The Alexis Saga
Pocket Monsters:Arekushisu Saga
The Alexis Saga poster
Episodes 301
(FL001 - SI017)
Region(s) Unova, Sevii Islands
Preceded by None
Followed by [[Xenial Destiny series|Xenial Destiny series]]
Opening Sanctuary
Ending Passion パシオン
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Pokémon: The Alexis Saga (Japanese: ポケモン:アレクシス·サーガ Pocket Monsters:Arekushisu Saga) is the first series of the spin-off from the Pokémon anime. The season follows Alexis as she begins her journey in the [[Sevii Islands and then Unova. It began airing in Japan on November 12, 2009 and ended on September 20, 2013. The series featured 8 volumes including 4 movies.

Series Overview

Volume Title Episodes First episode Last episode
1 The Adventure Begins 47 FL001 Nov 12, 2009 FL047 Aug 28, 2010
2 Best Wishes 55 BW001 Sep 06, 2010 BW055 Jul 22, 2011
3 Best Wishes: Emerging Powers 55 BW056 Aug 01, 2011 BW110 Jan 30, 2012
4 Best Wishes: Noble Victories 56 BW111 Feb 06, 2011 BW166 Aug 10, 2012
5 Best Wishes II 30 B2W2-001 Aug 20, 2012 B2W2-030 Nov 30, 2012
5 Best Wishes II: Plasma Freeze 30 B2W2-031 Dec 03, 2012 B2W2-060 Mar 15, 2013
7 World of Dreams 10 B2W2-061 Mar 25, 2013 B2W2-070 Apr 29, 2013
8 New Beginnings 19 SI001 Jul 19, 2013 SI019 Sep 20, 2013

The Adventure Begins

Episode Code Information Air date
Japan U.S.
FL001 On the Road Again! Nov 12, 2009 Apr 12, 2010
Alexis arrives at her childhood home for the first time in years. After a visit from Professor Rowan who gives her a Starter Pokémon a ticket to the Sevii Islands with a request to meet a young programmer, she decides to begin her journey.
FL002 An Intellectual Meeting! Nov 16, 2009 Apr 16, 2010
Alexis is met by the young programmer Bill as she arrives on Knot Island. He tells her that he wants to help her by giving her a Pokédex, but it requires a lot of work; and so asks her to run and errand for him. However, the item he wants her to deliver is stolen. Can she get it back and deliver it safely?
FL003 A Champion Savior! Nov 23, 2009 Apr 19, 2010
The man who helped Alexis retrieve the stolen item reveals himself to be Gary, who was heading to meet his grandfather Professor Oak. Alexis tags along after recognizing the name, and the Professor reveals he's remembers her from childhood, before giving both Gary and herself a Starter Pokémon from Johto. Immediately following this, Gary asks for a battle, but will Alexis be confident to have a friendly battle opposed to a vicious one?
FL004 Rough Encounter! Gary vs. Biker! Nov 30, 2009 Apr 23, 2010
Alexis and Gary head to Boon Island to drop off the Meteorite for Bill at the Game Corner. However, the man is less than happy after he reveals his daughter Lostelle has gone missing. Alexis and Gary offer to look for her, before a biker rushes in and causes a mess, causing Gary to battle him.
FL005 Gang's of Terror! Dec 07, 2009 Apr 26, 2010
Arriving on Kin Island, Gary and Alexis discover that the island has been overrun by a Biker gang. The duo try to locate Lostelle, however, they run into trouble when the Biker Gang threaten them to leave. Can Alexis and Gary take down the Biker Gang?
FL006 The Lightning Bond! Dec 14, 2009 Apr 30, 2010
The duo head onto Bond Bridge on their way to find Lostelle, but are stopped in their tracks when a Pachirisu stands in their way, seemingly distressed. Can they help the young Pokémon and continue on their search for Lostelle?
FL007 Berry Forest! A Sticky Situation! Dec 21, 2009 May 03, 2010
Getting closer to Lostelle, the duo meet a feisty girl named Greta who gets herself tangled in a fight between a sticky Pokémon
FL008 A Hypontizing Haunting! Dec 28, 2009 May 07, 2010
The group finally locate Lostelle, but they encounter a Hypno who won't let her go. Can the trio help Lostelle escape?
FL009 Just Another Request! Jan 04, 2010 May 10, 2010
Finally returning Lostelle home and delivering the Meteorite, Alexis returns to Knot Island to see Bill and Celio. After being handed a Pokédex, Alexis asks Gary and Greta to continue to journey with them if they please. Also, Alexis receives an Egg from Celio, who asks if she could do him a favour and recover a special gemstone while she travels.
FL010 No Hiding for Greta! Jan 11, 2010 May 14, 2010
The trio explore further into Knot Island, but Greta becomes sheepish when a man storms towards her. It's not long before Greta is led to reveal the exact reason she's not in Hoenn. But why is she hesitant to return?
FL011 Do Not Pass Go! Jan 18, 2010 May 17, 2010
The trio are told about a possible place to find the mysterious stone Celio requested, but are stopped in their tracks when a pair of men refuse to let them pass. But why won't they let them pass and what are they hiding?
FL012 The Burning Embers! Jan 25, 2010 May 21, 2010
The group walk through Mt. Ember, and come close to retrieving the Ruby, however, a rather complicated puzzle stands in their way. Can they crack the code and protect themselves from the puzzles mysteries?
FL013 Stopped in their Tracks! Feb 01, 2010 May 24, 2010
Returning to Celio, they are bemused to find out there is yet another stone to be found on another island. The group decide to make an unexpected break, but it doesn't take long for them to have to spring into action after a team of Pokémon stop people from leaving the island.
FL014 Unconventional Methods! Feb 08, 2010 May 28, 2010
After an unexpected pit stop on the border of Floe Island, Alexis decides to train with her team mates. But being the first time she's worked as a friend, will she be successful.
FL015 Fall on a Crack, Break Your Back! Feb 15, 2010 May 31, 2010
The group venture into Icefall Cave, still in search of the Sapphire. But they come before an obstacle as the ice covering the ice-cold waters below begin to crack beneath their feet. Even though they successfully divert through the obstacles - a second turns up in the form of Team Rocket.
FL016 The Rockets in Ice Feb 22, 2010 Jun 04, 2010
Team Rocket once again cause trouble in Icefall Cave, leading to the group once again battling against the team. Can they find any new leads interms of Team Rocket's true reasoning for being at the Sevii Islands or the location of the Sapphire?
FL017 Take Five! Chrono Island's Strange Building! Mar 01, 2010 Jun 07, 2010
The group arrive at Chrono Island on their fifth stop, still in search of the Sapphire. The group find the island quite quiet, until they discover that a mysterious building has been erected in the middle of the once calm Meadow. Are Team Rocket once again behind this? Meanwhile, Alexis's Egg begins to shake. Will it hatch?!
FL018 Walking Into a Dead End Mar 08, 2010 Jun 11, 2010
With Team Rocket causing trouble once again, the group find themselves close to entering the mysterious building seeming to be connected to the evil team. Meanwhile, Gary, who decided to take a break, is met by his grandfather Professor Oak, who speaks to him about his looming problems following his loss of the Champion title.
FL019 Gracidea's Bloom! Shaymin's Arrival! Mar 15, 2010 Jun 14, 2010
As Alexis's egg hatches, she finds herself discovering a Pokémon she never saw before; Shaymin. Professor Oak returns with Gary and tells Alexis of a Meadow nearby which has a special flower which gives Shaymin special strength. Upon arriving, however, they find themselves in contact with Team Rocket once again; who are destroying the Gracidea Meadow.
FL020 Yet Another Search Mission! Mar 22, 2010 Jun 18, 2010
With nothing to do yet without a second password, the group head north after finding a possible location for the Sapphire. Soon enough, they find themselves on a second search mission for a women named Selphy. However, they find out that she's lost in Lost Cave; where people are famed for going in but never coming back out. Will the group find the girl and get out?
FL021 Lost in Lost Cave! Mar 29, 2010 Jun 21, 2010
Still in Lost Cave, the group continues to struggle to navigate through the cave. To make matters worse, they find themselves being chased by Team Rocket, who try to stop the group from meddling any further. Unfortunately, this leads to them splitting up. Will the group ever be rid of problems?
FL022 A Flying Gift! Apr 05, 2010 Jun 25, 2010
The group travel back to the center of Chrono Island, before they meet a man with a bunch of Pokémon. Uncomfortable with how the man treats the Pokémon, Alexis tries her hardest to free the Pokémon. But when the man catches on, he offers an ultimatum; battle and the winner gets the Pokémon free.
FL023 Witness to a Mystery! Apr 12, 2010 Jun 29, 2010
Alexis suggests they head to Quest Island and skip Fortune Island after deciding she wants to wait before going to it as she remembers Fortune Island the most as a child. When they arrive, however, they are witness to a strange occurrence with a bunch of mysterious Pokémon. The group decide to find their home by traveling to the Tanoby Ruins, theorized to be their home. But will their journey be clean and straightforward?
FL024 The Tanoby Key! Apr 19, 2010 Jul 01, 2010
The group arrive at the Tanoby Key - the one true key to opening the Tanoby Ruins and therefore opening the hall to the Unown. The trio find themselves involved in the ritual, which offers more than one challenge for them to face. Plus, a new face offers his help.
FL025 The Ruins of Tanoby Apr 26, 2010 Jul 03, 2010
With the door to the Tanoby Ruins opened, the group head through the Sevault Canyon once more heading for the ruins. Meanwhile, Morty continues his search for a new team member.
FL026 Entering the Weepth Chamber! May 03, 2010 Jul 06, 2010
The group enter the Weepth Chamber, and find themselves enveloped by the mystery of the Unown.
FL027 Helping the Wounded! May 10, 2010 Jul 08, 2010
With the Tanoby Ruins found to be nothing but a harmless legend, the group decide to finally head to Fortune Island. On their way back, Alexis finds herself involved with a wounded Houndour.
FL028 Confronting the Memories! May 17, 2010 Jul 10, 2010
Alexis finds herself nervous as she heads to Fortune Island. In order to calm her nerves, Gary suggests they battle.
FL029 Do You Remember? May 24, 2010 Jul 13, 2010
Alexis travels through Fortune Island, as she begins to remember things about her childhood, and the gaps begin to fill in. However, Team Rocket are spotted on the island, and she can't stop herself from intervening.
FL030 Dot to Dots May 31, 2010 Jul 15, 2010
Alexis and the group head through Dotted Hole as they realize the Sapphire must be located here - but will they get it without a hitch?
FL031 Warming Up! Jun 07, 2010 Jul 17, 2010
The group arrives back at Chrono Island as they finally head towards Rocket's Hideout, and find themselves battling against each other to prepare.
FL032 Into the Lions Den! Jun 14, 2010 Jul 20, 2010
The group infiltrate Team Rocket's Hideout, where they battle their way to the boss. Can they get back the Sapphire and take down Team Rocket?
FL033 A Ghostly Confrontation! Jun 21, 2010 Jul 22, 2010
With Team Rocket defeated for good, the group head back to Knot Island to give the Sapphire to Celio. He then tells them of a Legendary Pokémon whom has awoken in Mt. Ember. Meanwhile, Morty visits some family on the island, but faces tough questioning over why he's not at his Gym.
FL034 Climbing the Fire Mountain! Jun 28, 2010 Jul 24, 2010
The group climb Mt. Ember once more, this time reaching the summit and facing the Legendary Pokémon Moltres.
FL035 Treasures Aplenty! Jul 05, 2010 Jul 27, 2010
The group finish their exploration of Knot Island by heading to Treasure Beach. Having a fun time, Alexis soon finds a different type of treasure in the shape of two mischievous Pichu.
FL036 A Zen Meeting! Jul 12, 2010 Jul 29, 2010
After all the trouble, Greta suggests they head to Cape Brink for some relaxing training. Upon heading there, Alexis meets an elderly lady who wants to help her with her quest to recover her memories.
FL037 An Golden Opportunity! Jul 05, 2010 Jul 19, 2010
Arriving on Kin Island for the second time, the group find themselves helping a slightly manic gold miner to get to the other side of the cave. Can they help the man?
FL038 Caring in the Day! Jul 26, 2010 Aug 03, 2010
Gary is asked by his sister to retrieve a wild Pokémon she had given to the Daycare at Floe Island and let it free. However, things become difficult when the Pokémon just won't budge.
FL039 Memories are Precious! Jul 31, 2010 Aug 05, 2010
The group arrive at Memorial Pillar on Chrono Island. After meeting a young Trainer who mourns the loss of his Pokémon, Alexis finds herself more connected than she originally believed.
FL040 The Alternating Cave Aug 04, 2010 Aug 12, 2010
They arrive on the sixth island once more, heading through Pattern Bush and arriving at Altering Cave. The group come into contact with a mysterious Pokémon while there. When they try to come into contact with it though, they are stopped when it's captured.
FL041 The Rescue Mission! Aug 07, 2010 Aug 14, 2010
Alexis and her friends come into contact with two young Trainers, who are looking for the missing Pokémon. Alexis offers her help, while the Trainers explain to her about Unova.
FL042 The Quest for Memories! Aug 11, 2010 Aug 17, 2010
Arriving back at Quest Island, Alexis decides to return to Tanoby Ruins once more in search of the missing Pokémon and uncover why she felt the way she did the previous time she was there. But along the way, she comes into contact with another Pokémon.
FL043 Searching Again! Aug 14, 2010 Aug 19, 2010
Alexis searches through the Tanoby Ruins once more - but finds herself in contact with a young man whom reveals he knows her. What exactly does he know?
FL044 You Can Run, But Can You Hide? Aug 18, 2010 Aug 21, 2010
After the man tried to silence Alexis, he reveals himself to be the culprit behind the stolen Pokémon. Can the group track him down through the Ruins?
FL045 A Worldly Request! Aug 21, 2010 Aug 21, 2010
Alexis returns to Seven Island and returns the young Pokémon, but instead the Trainers ask her to look after it and return it to its home. Meanwhile, Gary and Morty fight over each others positions as a Champion and Gym Leader respectively
FL046 Loyalty! Aug 24, 2010 Aug 26, 2010
Alexis heads to the Trainer Tower to finally have a full battle with her new team.
FL047 Where Will the Road Take Me? August 28, 2010
Wondering whether or not to return to Sinnoh, Alexis must make a big decision whether or not to continue her journey.
This concludes Volume 0.

Best Wishes

Episode Code Information Air date
BW001 Introducing Unova! Alexis arrives in Castelia City! September 06, 2010
BW002 Alexis meets Professor Juniper! Alexis given Oshawott! September 06, 2010
BW003 Zorua Given Back! Morty Captures Yamask! September 13, 2010
BW004 Studio Castelia Battle! Greta vs. Morty! September 13, 2010
BW005 Gary Training, Gary captures Deerling! September 20, 2010
BW006 Narrow Street Trainers September 20, 2010
BW007 Morty contacted by Gym! Morty leaves Team! September 27, 2010
BW008 Drayden introduced! Alexis given Axew! September 27, 2010
BW009 Greta & Gary Ultimatum! Greta and Gary leave team! October 04, 2010
BW010 Alexis meets Cheren! Cheren vs. Alexis! October 04, 2010
BW011 Bianca's Father Troubles! Trying to Prove She's Ready! October 11, 2010
BW012 Professor Juniper Capture Help! Cheren Captures Patrat! October 18, 2010
BW013 Accumula Town! Team Plasma's Plee! Otober 25, 2010
BW014 Route 2! Alexis captures Lillipup! November 01, 2010
BW015 Route 2! Alexis vs. Bianca! November 08, 2010
BW016 Striaton City! Trainer School Help! November 15, 2010
BW017 Striaton Gym! Alexis vs. Cress & Chilli! November 22, 2010
BW018 Striaton Gym! Alexis vs. Cilan! Chilli Joins Team! November 29, 2010
BW019 Striaton Meeting! Fennel introduced! December06, 2010
BW020 Dreamyard! Caitlin Joins Team! December 13, 2010
BW021 Dreamyard! Team Plasma Battle! December 20, 2010
BW022 Striaton City Winter Freeze! Alexis Captures Cubchoo! December 27, 2010
BW023 Route 3! Daycare Meeting! Elesa Joins Team! Caitlin receives Gothita! January 03, 2011
BW024 Cheren & Bianca Returns! Stolen Pokémon Help! January 10, 2011
BW025 Route 3! Alexis Captures Blitzle! January 17, 2011
BW026 Nacrene City! N Returns? Museum Entrance! January 24, 2011
BW027 Nacrene Museum! Lenora Introduced! Alexis vs. Lenora! January 31, 2011
BW028 Nacrene Gym Outcome! Team Plasma Return! Stolen Item! February 07, 2011
BW029 Café Warehouse! Training Session! February 14, 2011
BW030 Pinwheel Forest! Brock Introduced! February 21, 2011
BW031 Plasma Battle! Caitlin vs. Team Plasma! Item Return! February 28, 2011
BW032 Skyarrow Bridge Battle! Chilli vs. Brock! March 07, 2011
BW033 Castelia City Return! Training in the City! March 14, 2011
BW034 Battle Company! Lexi vs. Elesa! March 21, 2011
BW035 Burgh Introduced! Team Plasma Threat! Iris Introduced! March 28, 2011
BW036 The Seven Sages Introduced! Bianca retrieves her Pokémon April 04, 2011
BW037 Castelia Gym! Alexis vs. Burgh! April 11, 2011
BW038 Route 4! Desert Training! Brock captures Roggenrola! April 18, 2011
BW039 Desert Resort! Chilli Captures Darmanitan! April 25, 2011
BW040 Dawn Appears! Relic Castle Exploration! May 02, 2011
BW041 Route 4! Alexis vs. Cheren May 09, 2011
BW042 Nimbasa City! Bianca's Father Returns! May 16, 2011
BW043 Big Stadium Tournament! May 23, 2011
BW044 Small Court Tournament! May 30, 2011
BW045 Musical Special! Caitlin and Chilli Attract! June 06, 2011
BW046 Nimbasa Gym! Elesa the Gym Leader! Alexis vs. Elesa! June 13, 2011
BW047 Nimbasa Gym Part II! Alexis vs. Elesa! Elesa Remains with Team! June 20, 2011
BW048 Dawn Appears! Nimbasa City Exploration! June 27, 2011
BW049 Ferris Wheel! Alexis vs. N! July 04, 2011
BW050 Route 5! Brock captures Timburr! July 08, 2011
BW051 Cheren in Trouble! Brock vs. Cheren! July 11, 2011
BW052 Caitlin captures Solosis! July 15, 2011
BW053 Juniper Returns! Alder Introduced! Talks about Plasma! July 18, 2011
BW054 Driftveil Drawbridge! Swanna Swarm! July 22, 2011
BW055 Lighthouse Dock! Elesa Captures Stunfisk! July 22, 2011
This concludes Volume 2.

Best Wishes: Emerging Powers

Episode Code Information Air date
BW056 Market Street Battle! Alexis Receives Petilil! August 01, 2011
BW057 Cress Returns! Chili Returns Home! August 01, 2011
BW058 Clay Introduced! Team Plasma Return! August 05, 2011
BW059 Hayley Introduced! Ranch Opening! August 08, 2011
BW060 Caitlin Musical Rematch! August 12, 2011
BW061 Falkner Introduced! Bird Battle! August 15, 2011
BW062 Zorua Returns! Alexis Rescue Mission! August 19, 2011
BW063 Zorua Evolves into Zoroark! Alexis captures Zoroark! August 22, 2011
BW064 Clay and Juniper Talk! Training! August 26, 2011
BW065 Cold Storage! Cheren Returns! Team Plasma Stakeout! August 29, 2011
BW066 Cold Storage! Cheren vs. Zinzolin September 02, 2011
BW067 Fennel returns! Caitlin vs. Fennel! Solosis evolves! September 05, 2011
BW068 Training Session! Alexis decides team! September 09, 2011
BW069 Driftveil Gym! Alexis vs. Clay! September 12, 2011
BW070 Route 6! Bianca Returns! Cobalion Sighted! September 16, 2011
BW071 Route 6! Clay Chargestone Cave Help! September 19, 2011
BW072 N Returns! Shadow Triad Introduced! Brock vs. N! September 23, 2011
BW073 Juniper Returns! Bianca & Juniper Quest in Chargestone Cave! September 26, 2011
BW074 Plasma Seigue Once More! Elesa vs. Team Plasma! September 30, 2011
BW075 N Mysterious Talk! Alexis vs. N! October 03, 2011
BW076 Mistralton City! Prof. Juniper Snr. & Skyla Introduced/Problem Help! October 07, 2011
BW077 Route 7! Alexis Captures Archeops! October 10, 2011
BW078 Celestial Tower! Climbing the Tower! October 14, 2011
BW079 Celestial Peak! Helping Skyla! October 17, 2011
BW080 Return to Mistalton City! Caitlin/Falkner Musical! October 21, 2011
BW081 Caitlin/Falkner Musical Part II October 24, 2011
BW082 Aero Battle Club! Elesa & Brock vs. Skyla & Cedric Juniper! October 28, 2011
BW083 Pokémon Center Help! October 31, 2011
BW084 Mistralton Gym! Alexis vs. Skyla! November 04, 2011
BW085 Mistralton Gym! Alexis vs. Skyla Finale! November 07, 2011
BW086 Route 7! Training! November 11, 2011
BW087 Twist Mountain! Clay & Cheren Return! Clay vs. Cheren! November 14, 2011
BW088 Twist Mountain! Cheren confronts Team Plasma! Fighting! November 18, 2011
BW089 Cedric Juniper! Talking About Dragonspiral Tower! Training November 21, 2011
BW090 Icirrus City! Team Choosing! November 25, 2011
BW091 Icirrus Gym! Alexis vs. Brycen! November 28, 2011
BW092 Icirrus Gym! Alexis vs. Brycen Finale! December 02, 2011
BW093 Cheren & Bianca Return! Cheren vs. Bianca! December 05, 2011
BW094 Caitlin and Falkners Final Musical! December 09, 2011
BW095 Team Plasma Return! Dragonspiral Tower Accension! December 12, 2011
BW096 Dragonspiral Tower! Brock/Caitlin/Elesa/Alexis Troubles! December 16, 2011
BW097 Dragonspiral Tower! N Returns! Reshiram Battle! December 19, 2011
BW098 Iccirus City! Alder Returns! Brycen vs. Alder! December 23, 2011
BW099 Route 8! Alexis Captures Cofagrigus! December 26, 2011
BW100 Fly to Relic Castle! Team Plasma Takeover! December 30, 2011
BW101 Relic Castle! Alder vs. Ghetsis! January 02, 2012
BW102 Fly to Nacrene City Museum! Alexis's Decision about N! January 06, 2012
BW103 Back to Route 8! Training Time! Alexis vs. Bianca! Alexis Petilil evolves! January 09, 2012
BW104 Tubeline Bridge! Ghetsis Confrontation! January 13, 2012
BW105 Shopping Mall Nine Battle! Brock vs. Waitress! January 16, 2012
BW106 Opelucid City! Ghetsis's Proposition! January 20, 2012
BW107 Iris & Drayden! Talk about Reshiram/Zekrom! January 23, 2012
BW108 Opelucid City Gym! Alexis vs. Iris! January 27, 2012
BW109 Opelucid City Gym! Alexis vs. Iris finale! January 30, 2012
BW110 On the Road to the Pokémon League! January 30, 2012
This concludes Volume 3.

Best Wishes: Noble Victories

Episode Code Information Air date
BW111 Heading Out Again! Returning to Nuvema Town! February 06, 2012
BW112 Route 17! Exploration! February 06, 2012
BW113 Route 18! Exploration! February 10, 2012
BW114 P2 Lab! Genesect Information! February 13, 2012
BW115 Fly to Mistralton Cave! Cobalion Sighting! February 17, 2012
BW116 Fly to Pinwheel Forest! Wirizion Sighting! February 20, 2012
BW117 Fly to Victory Road! Terrakion Sighting! February 24, 2012
BW118 Arrival at the Abundant Shrine! Landorus Awakening! February 27, 2012
BW119 Landorus/Tornadus/Thundurus Battle! March 02, 2012
BW120 Off to Undella Bay! Mission to Abyssal Ruins! March 05, 2012
BW121 Abyssal Ruins Exploration! Mysterious Sighting! March 09, 2012
BW122 Abyssal Ruins! Battle! March 12, 2012
BW123 Abyssal Ruins! Escaping the Cavern! March 16, 2012
BW124 Keldeo - Secret Sword Learning! March 19, 2012
BW125 Training Time! League Teams Decision! March 23, 2012
BW126 Meloetta Awakening! Two Formes! March 26, 2012
BW127 Castelia City Return! Meloetta Relic Song! March 30, 2012
BW128 Royal Unova! Boat Ride! April 02, 2012
BW129 Unity Tower Tournament! April 06, 2012
BW130 Tournament Round 1! Alexis vs. Blake! April 09, 2012
BW131 Tournament Round 2! Alexis vs. Whitlea! April 13, 2012
BW132 Tournament Round 3! Alexis vs. Cynthia! April 16, 2012
BW133 Liberty Garden! Plasma Grunts Capture Victini! April 20, 2012
BW134 Liberty Garden II! Alexis Captures Victini! April 23, 2012
BW135 Back to Castelia City! Fable of Volcarona! Falkner vs. Brock! April 27, 2012
BW136 Desert Resort! Darumaka Army! April 30, 2012
BW137 Relic Castle! Volcarona Fight! May 04, 2012
BW138 Nimbasa City! Falkner's Musical Encore! May 07, 2012
BW139 Battle Subway! Alexis vs. Emmet! May 11, 2012
BW140 Battle Subway! Alexis vs. Ingo! May 14, 2012
BW141 Route 16! Lostlorn Forest! Bug Battle! May 18, 2012
BW142 Marvelous Bridge! Caitlin Returns! Caitlin vs. Fennel May 21, 2012
BW143 Marvelous Bridge! Caitlin Releases Gothitelle! Leaves Team! May 25, 2012
BW144 Route 15! Alexis Trains! May 28, 2012
BW145 White Forest/Black City Special! June 01, 2012
BW146 Foggy Route 14! Fishing Games! June 04, 2012
BW147 Undella Bay! Undella Town Recovery! June 08, 2012
BW148 Route 13! Bliztle Evolves! June 11, 2012
BW149 Kyurem Sighted! Escape the Ice Cave! June 15, 2012
BW150 Lacunose Town Reenactment! June 18, 2012
BW151 Back to Route 10! June 22, 2012
BW152 Victory Road! The Journey Begins! June 25, 2012
BW153 Victory Road Part II! Alexis Captures Golurk! June 29, 2012
BW154 Victory Road Part III! Alexis vs. Elesa July 02, 2012
BW155 Victory Road Part IV! Petilil Evolves! July 06, 2012
BW156 Alexis begins to Train! League Begins! July 09, 2012
BW157 First Round! Alexis vs. Shauntal! July 13, 2012
BW158 Second Round! Alexis vs. Grimsley! July 16, 2012
BW159 Training Break! July 20, 2012
BW160 Cynthia Introduced! Plasma Sighting! July 23, 2012
BW161 Third Round! Alexis vs. Marshal! July 27, 2012
BW162 Fourth Round! Alexis vs. Caitlin! July 30, 2012
BW163 Alexis Family Meeting! August 06, 2012
BW164 Brock's Brother Appears! Brock Leaves Team! August 06, 2012
BW165 Alexis and Elder Reuinite! Reflection! August 10, 2012
BW166 Alexis All Alone! Training! Two Years On! August 10, 2012
This concludes Volume 4.

Best Wishes II

Episode Code Information Air date
B2W2-001 Aspertia City! Hugh vs. Alexis! August 20, 2012
B2W2-002 Bianca Meeting! Team Plasma Return? August 24, 2012
B2W2-003 Aspertia City Gym! Alexis vs. Cheren! August 27, 2012
B2W2-004 Route 19! Alder & Team Plasma! Flocessy Town! August 31, 2012
B2W2-005 Route 20! Alexis Captures Cherrim! Rescues girl! September 03, 2012
B2W2-006 Virbank Complex! Magnemite Attack! September 07, 2012
B2W2-007 Virbank City Gym! Alexis vs. Roxie! September 10, 2012
B2W2-008 Pokestar Studios! Brycen vs. Riolu Man! September 14, 2012
B2W2-009 Castelia City Gym! Alexis vs. Burgh! September 17, 2012
B2W2-010 Castelia return! Sewers! Roxie Joins Team! Relic Passage! September 21, 2012
B2W2-011 Clay Tunnel! Underground Ruins! Route 4! Armor Fossil! September 24, 2012
B2W2-012 Join Avenue! Team Plasma Return! September 28, 2012
B2W2-013 Nimbasa City! Riolu on the loose! Alexis captures Riolu! October 01, 2012
B2W2-014 Nimbasa City Gym! Alexis vs. Elesa! October 05, 2012
B2W2-015 Nimbasa Music Theater! Elesa rejoins Team! October 08, 2012
B2W2-016 Route 5! Alexis captures Teddiursa! Plasma Grunts! Plasma vs. Team! October 12, 2012
B2W2-017 Driftveil Drawbridge! Elesa vs. Roxie! October 15, 2012
B2W2-018 Driftveil City! Plasma vs. Plasma! Alexis vs. Rood! October 19, 2012
B2W2-019 Dritveil City Gym! Alexis vs. Clay! October 22, 2012
B2W2-020 Plasma! Hugh Returns! Plasma Ship Battle! October 26, 2012
B2W2-021 Deerling Research! Pokérace! October 29, 2012
B2W2-022 Chargestone Cave! Team Plasma Battle! November 02, 2012
B2W2-023 Mistralton City! Elesa and Skyla! November 05, 2012
B2W2-024 Celestial Tower! Professor Juniper help! Alexis captures Misdreavus November 09, 2012
B2W2-025 Route 7! Kami Trio Trouble! November 12, 2012
B2W2-026 Unova Plane Ride! Alexis vs. Skyla! November 16, 2012
B2W2-027 Plane Stop! Kami Trio! November 19, 2012
B2W2-028 Lentimas Town! Alexis meets Elder! November 23, 2012
B2W2-029 Reversal Mountain! Bianca Joins Team! Meeting Heatran! November 26, 2012
B2W2-030 Reversal Mountain! Strange House! Alexis captures Deino! Heatran battle! November 30, 2012
This concludes Volume 5.

Best Wishes II: Plasma Freeze

Episode Code Information Air date
B2W2-031 Undella Town! Cheren vs. Bianca! Bianca leaves! Alexis captures Ponyta! December 03, 2012
B2W2-032 Route 13! Cobalion! Mystery of the Swords of Justice! December 07, 2012
B2W2-033 Lacunose Town! Virizion! Lexi Defeats Zinzolin! December 10, 2012
B2W2-034 Chase to Village Bridge! Female Singer Attacks! December 14, 2012
B2W2-035 Opelucid City! Alexis vs. Drayden! Frigate Appears! Opelucid Frozen! December 17, 2012
B2W2-036 Opelucid City! Alexis helps Drayden! December 21, 2012
B2W2-037 Alexis, Drayden & Elesa vs. Shadow Triad! December 24, 2012
B2W2-038 Back to Undella! Marine Tube! Cheren captures Mantine! Alexis captures Mantyke December 28, 2012
B2W2-039 Humilau City! Group Pokémon Problem! December 31, 2012
B2W2-040 Humilau City Gym! Alexis vs. Marlon! Marlon joins Team! January 04, 2013
B2W2-041 Seaside Cave! Crustle Attack! Plama Frigate! January 07, 2013
B2W2-042 Plasma Frigate! Kyurem Awoken! Alexis vs. Zinzolin! January 11, 2013
B2W2-043 Route 22! Giant Chasm! Alexis Frigate Return! January 14, 2013
B2W2-044 Alexis vs. Colress! Ghetsis returns! Kyurem Enters! January 18, 2013
B2W2-045 N Returns! Zekrom/Reshiram Fuse with Zekrom! Alexis vs. Kyurem! January 21, 2013
B2W2-046 Alexis vs. Ghetsis! N Joins Team! January 25, 2013
B2W2-047 Route 23! Alexis captures Rufflet! January 28, 2013
B2W2-048 Victory Road! Lampent leaves! February 01, 2013
B2W2-049 Victory Road Pt. 2! N Leaves! Zoroark Love! February 04, 2013
B2W2-050 Elite Four! Alexis vs. Shauntal! February 08, 2013
B2W2-051 Elite Four! Alexis vs. Grimsley! Introducing Luxray! February 11, 2013
B2W2-052 Elite Four! Alexis vs. Marshal! February 15, 2013
B2W2-053 Elite Four! Alexis vs. Caitlin! February 18, 2013
B2W2-054 Elite Four Finale! Alexis vs. Iris! February 22, 2013
B2W2-055 Nature Preserve! Alexis vs. Shiny Haxorus! February 25, 2013
B2W2-056 Virbank City! March 01, 2013
B2W2-057 Floccessy Ranch! Alexis Helps Breeders! Given Ampharos! March 04, 2013
B2W2-058 Flocessy Town! Alexis vs. Benga! March 08, 2013
B2W2-059 Oath Woods! Alexis teaches Keldeo! Forme Change! March 11, 2013
B2W2-060 Asperia City! Alexis vs.Bianca! March 15, 2013
This concludes Volume 6.

World of Dreams

Episode Code Information Air date
B2W2-061 Alexis Meets Fennel! Dream World! March 25, 2013
B2W2-062 Alexis Meets Eevee! Tree of Dreams! March 29, 2013
B2W2-063 Alexis helps Lucas! Sylveon Appears! April 01, 2013
B2W2-064 Alexis meets Gene! Pokémon attacks! April 05, 2013
B2W2-065 Lucas Dissapears! Mad Pokémon April 08, 2013
B2W2-066 Gene & Alexis Meet Masked Team! April 12, 2013
B2W2-067 Masked Team Torchure Gene! Alexis Rescue! April 15, 2013
B2W2-068 Alexis vs. Masked Team! Alexis & Gene Escape! April 19, 2013
B2W2-069 Alexis vs. Big Pokémon! Solves Problem! Gene’s Reveal! April 22, 2013
B2W2-070 Gene’s Reveal! Alexis Escapes Dreamworld! April 29, 2013
This concludes Volume 7.

New Beginnings

Episode Code Information Air date
SI001 Alexis finishes in Unova! Says Goodbye! Oshawott Escape! July 19, 2013
SI002 Alexis arrives in Sinnoh! Introduces her Pokémon to Ranch! July 22, 2013
SI003 Sylveon mystery! Sylveon recovery! Eeveelution Introduction! July 26, 2013
SI004 Alexis visited by Professor Birch! New Opportunity! July 29, 2013
SI005 Rookie Trainer Return! Team 3 Training! August 02, 2013
SI006 Alexis goes to the store! In store battle! August 05, 2013
SI007 Tierno Enters! Skrelp, Fletchling & Inkay! August 09, 2013
SI008 Team 5 Training! August 12, 2013
SI009 Dawn Troubles! Family Special! August 16, 2013
SI010 A Brutal Influence! August 19, 2013
SI011 Evolution Explosion! 6 Pokémon evolve! September 23, 2013
SI012 Professors Tournament! Bunnelby & Dedenne! September 26, 2013
SI013 Dawn, Alexis & Johanna! Family Battle! August 30, 2013
SI014 Alexis trains her Pokémon! Troubles & Resolutions! September 02, 2013
SI015 Alexis visited by Professor Sycamore! Fennekin Introduced! September 06, 2013
SI016 Fennekin returns! Alexis meets Diantha September 09, 2013
SI017 Team 1 Training! September 13, 2013
SI018 Elesa & Brock visit! Turned down Opportunity! September 16, 2013
SI019 Alexis makes a decision! Off on her new adventure! September 20, 2013
This concludes Volume 8.

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