Xenial Destiny: Invasion
Xenial Unmei: Shinryaku
ゼニカル運命: 侵略
S2C02 titlecard
Episodes 35
(XY046 - XY080)
Region(s) Kalos
Preceded by [[XY]]
Followed by [[Conquest]]
English XYZ
Japanese XYZ

Xenial Destiny: Invasion (Japanese: ゼニカル運命: 侵略 Xenial Unmei: Shinryaku) is the second chapter of the Xenial Destiny series. The chapter surrounds Lexi as she continues her journey in the Kalos region and battling the threat of Team Flare. It premiered on April 02, 2014 with Time to Toughen Up and ended on June 28, 2014 with FIN.


After Calem left the group and joined alliances with Team Flare, Professor Sycamore insisted that Lexi not lose focus and continues her journey and battling the Gym Leaders of Kalos. But despite that, Lexi continues to battle the threat of Team Flare alongside Valerie and previously known acquaintance Brigette, which results in a head to head against Team Flare that ends in destruction, death and a showdown never to be forgotten.

Episode list

Episode Code Information Air date
XY046 Time to Toughen Up! April 02, 2014
Sycamore introduces a friend of his to Lexi, but still shaken from her fight with Calem, Lexi decides she wants to be prepared for the impending threat of Team Flare. Meanwhile, Calem is introduced to the ranks of Team Flare.
XY047 The Stormy House! April 05, 2014
Brigette asks Lexi if she can join her on her journey to defeat Team Flare. The group then meet Shauna, Trevor and Tierno to explore the infamous Haunted House on the outskirts of Laverre City.
XY048 A Fashionable Mess! April 09, 2014
With the responsibilities of the Laverre City Gym lingering, Valerie realises she must face the Gym. But it seems the Gym wasn't left in the best position in her absence.
XY049 The Friendly Battle! Lexi vs.Valerie! April 12, 2014
With the Gym back in order, Valerie and Lexi take part in their long awaited Gym battle. Despite their friendship, the two fail to hold anything back in the battle.
XY050 Sneaking in the Pokéball Factory! April 16, 2014
When Shauna and Trevor want to visit the PokéBall Factory, they are chased off by a member of Team Flare. With the factory unguarded, Lexi and Brigette head in to see what Team Flare is doing there.
XY051 A Fiery Face Off! April 19, 2014
Lexi and Brigette face off against Team Flare Scientists Celosia & Brynony, meanwhile, Calem is given a masterclass by Lysandre.
XY052 Rustling Keys?! April 23, 2014
While on their way to Dendemille Town, Brigette and Lexi are plauged by a constant rustling in the trees. When they head to investigate, they find a set of... keys?
XY053 The Lost Hotel! April 26, 2014
Lexi and Brigette take the wrong turn and end up in a run down hotel filled with unsaviory characters. When they try to leave, it turns out they've got to fight their way out!
XY054 A Windy Visit! April 30 , 2014
Professor Sycamore meets Lexi and Brigette in Dendemille Town to speak about a certain Pokémon, while Lysandre contacts Lexi about Calem, and Trevor decides to head up to the Frost Cavern.
XY055 The Frosty Expedition! May 03, 2014
When a Mamoswine begins acting stragely around Frost Cavern, Lexi and Brigette join Trevor on his expedition there to see what's going on inside.
XY056 A Courageous Confrontation! May 07, 2014
The group discover that once again Team Flare is at the centre of a problem, and it's up to Lexi and Trevor to take them down. But when they are in a spot of trouble, help comes from an unexpected source.
XY057 Traversing Through the Snow! May 10, 2014
The group have to traverse on Mamoswine through the thick snow. When a horde of Sneasel become enraged when Mamoswine destroys their home by accident, a new friend comes to the rescue!
XY058 An Unfriendly Gym Battle! May 14, 2014
While Brigette goes shopping, Lexi heads to a local woman who talks to her about Xerneas and Mega Evolution. Meanwhile, Calem turns up at Laverre City Gym looking to battle Valerie.
XY059 The Demanding Call! May 17, 2014
When Calem calls and demands Lexi comes and battles him outside Anistar Gym, she hesitantly agrees. But who will come out on top and what tricks does Calem have this time? Also, will one of Lexi's Pokémon take the next stage of their power or not?
XY060 Anistar Gym! Lexi vs. Olympia! May 21, 2014
Lexi heads into Anistar Gym to take on Gym Leader Olympia. But after her battle with Calem, Lexi has more on her mind than battling. Can she focus on the battle and win her seventh Gym badge?
XY061 A Focused Rematch! May 24, 2014
After Olympia ended their battle, Lexi goes back and tries to put current events in the behind her. She goes back for a rematch, when a familiar face helps Lexi with her battle.
XY062 The Announcement May 27, 2014
After a victorious win at Anistar Gym, Lexi is horrified after an announcement made by Team Flare sends everyone into panic, revealing the face of the team. But what can Lexi do to stop them?
XY063 Infiltrating the Enemy! May 31, 2014
When Sycamore helps locate the Team Flare Hideout, Lexi makes the decision to head in under cover in a hope to get to Lysandre. But will it all go as smoothly as hopes?
XY064 Extinguishing Flames! June 04, 2014
Upon breaking into Lysandre's Labs, Lexi, with the help of Sycamore, Valerie, Korrina, Grant, Shauna, Tierno and Trevor, head on through to take down Team Flare. But as they do, Lysandre turns up.
XY065 The Key to the Core! June 07, 2014
After Lysandre escapes, the group must take down the members of Team Flare as one is holding the all important key that leads to Lysandre.
XY066 Calem's Revenge! June 11, 2014
After taking down the last of the Team Flare members and the key in hand, Lexi heads off to stop Lysandre, but is shocked to see that Calem is in alliance with Team Flare. Angry, she and Calem go hand to hand in battle.
XY067 The Kings Story! June 14, 2014
Finally meeting Lysandre, Lexi finds the mysterious giant being held captive by him. The giant tells his story, and Lysandre unveils the truth behind his plan.
XY068 The Familiar Betrayal! June 18, 2014
With Lysandre's intentions clear, Lexi is left to make the decision that shapes the future. But unfortunately, an unexpected turn of events occurs.
XY069 The Declaration! June 21, 2014
Lexi frantically runs to try and find Sycamore in a riot-filled Lumiose City, and is horrified when Lysandre gives only hours until he launches the machine. But what does this mean for the future of Kalos?
XY070 8 Hours to Go June 23, 2014
Kalos is in ruin as the region reacts to the end of the world. Meanwhile, Lexi is visited by old friends who have come to help.
XY071 7: The Sign June 23, 2014
Lysandre announces that he plans to cast an attack on a Kalos city. Lexi heads to the scene, and confronts a member of Team Flare.
XY072 6: No Mercy June 24, 2014
Lexi, with the help of her friends, discover the location of Team Flare's Senior members and plans to take them all down.
XY073 5: Loyalty Decided June 24, 2014
Lexi and her friends come face to those who have betrayed them on the way. But what will they do?
XY074 4: Searching June 25, 2014
With more time passing, the group have to find where Lysandre is hiding to stop him, but where can he be?
XY075 3: The Ultimate Weapon June 25, 2014
The ultimate weapon is near detonation, and time is running out to reach Lysandre and the controls.
XY076 2: Sacrifice June 26, 2014
The group head into the Secret HQ of Team Flare, but things get out of hand and someone has to make the ultimate sacrifice.
XY077 1: Avenge the Fallen June 26, 2014
Filled with rage, Calem turns his back of Team Flare to help his friends. Meanwhile, desperate measures are made to avenge the fallen.
XY078 0: Time's Up June 27, 2014
With time nearly up, Lexi and Calem head down to the base of the Ultimate Weapon. But what will they find?
XY079 Awakening June 27, 2014
Lexi and Calem face the Legendary Pokémon, Xerneas, after it's awakening. Will they be able to control the situation?
XY080 FIN June 28, 2014
Lysandre returns after Lexi's battle with Xerneas, and decides to bring the world to it's knees. Is this truly the end?
This concludes Chapter 2.

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