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Pocket Monsters: Isamashī Unmei
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Region(s) Galar
Preceded by Astral Eclipse series

hope~ The Isle of Armor

hope~ The Crown Tundra
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Ending 꼭두각시 (Puppetry)
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Pokémon: Gallant Fate (Japanese: ポケットモンスター:勇ましい運命 Pocket Monsters: Isamashī Unmei) is the fourth series of the spin-off from the Pokémon anime. It began airing on November 2019 worldwide.

The series consists of at least four chapters: break, despair, hope~ The Isle of Armor and hope~ The Crown Tundra.

Series Overview

Chapter Title Episodes First episode Last episode
1 /break 40 GF001 Nov 25, 2019 GF040 Feb 28, 2020
2 despair 40 GF041 Mar 06, 2020 GF080 Jun 05, 2020
3 hope~ The Isle of Armor 20 GF081 Jun 2020 GF100 2020
4 hope~ The Crown Tundra 20 GF101 Fall 2020 GF120 2020

Gallant Fate is the center stage for Lexi's return as she sets her sights on a Galarian adventure alongside her parter Pokémon Litten, Vulpix and Type: Null. Lexi returns to her journey a fractured woman following the events of Alola, uncovering the truth behind her father and former leaders return. Struck with internal despair, Galar becomes the setting of Lexi's rediscovery and of herself, alongside the reawakening of her passion for Pokémon. What mystery and secrets hide for Lexi to find, and what does Galar have instore for her?


Episode Code Information Air date
GF001 Waiting Room November 25, 2019
Hayley awaits in a waiting room in a train station, only to find a husk in the corner of the room - Lexi - can Hayley help her sister?
GF002 A Sword-id Meeting November 27, 2019
Lexi arrives in Postwick, but a seemingly innocent accident leads her to discover more than she bargained for.
GF003 Sheepish Encounters November 29, 2019
Deciding to venture out alone for time to think, an unlikely baracade appears!
GF004 Galar, Mate! December 02, 2019
Lexi begins to traverse Wedgehurst before getting caught up in a press conference, leading to a battle.
GF005 A Sponsored Proposal! December 04, 2019
Lexi contemplates Leon's proposal, as she helps Hop learn the ropes of a new Trainer. Later, she confines in Sonia about her meeting with the mysterious Pokémon.
GF006 Magnolia's Bloom December 06, 2019
Professor Magnolia shows Lexi her research into Dynamaxing, leading to a battle bwetween Lexi and Sonia. Meanwhile, familiar faces arrive in Galar.
GF007 One, Two, Three! December 09, 2019
Marlon introduces Calem to his sister Nessa. Calem wonders of Lexis whereabouts.
GF008 Type: Danger! December 11, 2019
Lexi is hopeful as she heads out to train Yamper, but a small incident results in Type: Null losing control and wrecking havoc on the city of Wedgehurst.
GF009 Wishing Stars December 13, 2019
The group get reacquainted, and their goals become known. Lexi discusses the events in Alola.
GF010 The Wild Area! December 16, 2019
The journey to Motosoke begins, as the group arrive at the Wild Area! Are they in for plain sailing, or are they out of their depth?!
GF011 Orbeetle No! December 18, 2019
The arduous journey to Motosoke continues!
GF012 Motosoke! December 20, 2019
The group arrive in Motosoke as the Gym Challenge Opening Ceremony Begins! Sonia and Lexi have a meeting regarding their research, before a bunch of yobs cause mayhem.
GF013 The Opening Ceremony December 23, 2019
The group make their entrance to the Gym Challenge Opening Ceremony. Chairman Rose introduces himself. Hop has a run in with a fellow competitor.
GF014 Thieves in the Night! December 27, 2019
As the group head out in order to reach their first Gym Battle, they make their way to the Galar Mine. However, while on the way, the group are mugged!
GF015 Dig Dig Dig Dig! December 30, 2019
The group begin to traverse through the mine. Calem trains with Marlon o test his strength. A cocky young Trainer challenges Lexi.
GF016 January 03, 2020
Lexi's battle with Bede reaches his climax - which results in a small avalache within the mine. Can the group get out in one piece?
GF017 January 06, 2020
With the gym battle's imminent commencement, the team help each other to train. Calem worries about his abilities, while wondering about Lexi's state of mind going into competitions again.
GF018 Giga...Giga...Gianta- January 08, 2020
Professor Magnolia and Sonia arrive in Tuffield, resulting in them trying to instigate Gigantamaxing. However, their actions result in stones beginning to move...
GF019 The First Hurdle! Vs. Milo! January 10, 2020
The first gym battle begins!
GF020 Hayley's Ranch! January 13, 2020
The first Gym Battle reaches its climax! Then... the team arrive at Hayley's new ranch site, helping her set up - but a digging incident angers a nest of Pokémon!
GF021 A Chance Meeting! January 15, 2020
The guys train before Lexi's vision results in her revealing the incident in Postwick. Team Yell cause issues on the bridge as Hop returns.
GF022 A Deep Thought! January 17, 2020
The group arrive in Hulbury. Marlon wonders whether or not he needs to settle down. Nessa and Lexi battle it out ahead of Lexi's next gym match.
GF023 The Light Will Guide the Way! January 20, 2020
A distress signal leaves the group having to journey out to the waters of Galar!
GF024 A Gushing Challenge! January 22, 2020
The Gym Challenge begins with the gym mission!
GF025 A Family Affair! VS. Nessa! January 24, 2020
The second Gym Battle takes place!
GF026 January 27, 2020
Lexi is called to dinner with Chairman Rose, with a chance meeting with Bede. Hop returns leading to a battle!
GF027 Watch Your Step! January 29, 2020
The group arrive in the mine once again, but things aren't easy when a series of traps result in the team getting lost! Can they escape? Meanwhile, Bede returns for another match - but this time, Calem takes the battle!
GF028 Yell for your Freedom! January 31, 2020
Team Yell turn up on the scene, determined to stop the team from getting any further - will they achieve their goal?
GF029 February 03, 2020
The group learn of their next Gym battle, heading towards Motosoke - but its not long before they are attacked by - a furry Meowth?!
GF030 February 05, 2020
With the group still trapped by Perrserker and its Meowth minions, they soon take to taking over Motosoke City! Can the group stop them in their tracks?!
GF031 February 07, 2020
During a Street contest at Motosoke, the group find Gym Challenger Marnie, showing off her multi-skilled techniques! Will Lexi be victorious in battle with her?!
GF032 February 10, 2020
Lexi and Calem face Kabu in their third Gym battle. Who will become victorious?
GF033 February 12, 2020
As the group traverse through the Wild Area once more to get to Hammerlocke, they find themselves at odds with a swarm of Drednaw at a nearby mountain - chewing it up?!
GF034 February 14, 2020
As the Wild Area intensifies, Lexi finds herself needing new moves for her Pokémon - will Marlon and Nessa's skills put her and her Pokémon to the test?!
GF035 February 17, 2020
While stopping for a well deserved rest as they arrive in Hammerlocke, the team don't realise they are interrupting the cities infamous Cafe challenge!
GF036 February 19, 2020
Chairman Rose and Oleana return.
GF037 February 21, 2020
Sonia returns as she has new information about the Darkest Day... leading the group to witness a battle between old friends Sonia and Raihan!
GF038 February 24, 2020
As the group head through Route 6 to attempt to get to their next destination, they are stopped - wait, are Team Yell trying to sell off Sizzlipede?!
GF039 February 26, 2020
Calem causes a ruckus as he trains his Pokémon - causing a Centiskorch to appear... but wait, it's... a GIANT!
GF040 February 28, 2020
The group arrive in Stow-on-Side.. but a spooky meeting is what greets them. Is Stow-on-Side's market city haunted?!
This concludes Chapter 1.


Episode Code Information Air date
GF041 March 06, 2020
In Stow-on-Side, the fight for who is the true Gym Leader commences! Allister vs. Bea - who will win?
GF042 March 09, 2020
With his Gym title secured, Calem and Lexi face Allister in their Gym Battle!
GF043 March 11, 2020
Setting their sights to Ballonlea as the group gain information Ponyta may have been found, an explosion at the Mural causes the group to discover - Bede?!
GF044 March 13, 2020
The group are mezmerized as they head through the magical Glimwood Tangle. But wait... has Ponyta been found!?
GF045 March 16, 2020
The group find themselves finishing their Glimwood Tangle visit, when a turf war breaks out in front of them!
GF046 March 18, 2020
Lexi and Calem face Opal - the Ballonlea Gym Battle commences!
GF047 March 20, 2020
Who will be victorious? The Gym Battle concludes! Meanwhile, Nessa and Marlon uncover a secret in the mural rubble.
GF048 March 23, 2020
The team head back on their way to Hammerlocke, when a fossil researcher convention fights over the secrets behind fossils.
GF049 March 25, 2020
Passing through Stow-on-Side, Lexi and Calem are shocked to find Allister cheated to become Gym Leader, resulting in a Bea battle for the Gym Badge!
GF050 March 27, 2020
Nearing Hammerlocke, the group hit a sticky situation as Alcremie errupts into a Giant!
GF051 March 30, 2020
Arriving back in Hammerlocke, Sonia and Leon discover a mysterious Power Spot in the aftermath of the battle against Alcermie, so testing commences! Meanwhile, Bede is moping around, and looking for a fight. But wait... Opal?!
GF052 April 01, 2020
Professor Magnolia contemplates her future as a Professor, as Lexi asks for her help in training.
GF053 April 03, 2020
Heading for the next Gym Battle in Circhester, the group run into one of the fossil researchers again! But wait, their machine begins working too well.. fossils everywhere!
GF054 April 06, 2020
The group are perplexed as their journey is staggered by a mysterious maze... the Maze of Falinks
GF055 April 08, 2020
Nearing Circhester, the snow and ice begin to fall.. but this only angers a nearby Flapple who... grows giant?!
GF056 April 10, 2020
The group are captured by... Mr. Mime!
GF057 April 13, 2020
Circhester's ice becomes fiery hot as an argument between mother and son errupts!
GF058 April 15, 2020
The Circhester Gym battle concludes! Meanwhile, Team Yell are at it again, causing mischief at a neaby hotel!
GF059 April 17, 2020
Sonia arrives with an update on the Darkest Day, while Hop tries his luck at a battle with Calem!
GF060 April 20, 2020
Invited to experience the Hero's Bath - Lexi has a vision of Zacian. But wait... a mysterious force is scaring people away, named Runerigus!
GF061 April 22, 2020
At Hotel Ionia, the group are dragged into a mystery surrounding a missing basket of berries!
GF062 April 24, 2020
Heading towards Spikemuth, the group discover they are unable to enter? Running into Marnie, as tensions over his loyal followers Team Yell errupts, Marnie faces battle with Lexi!
GF063 BOOM! April 27, 2020
Deciding to put their differences aside, the group try and enter Spikemuth with Marnie! Can they get in unseen?
GF064 April 29, 2020
The Spikemuth Gym Battle commences!
GF065 May 01, 2020
A large disruptive explosion causes the group to worry whats happening in Galar. Dynamax battle with Sandaconda!
GF066 May 04, 2020
The group are faced with the aftermath of Sandaconda's rage, as issues pop up across the city!
GF067 May 06, 2020
Back in Hammerlocke, the group are thrown into their last Gym Battle unexpectedly.
GF068 May 08, 2020
Aboard the train to Wyndon, the group are faced with more problems, as Trainers host an illegal cage fighting event with Perrserker!
GF069 May 11, 2020
A Snow Storm hits as the group head to Wyndon, and it seems there is some steel-ly issues stopping them!
GF070 May 13, 2020
Finally in Wyndon, the group face the first round of the Semi Finals! Lexi vs. Marnie / Calem vs. Hop
GF071 May 15, 2020
The Outcomes for the Champion Cup are announced! But where's Leon?
GF072 May 18, 2020
The group are faced with infiltrating Rose Tower!
GF073 May 21, 2020
Oleanna holds the barracade as Chairman Rose and Leon speak about Galar's future.
GF074 May 23, 2020
The group decide to test their skills at a neaby Battle Café
GF075 May 27, 2020
Marnie and Hop meet the group, as their futures are questioned now their Champion Cup journey is over.
GF076 May 29, 2020
With the Champion Cup but a day away, the group train near a construction site!
GF077 May 31, 2020
The Champion Cup begins! Lexi vs. Kabu
GF078 June 01, 2020
Calem vs. Milo
GF079 June 03, 2020
Lexi vs. Raihan / Calem vs. Nessa
GF080 June 05, 2020
Wait, What?! Bede enters the stadium?! And the Champion Battle commences!
GF081 June 08, 2020
Back in Hammerlocke, the group face the looming destruction of Eternatus!
GF082 June 10, 2020
Can the group conclude Eternatus' rage?!
GF083 June 12, 2020
The Final Champion Battle Commences!
GF084 June 15, 2020
The Champion makes their decision. Meanwhile, Marlon has some decisions to make of his own.
GF085 June 17, 2020
On their own path, two of the friends are met by a woman Klara, and Professor Magnolia suggests their next step!
This concludes Chapter 2.

hope~ The Isle of Armor

Episode Code Information Air date
GF086 June 24, 2020
GF087 July 1, 2020
GF088 July 8, 2020
GF089 July 15, 2020
GF090 July 22, 2020
GF091 July 29, 2020
GF092 August 5, 2020
GF093 August 12, 2020
GF094 August 19, 2020
GF095 August 26, 2020
GF096 September 2, 2020
GF097 September 9, 2020
GF098 September 16, 2020
GF099 September 23, 2020
GF100 September 30, 2020
GF101 October 7, 2020
GF102 October 14, 2020
GF103 October 21, 2020
GF104 October 28, 2020
GF105 November 4, 2020
This concludes Chapter 3.

hope~ The Crown Tundra

Episode Code Information Air date
GF081 March 06, 2020
GF082 March 09, 2020
GF083 March 11, 2020
GF084 March 13, 2020
GF085 March 16, 2020
GF086 March 18, 2020
GF087 March 20, 2020
GF088 March 23, 2020
GF089 March 25, 2020
GF090 March 27, 2020
GF091 March 30, 2020
GF092 April 01, 2020
GF093 April 03, 2020
GF094 April 06, 2020
GF095 April 08, 2020
GF096 April 10, 2020
GF097 April 13, 2020
GF098 April 15, 2020
GF099 April 17, 2020
GF100 April 20, 2020
This concludes Chapter 3.

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