M08 : Abidance
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Astral Eclipse: Abidance
アストラルエクリプス: Asutoraru Ekuripusu:
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Japan 2021
United States 2021
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Astral Eclipse: Abidance (Japanese: アストラルエクリプス: Asutoraru Ekuripusu: ) is the ninth theatrical movie and the second and final in the Astral Eclipse series. It was released worldwide in 2021 set between the Gallant Fate series I & II.

The movie features Lexi in a prominent role.

Brief Syopsis


  • Lexi travels back to Alola after receiving a distress message from a random encounter.
  • It's revealed that all communication with Alola was cut off from other regions by an organisation for unknown means, hence no reports of its current status.
  • A mutated virus has been unleashed in Alola which affects both Pokémon and people.
  • Lexi is smuggled into Alola with the help of *insert character here*.
  • Lexi ends up running into Gladion later on.
  • Lysandre had bought the loyalty of Team Skull and their Leader Guzma to help his operations in Alola.
  • Lysandre, on the bequest of Giovanni took over Alola in order to use the region as its base of operations and test subject for its new contagion.

Character fates

  • Professor Kukui is alive and well, as is his wife Professor Burnet. They travel throughout Alola trying to protect and quell Pokémon from suffering and harm.
  • Gladion is alive, looking for vengence for his sister.
  • Zinnia is found imprisoned
New Characters
  • Guzma, Plumeria and Team Skull are hired by Lysandre.
  • Hapu, Kahili, Mina, Molayne, Olivia
  • Nanu is
  • Hau is Hala's grandson, who had to kill his grandfather when he became infected.

Featured Pokémon




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