hope~ The Isle of Armor
Kibō〜 Yoroi no Shima
S4C03 titlecard
Episodes 20
(GF086 - GF0105)
Region(s) Galar
Preceded by despair
Followed by hope~ The Crown Tundra
English 別世界 (Bessekai)
Japanese 別世界 (Bessekai)

Gallant Fate: hope~ The Isle of Armor (Japanese: 勇ましい運命:希望〜鎧の島 Isamashī Unmei: Kibō〜 Yoroi no Shima) is the third chapter of the Gallant Fate series. The chapter surrounds Lexi and Calem as they traverse The Isle of Armor in Galar.


Episode list

Episode Code Information Air date
GF086 June 24, 2020
GF087 July 1, 2020
GF088 July 8, 2020
GF089 July 15, 2020
GF090 July 22, 2020
GF091 July 29, 2020
GF092 August 5, 2020
GF093 August 12, 2020
GF094 August 19, 2020
GF095 August 26, 2020
GF096 September 2, 2020
GF097 September 9, 2020
GF098 September 16, 2020
GF099 September 23, 2020
GF100 September 30, 2020
GF101 October 7, 2020
GF102 October 14, 2020
GF103 October 21, 2020
GF104 October 28, 2020
GF105 November 4, 2020
This concludes Chapter 3.

Important events

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  • Lexi and Calem arrive in the Isle of Armor.
  • A women named Klara and a man named Avery greet Lexi and Calem at the Station mistaking them for new students they're to bring to their Masters Dojo.
  • Klara and Avery challenges them to a battle, both loosing to Lexi and Calem, leading to them threatening the duo to stay away from the dojo.
  • Three Slowpoke with extraordinary speed steal Lexi and Calem's backpacks, including all their Pokémon apart from Grookey and Marill respectively.
  • The duo run into Ms. Honey and Klara/Avery with the former inviting them into the dojo after discovering the latters mischevious efforts to keep them away.
  • Ms. Honey introduces her son and Mustard.
  • Both Calem and Lexi battle Mustard and lose.
  • Mustard enrolls Lexi and Calem into the Dojo.
  • As part of the Dojo rules, Lexi and Calem send all their Pokémon to Hayley's Ranch apart from Grookey and Marill respectively to make a new team.
  • Klara's uniform is stolen and the apprentices are set their first trial to capture the super speedy Slowpoke.
  • Calem and Lexi capture the three Slowpokes together.
  • Lexi is gifted a Bulbasaur and Calem a Squirtle for passing their first trial.
  • Lexi and Calem head out to find Big Mushrooms for their second trial.
  • A Greedent swarm chases the duo out of the Forest of Focus.
  • Klara and Avery try to steal their Max Mushrooms.
  • Lexi, Calem, Avery and Klara are the only apprentices to pass the second trial.
  • Lexi battles Klara and wins.
  • Calem battles Avery and wins.
  • Lexi and Calem are gifted Kubfu's to train.

Party changes


The following Pokémon are obtained:


The following Pokémon evolved:

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