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Johanna (Japanese: アヤコ Ayako) is the mother of Hayley, Alexis, N and Dawn.


Before Johanna was a mother to her four children, she herself was a successful Trainer throughout Sinnoh, taking part in many Contests as she traveled, eventually becoming the most successful Contest Coordinator of her time. After becoming a Contest Master, she continued to travel, which is where she met her first husband. As childhood sweethearts, they traveled together for a short while before deciding to settle down and start a family. In this time, she had Hayley. As Hayley was growing up, Johanna's husband yearned to become a Trainer once more, and made the difficult decision to leave on another journey. In this time, Johanna deemed herself single, angry with her husband for leaving her. In time, she met another man, Ghetsis, whom they had a very quick relationship, in which they had twins - Alexis and N and moved to Unova. Shortly after their birth, she realized that she didn't love Ghetsis and that he himself was hungry for power. After she caught him doing 'dark sorcery' in their home, she kicked him out and vowed he could never see their children again. After this however, he kidnapped N and took him with him. Johanna searched for N for many years, and in this time, her first husband returned and they rekindled their marriage, having a second child together, Dawn.

After loosing Alexis and giving up the search for N, she moved back to Sinnoh with the rest of her family. When she finally found Alexis again, her husband left on a journey to find N himself.

The Alexis Saga

Johanna debuted in SI001 when she said goodbye to Alexis as she left for her own journey. She gave Lexi her first Pokémon, Espeon who was a family pet since birth. She made several minor cameos following this.

Xenial Destiny

Johanna has made several small appearances in the Xenial Destiny series. She first reappeared in A Bond & the Letter, after Lexi won the League at Hayley's Kalos Daycare with her daughters. Her second reappearance was in X vs. Y: Destruction where she appeared alongside her family and countless others in the Kalos War.


This listing is of Johanna's known Pokémon:

150px Glameow is a Pokémon that Johanna has had since she was a Trainer. It is a Champion-winning Contest Pokémon.

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