. It's an incredibly loyal Pokémon that would do anything for it's trainer. It evolved into Zebstrika prior after being mentioned by Lexi.
150px Joltik is a Pokémon caught by Elesa. It is shown to be a shy Pokémon, but despite it's personality and size, is incredibly strong. It dislikes to battle, but is willing to do so if the rest of Elesa's team is defeated.
150px Tynamo is a Pokémon caught by Elesa at an early age. She left it with her Grandmother, in which it eventually returned to her team. It's a caring Pokémon that looks after even it's opponents after battling.
150px Vanillite is a Pokémon caught by Elesa. Despite her love for Electric-types, she decided to capture a Pokémon of a different type to use outside of her Gym. Vanillite is quiet around strangers but becomes outgoing and silly when acquainted with the people.

Gym Team

This listing is of Elesa's Pokémon exclusively for her Gym battles:


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