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Ghetsis (Japanese: ゲーチス G-Cis) is a Dark-type Master from Unova.


Ghetsis had met six other men during his alone time following his seperation from Johanna. Ghetsis's thoughts and ideals towards Pokémon and Trainers, he decided to form a team, but organised it in a way that he could keep the true goal secret, while working internally on his plan. He brought up his son, N, as the 'Prince' of the team, while also adopting two young girls, Anthea and Concordia to look after N while he worked. Following Alexis and N's crowning as Team Plasma leaders, father Ghetsis confided in Alexis that N was planning to steal the other stone from Alexis and become the sole leader of Team Plasma, wanting to be the most powerful. Ghetsis told her that she should give the stone to him, in order for him to protect her. Alexis doesn’t allow this, and hurt by her father’s story, she decides to run away. N was told the same story by Ghetsis, being told that Alexis was trying to steal his stone and destroy him to have all the power to herself. N gives his stone to Ghetsis and leaves the base with his father. Following these events, the team quietly planned their attack on Unova, all the while searching for Alexis.

The Alexis Saga

Ghetsis first appeared in BW013 when he appeared in Accumula Town with Team Plasma holding a rally trying to get people to join Team Plasma's cause. He appeared again much later in the series appearing in the Relic Castle; where he battled against Alder in BW101. Ghetsis then confronted Alexis on the Tubeline Bridge in XY104 and told her that even though they had the Dark Stone Team Plasma would achieve its goal. Soon after, Ghetsis gave another speech in Opelucid City in BW106 announcing his plans to conquor Unova, with very little action at that moment in time.

Ghetsis didn't return then until BW162, which led into The Final Passage. Ghetsis ordered Team Plasma to capture Alexis, unfortunately unable to do so after a tip-off resulted in her running away. During her escape, he took over the League and launched N's Castle from the ground. After holding many people captive in the League and eventually captivating Alexis, Ghetsis was exposed as a liar to his team, along with finally exposing the truth behind his parentage to N and Alexis. Both Alexis and N battled with him in order to stop him, before he was defeated, and ultimately arrested by Looker.

After being in prison for a while, Ghetsis managed to contact the members of Team Plasma that still supported him and secretly escaped. He also selected one of his team members, Colress, to act as Leader, as he didn't want his identity revealed to the public.

After beginning his assault on Unova once again, Ghetsis eventually appeared once more in the Giant Chasm to Alexis. After defeating the Shadow Triad, Alexis gave chase to Ghetsis and found him in the deepest part of the Giant Chasm where he summoned Kyurem. Ghetsis ordered Kyurem to attack Alexis, but the attack was stopped at last minute by N who arrived to save them. Ghetsis was not surprised by this, who then used the stolen DNA Splicers to merge Kyurem with N's Dragon. Alexis then took on the new Dragon as well as Ghetsis and put an end to his plans once and for all. Despite defeating both and restoring Kyurem, Ghetsis disappeared with several other members, but vowed to return.

In the time following this, Ghetsis once again worked in secret with the remaining Team Plasma members. In this time, Ghetsis formed a small group of Team Plasma named the Ghetsis Initiative, including Ghetsis, Colress, Zinzolin, Ryoku, Giallo, and a group of Grunts. Instead of conquering Unova, Ghetsis instead turned his plans towards the Dream World, where he thought he could create his own ideal world.

Ghetsis once again hatched a plan to take down Alexis, this time deciding to wait for her to come to him; ordering Colress to disguise himself and hide in the Dream World until Alexis arrived. After pushing Fennell's work on the Dream World, he took over Unova while Alexis was trapped in the Dream World. Ghetsis then planned to head to a Labyrinth where the 'true door' to the Dream World was held, and in the mean time asked Colress to 'get rid' of Alexis and her brother, N, whom had returned to help her in her plans. After Colress was confronted by Alexis and N and killed, Ghetsis then killed N while disguised as a civillian, knocking out Alexis. Following more events, Ghetsis managed to find the Labyrinth and journey through it, reaching the door. Using Eevee and it's Eeveelutions to unlock the true portal to the Dream World, Ghetsis successfully managed to open the door and begin his plan. Following this, a war between Ghetsis, his Initiative against Alexis and her many friends and Pokémon broke out resulting in the downfall of Team Plasma. However, both Ghetsis and N were locked within the Dream World, unable to get out or rescued and has not appeared since.

Astral Eclipse series return

In Astral Eclipse, it was revealed that Ghetsis is infact alive - abeilt having sustained some questionable injuries including the loss of a leg and a whole half-face covering patch, having been freed from the Dream World (now revealed to have been an entity of Ultra Space) by Giovanni in order to become apart of Rainbow Rocket. He appeared briefly alongside Giovanni and Cyrus when they were trying to escape the Rainbow Rocket temporary base at Aether Paradise. His current whereabouts since then is unknown.


This listing is of Ghetsis's known Pokémon:

Zoroark artwork Zoroark is Ghetsis's main and most powerful Pokémon. He used it many times, including using it to act as a Decoy for him when he escaped Prison. As it was not seen during the events of M04, it is suspected that Zoroark was released.
Salamence artwork Salamence was a new Pokémon on Ghetsis's team after he returned. He used it to battle against Alexis and N once more. After Ghetsis was trapped in the Distortion world, it's presumed Salamence was released.

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