Xenial Destiny: Mega Mastery
Xenial Unmei: Mega Masutā
デルタ: メガマスター
S2C06 titlecard
Episodes 17
(RS077 - RS093)
Region(s) Hoenn
Preceded by Primal Clash
Followed by Astral Eclipse
English Simple and Clean [Hoenn Remix]
Japanese Hikari [Hoenn Remix]

Xenial Destiny: Mega Mastery (Japanese: ゼニカル運命: メガマスター Xenial Unmei: Mega Masutā) is the sixth and final chapter of the Xenial Destiny series and the third and final of the Xenial Destiny II era. The chapter surrounds Lexi and her friends as they continue their journey around the Hoenn region in the aftermath of the fight between Kyogre and Groudon along with Rayquaza and Deoxys. It will premiere on July 12, 2016 with The Final Lap to Victory! and will end on November 4, 2016 with The Sun Sets and the Moon Rises!.


With Hoenn in a state of recovery, the team come together once more as May embarks on her journey to the Hoenn Pokémon League. With the teams journey in the region coming to an end, each member contemplate their future and the next path they will take.

Fresh from his Contest victory, Brendan revels in his new found success and growth as both a Trainer and Coordinator, coming to the decision to head to Unova where he will partake in both Pokémon Musicals and take on the Gym Leaders of the region. Marlon agrees to accompany him, deciding to return to his own Gym in the region following his extended leave. Shauna and Calem contemplate Steven's offer before accepting, beginning their training to become Mega Masters, remaining in Hoenn. May's victory at the Hoenn Pokémon League leads her into a new challenge - holding her title. Finally, Lexi's plans to leave Hoenn to have a well earned rest, and when Zinnia requests to join her, the pair head off to a whole new region - which will take them both on a whole new adventure!

Episode list

Episode Code Information Air date
RS077 The Final Lap to Victory! July 15, 2016
Back in Littleroot Town, the team rally together to plan their next move.
RS078 A Fiery Kitty! July 22, 2016
Lexi and her friends are baffled when they come into contact with an unfamiliar Pokémon who is causing mischief.
RS079 A Helping Hand! July 29, 2016
May trains for the Pokémon League and attempts Mega Evolution with the help of Brendan, leading to brooding by others in the group.
RS080 Victory Walk! August 5, 2016
The team head into the foray of Victory Road where immediately they are met with a task that threatens to throw them backwards.
RS081 Dancing with Dragons! August 12, 2016
With the team still split up, May and Marlon clash when he gives her a challenge to find the others; meanwhile, Lexi, Calem and Shauna come into contact with a group of Dratini and Dragonair.
RS082 A Journey's End! August 19, 2016
As May worries whether she's ready to take on the Elite Four, a group of Trainers also heading to the League get in the groups way.
RS083 The First Elite! May vs. Sidney! August 26, 2016
May takes on Sidney in her first Elite Four battle.
RS084 The Second Brawl! May vs. Phoebe! September 2, 2016
May battles against Phoebe with a secret weapon - but will her plan prove successful or cause her loss?
RS085 The Third Duel! May vs. Glacia September 9, 2016
Glacia is May's third opponent in the Elite Four; meanwhile, Lexi is worried when she spots Team Aqua's Matt.
RS086 The Final Elite! May vs. Drake! September 16, 2016
May faces her toughest battle yet as she takes on Drake.
RS087 The Grand Finale! May vs. Steven! September 23, 2016
It all comes down to this as May takes on Hoenn's Champion Steven! Will she be successful, or fall at the final hurdle?
RS088 Friends till the End! September 30, 2016
Fresh from her battle, May is faced with a decision - but will Brendan be happy with it? Meanwhile, Steven and Lexi train once more.
RS089 An Egg-celent Visit! October 7, 2016
Lexi is shocked when her sister Hayley comes into town with a surprise gift.
RS090 Is That a Mirage? Part I October 14, 2016
When the group are taking a well earned break, they're surprised when suddenly, Latias appears in front of them. Looking for their help, the group soar into the sky with it, but what is the problem they face?
RS091 Is That a Mirage? Part II October 21, 2016
The group take on Team Aqua for the final time, but what will be the outcome?
RS092 Until Next Time! October 28, 2016
Members of the group face their decisions as a ship ports in Slateport City.
RS093 The Sun Sets and the Moon Rises! November 4, 2016
Lexi plans her journey and readies herself to take a vacation when Zinnia appears. After reminiscing on her journey, where will life take Lexi and Zinnia next?
This concludes Chapter .

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