PokéPark: Hayley's Ranch
Poké Park: Yukari Bokujō
ポケパーク: ユカリ牧場
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Episodes 278
(PP001 - present)
Region(s) Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Galar
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Unova Ranch
Kalos Ranch

Galar Ranch
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PokéPark: Hayley's Ranch (Japanese: ポケパーク: ユカリ牧場 Poké Park: Yukari Bokujō) is the side-series of the spin-off from the Pokémon anime. The season follows Hayley as she looks after her sister's Pokémon alongside running her own daycare from her Ranch.

The series has consisted of three chapters: Unova Ranch, Kalos Ranch and Galar Ranch.


Hayley's Ranch episodes range from 15-20 minutes in length, usually revolving around 4-5 different Pokémon with 2-3 different characters. These episodes usually delve into the origins or traits of a specific Pokémon, or revolve around a situation. Pokémon may learn new moves, or even evolve (although usually this is with the approval of Lexi beforehand). In the newer seasons, episodes may feature around the Ranch volunteers and their own character development.

Series synopsis

Hayley, a young girl from Sinnoh, has an enjoyment for the happiness and care of Pokémon. Sister of Lexi and Dawn, she spends her life catering to those she loves - even taking the monumental task of looking after Lexi's Pokémon when not in her party.

Chapter Title Episodes First episode Last episode
1 Unova Ranch 114 PP001 Dec 14, 2010 PP114 Sep 20, 2013
2 Kalos Ranch 163 PP115 Oct 12, 2013 PP278 Nov 5, 2016
3 Galar Ranch - PP279 Nov 15, 2019 PP??? -

  • Hayley is the owner of the PokéPark; she has a knack for caring for Pokémon and being able to read every single one of them and learn their own unique personalities. She is kind to a fault and struggles to be demanding or tough, and always sees the best in everyone - which despite her personality, leads her to be determined to solve any issues that may arise.
  • Mallow is an upbeat and friendly girl who gets along well with the other new volunteers. She admits herself to be so energetic that she sometimes misses important details and jumps to the wrong conclusions. She is shown to have a firm sense of right and wrong. Mallow is a fan of Grass-type Pokémon.
  • Kiawe is a coolheaded, collected, and confident Trainer, and the most experienced of Hayley's new volunteers. He was attending school and helping at his families farm when the offer came in to volunteer at the Ranch. He then quit school to spend his time full time caring for Pokémon. Despite his stoic exterior, he is extremely hot-blooded and can be easily moved to tears. He is also wildly competitive, and becomes intensely motivated during competitions. He is a fan of Fire-type Pokémon.
  • Ilima is a laidback, polite and dignified Trainer. Despite his formal personality, he can be quite cocky at times, but is usually grounded by his fellow volunteers. He is also very passionate about caring for Pokémon, usually treating them with more respect then he often does with humans. He specialises in Normal-type Pokémon. He is a self-confessed bookworm who often clashes with Sophocles and their vastly differing ideas.
  • Lana is a calm and gentle girl who cares deeply for Pokémon, particularly Water-types. As such, she enjoys many seafaring activities, such as fishing while riding on Lapras. Her love for Pokémon runs deep to the point where she grows incensed at the sight of cruelty against Pokémon, speaking in a hushed tone of voice and shooting an icy glare towards the aggressors. She is highly protective of her Pokémon if they are in danger. When she isn't concerned for the well-being of Pokémon, she takes many measures to keep them happy.
  • Sophocles is an intelligent young boy with a knack for inventing helpful devices and machinery. He is also a skilled Trainer of Electric-type Pokémon, often using them to power his inventions. While at times rude and prone to absorbing himself in his technological activities, he is friendly and greatly cares for his Pokémon and fellow volunteers - even Ilima despite their clashes.
  • Acerola is a extroverted, kind yet weird Trainer. She often scares and weirds out her fellow volunteers with her comments and ideas - however, she is also a very kind and bubbly soul, and cares for all Pokémon - especially favouring Ghost types. She can also be extremely serious when it comes to battling, and is often seen as the strongest of the volunteers.
  • Professor Burnet is a Pokémon Researcher, who is married to Professor Kukui. She is a warm hearted and passionate woman, who helps Hayley mostly in her moments of need. She is often keen to find and learn about new developments within the Pokémon world.
  • Professor Kukui is a Pokémon Professor. He is a fairly serious, but happy character. He helps out at the Ranch by giving Hayley help with his vast wealth of knowledge and advice. He is married to Professor Burnet.

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