Astral Eclipse
Pocket Monsters: Hoshi no nisshoku
S3C01 titlecard
Episodes 10
(AE001 - AE010)
Region(s) Alola
Preceded by M08 series
Followed by Gallant Fate series
Opening Face My Fears
Ending Face My Fears
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Pokémon: Astral Eclipse (Japanese: ポケットモンスター:星の日食 Pocket Monsters: Hoshi no Nisshoku) is the limited series of the spin-off from the Pokémon anime. It aired from August 02, 2019 to October 04, 2019 consisting of 10 episodes, following the release of Astral Eclipse: The Blinding One.

Astral Eclipse

Episode Code Information Air date
AE001 Loading... August 02, 2019
Lusamine asks the Ultra Recon Squad for help. However, they brush her off, as they’re unwilling to forgive her for her recklessness. Instead, they give Lexi and Zinnia a uniform like their own and send them cross dimensions to their world on the back of Lunala and Solgaleo. However, they have the task of letting events play out as they need to, as they can't allow anyone to know who they are or where they're from. As the duo arrive in the place called Megalopolis, they discover not as it seems as they discover that the people there are the same as in their own dimension. They are attacked by a Nihilego. Looker turns up and reveals he is tracking Ultra Beasts.
AE002 25% August 09, 2019
The duo's confusion continues as Annabel is revealed to be alive and apart of the International Police. Looker takes Lexi to his hideout. Another Ultra Beast (Kartana) attacks them at Looker's hideout.
AE003 40% August 16, 2019
Kartana attacks. The group meet a researcher named Faba who wants to help them. Lexi tries to uncover the hidden path to Necrozma.
AE004 50% August 23, 2019
Lexi, Zinnia and Annabel track and capture an Ultra Beast named Poipole during their mission. Annabel faints, resulting in the group heading to Ultra Aether Paradise under Faba's orders with Poipole.
AE005 62% August 30, 2019
Lexi, Lillie and Annabel are revealed to be members of the Fallen after being analysed by Lusamine. The group agree to help with the preparations for the Aether Paradise Annual Fair. At the fair, Lexi finds Faba stealing the Ultra Beasts, and battles him.
AE006 68% September 06, 2019
Faba's attack continues. Lusamine is attacked by an Ultra Beast and becomes comatose. The fair is interrupted by Ultra Beasts, after being unleashed by Faba under the instruction of Rainbow Rocket. Lexi discovers the truth behind Necrozma's whereabouts and how to get back home.
AE007 75% September 13, 2019
Ultra Beasts attack. Lexi steals Type: Null and uses him in battle to subdue the Ultra Beasts. Upon defeating most Ultra Beasts, the face of Rainbow Rocket is revealed to be Giovanni (the real, Giovanni) as Lexi and Zinnia face Necrozma.
AE008 80% September 20, 2019
The battle continues with more Ultra Beasts being unleashed in battle. Looker and Wicke successfully create the Beast Ball using Poipole's research. Lexi and Zinnia face Necrozma in battle, resulting in the two worlds colliding.
AE009 90% September 27, 2019
The two dimensions face the Ultra Beasts, and successfully manage to capture and defeat them all. Giovanni reveals the master plan, involving Lusamine. Cyrus is revealed to be alive, and battles Lexi.
AE010 99% October 04, 2019
The group battle to close the wormholes and set everything back to normal. Angered by his plans failing, Giovanni causes a massacre, resulting in the deaths of many at the Aether Paradise. Ghetsis is revealed to be alive; and the trio make their escape in a helicopter. An incognito Lexi boards a train.
Alpha Alpha October 04, 2019
Secret ending.
This concludes Chapter 1.

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