New Beginnings
Atarashī Hajimari
S1V08 titlecard
Episodes 19
(SI001 - SI019)
Region(s) Sinnoh
Preceded by [[World of Dreams]]
Followed by [[XY]]
English Sanctuary
Japanese Passion パシオン

New Beginnings (Japanese: 新しい始まり Atarashī Hajimari) is the eighth and final volume of The Alexis Saga series. The volume surrounds Alexis during her resting time in Sinnoh with her family. It premiered on July 19, 2013 with SI001 and ended on September 20, 2013 with SI019.


The day following the events of M04, Alexis wakes and packs her bags and heads off to the Royal Unova to set sail for Sinnoh. After a few problems with Oshawott, Alexis finally boards the ship and arrives in Sinnoh not long after.

Finally back at home, Alexis takes her time to settle in and introduces the Pokémon she caught in Unova to the Sinnoh Ranch, finally joining together the two teams. While there are a few kinks in the road, the Pokémon settle and Alexis decides to focus on training her Pokémon.

During her time in Sinnoh, she was met by a plethora of different people and Pokémon, who'd come to visit and meet Alexis. All the while, she reconnected with her family, along with struggled with what she would do following her short stint in Sinnoh. She was tasked by the task of helping Professor Birch with a secret project which would see her journey through Hoenn, or the opportunity to visit Kalos for the first time, while helping Professor Sycamore.

Alexis also dealt with the release and gifting away of several Pokémon, along with befriending and later obtaining Fennekin, that resulted in her final decision to head to Kalos to meet more new Pokémon.

Episode list

Episode Code Information Air date
SI001 Alexis finishes in Unova! Says Goodbye! Oshawott Escape! July 19, 2013
SI002 Alexis arrives in Sinnoh! Introduces her Pokémon to Ranch! July 22, 2013
SI003 Sylveon mystery! Sylveon recovery! Eeveelution Introduction! July 26, 2013
SI004 Alexis visited by Professor Birch! New Opportunity! July 29, 2013
SI005 Rookie Trainer Return! Team 3 Training! August 02, 2013
SI006 Alexis goes to the store! In store battle! August 05, 2013
SI007 Tierno Enters! Skrelp, Fletchling & Inkay! August 09, 2013
SI008 Team 5 Training! August 12, 2013
SI009 Dawn Troubles! Family Special! August 16, 2013
SI010 A Brutal Influence! August 19, 2013
SI011 Evolution Explosion! 6 Pokémon evolve! September 23, 2013
SI012 Professors Tournament! Bunnelby & Dedenne! September 26, 2013
SI013 Dawn, Alexis & Johanna! Family Battle! August 30, 2013
SI014 Alexis trains her Pokémon! Troubles & Resolutions! September 02, 2013
SI015 Alexis visited by Professor Sycamore! Fennekin Introduced! September 06, 2013
SI016 Fennekin returns! Alexis meets Diantha September 09, 2013
SI017 Team 1 Training! September 13, 2013
SI018 Elesa & Brock visit! Turned down Opportunity! September 16, 2013
SI019 Alexis makes a decision! Off on her new adventure! September 20, 2013
This concludes Volume 8.

Party changes


The following Pokémon are obtained:


The following Pokémon evolved:

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