hope~ The Isle of Armor
Kibō〜 Yoroi no Shima
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Episodes 20
(GF101 - GF0120)
Region(s) Galar
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Gallant Fate: hope~ The Isle of Armor (Japanese: 勇ましい運命:希望〜鎧の島 Isamashī Unmei: Kibō〜 Yoroi no Shima) is the third chapter of the Gallant Fate series. The chapter surrounds Lexi and Calem as they traverse The Isle of Armor in Galar.


  • Peony appoints Lexi and Calem the Leaders of his Exploration Team in the Crown Tundra. He brings his daughter along with him.
  • Silver previously met Lexi and Calem when he reached the finals of the Galar Champion Cup alongside them. Having begged Peony a change to join his Exploration team, his secretive and cold nature intruiges Lexi.
  • Daughter is Peony's child. She joins them on their Exploration of the Crown Tundra.


  • Silver reveals his father is Giovanni who abandoned him as a child.
  • Peony and Lexi become very close.
  • Lexi, Peony, Silver and Daughter all get lost and separated from the group.

Episode list

Episode Code Information Air date
GF081 March 06, 2020
GF082 March 09, 2020
GF083 March 11, 2020
GF084 March 13, 2020
GF085 March 16, 2020
GF086 March 18, 2020
GF087 March 20, 2020
GF088 March 23, 2020
GF089 March 25, 2020
GF090 March 27, 2020
GF091 March 30, 2020
GF092 April 01, 2020
GF093 April 03, 2020
GF094 April 06, 2020
GF095 April 08, 2020
GF096 April 10, 2020
GF097 April 13, 2020
GF098 April 15, 2020
GF099 April 17, 2020
GF100 April 20, 2020
This concludes Chapter 3.

Important events

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Party changes


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