Xenial Destiny: Primal Clash
Xenial Unmei: Puraimaru Gekitotsu
ゼニカル運命: プライマル激突
S2C05 titlecard
Episodes 37
(RS040 - RS076)
Region(s) Hoenn
Preceded by [[Ruby & Sapphire]]
Followed by [[Mega Mastery]]
English Simple and Clean [Hoenn Remix]
Japanese Hikari [Hoenn Remix]

Xenial Destiny: Primal Clash (Japanese: ゼニカル運命: プライマル激突 Xenial Unmei: Puraimaru Gekitotsu) is the fifth chapter of the Xenial Destiny series and the second of the Xenial Destiny II era. The chapter surrounds Lexi as her search for Mega Stones heats up while Team Aqua's plans reach their climax. It premiered on April 14, 2015 with Aftershock! and ended August 21, 2015 with Magma's Blind Betrayal!.


Episode list

Episode Code Information Air date
RS040 Aftershock! April 14, 2015
With the group in Lavaridge Town, Flannery calls a meeting of Gym Leaders to discuss Team Aqua and Team Magma. Lexi is faced with telling her friends the truth about her mission.
RS041 Keeping Promises! April 17, 2015
Flannery returns to her Gym before handing her friends Heat Badges for their help. May and Brendan promise to become stronger. Brawly also leaves the group, while the others showcase their Pokémon to one another.
RS042 Dig! Dig! Dig! April 21, 2015
The group travel through Rusturf Tunnel when they find themselves blocked by a collapsed wall. However, when they try to break it to get through, they find themselves at the mercy of an Exploud.
RS043 Verdanturf Opportunities! April 24, 2015
Brendan and Shauna begin to plan for the upcoming Verdanturf Town Contest, when Brendan finds himself a potential new team member. Wally returns and gives Brendan food for thought over his plans.
RS044 Contest Spotlight! April 28, 2015
Brendan and Shauna take part in their next Contest for the first time as rivals. Who will come out on top? Plus, who is the mysterious Coordinator causing a stir?
RS045 Hunted! May 01, 2015
Brendan arrives at Fallarbor Town again with Wallace, while the group is faced by a group of hunters hired by Team Aqua.
RS046 Focusing the Mind! May 05, 2015
Wallace trains Brendan. May and Calem compare battling styles. Lexi contemplates about Mega Evolution.
RS047 Saviors in the Storm! May 08, 2015
The group walk through a storm when they stumble upon an injured Tropius. After discovering it was abused by Trainers, the group help heal the Tropius, but when the Trainers turn up again, Tropius becomes enraged and attacks.
RS048 Institutional Takeover! May 12, 2015
The group attempt to rush to Fortree City only to find their path blocked. When they discover trouble brewing at the Weather Institute, they investigate and find Team Aqua holding hostages. Can the group save the day again?
RS049 Institutional Takedown! May 19, 2015
Team Aqua continue to cause trouble for the group as they gather information on the Legendary Pokémon. Lexi faces off against Shelly again, while a mysterious Pokémon appears.
RS050 A Blustery Battle! May vs. Winona! May 22, 2015
Lexi is finally contacted by Steven who agrees to meet her outside of Fortree City the following day, and so May decides to take part in her second Gym Battle. Brendan returns and is given an opportunity from Wallace that divides opinion.
RS051 Mega Potential! May 26, 2015
Lexi meets with Steven who gives her fresh information regarding Mega Evolution and their plans. May is intrigued and is soon given her own opportunity by Steven. Lexi spots the mysterious Pokémon once again.
RS052 Disaster Strikes?! May 29, 2015
With the group quickly rushing to Mt. Pyre, they are soon halted by the mysterious Pokémon - an Absol. The group learn of Absol's connections to disaster and try to scare it off, but it proves a task much more difficult than they expected. Archie discusses his rivalry with Maxie.
RS053 A Haunting Turn! June 02, 2015
The group traverse Mt. Pyre as they look out for Team Aqua. They’re faced with a horrifying illusion which leaves some of the team rattled. An earthquake plagues the rest of Hoenn. Meanwhile, Gym Leaders Tate and Liza are faced by Team Aqua atop of Mt. Pyre.
RS054 The Two Jewels! June 05, 2015
The group ascend Mt. Pyre to stop Team Aqua from gaining the Red and Blue Orbs. They are later told the tale of Groudon and Kyogre.
RS055 The Primal Truce! June 09, 2015
Brendan and Wallace end up finding themselves in the company of Archie and Maxie. Meanwhile, the group try to calm the Pokémon who are behaving erratically after the earthquake.
RS056 Words from Me to You! June 12, 2015
The group return to Route 121 to head to Lilycove City, and discuss the growing threat of Team Magma and Team Aqua causing concern between the group while they train with their Pokémon. May asks for Lexi's advice on Mega Evolution.
RS057 Slateport Crumbles: Part I! June 16, 2015
Archie watches in satisfaction as various weather catastrophes caused by Team Aqua cause trouble in Hoenn. Brendan takes part in a Contest at Slateport City; unbeknownst to him the city is beginning to crumble under water. Brendan hits out at his Feebas in frustration.
RS058 Slateport Crumbles: Part II! June 19, 2015
Team Aqua escape Slateport City with the submarine. Wallace discovers the disaster in Slateport City and tries to find Brendan. Brendan tries to help people get to safety while searching for Feebas.
RS059 Rebuilding Bonds!! June 23, 2015
Arriving in Lilycove City, the group are contacted by Wallace who explains that he and Brendan will be heading to Lilycove City for Brendan's Master Rank Contests. Calem battles against a Trainer who offends Lexi.
RS060 A Dazzling Decision! June 26, 2015
Brendan arrives in Lilycove City for his Master Rank Contest. Wallace explains the situation to the group, which ends in Brendan making a decision about helping the group or not.
RS061 Mastering Your Strength! June 30, 2015
The group make their way to the Team Aqua Hideout to stop Archie. Brendan's Contest begins.
RS062 A Masterful Choice! July 03, 2015
The finale of Brendan's Master Rank Contest heats up, while the group enter the Team Aqua Hideout.
RS063 Stealth-mode Operation: Aqua! July 07, 2015
The group are faced by Team Aqua as they continue to search the Team Aqua Hideout. Marlon battles against Matt. The team are hot on Archie's trail.
RS064 The Oceanic Escape! July 10, 2015
After losing Archie and being defeated by Matt, the group regroup at the Lilycove Harbour with Wallace. Brendan is shocked by Wallace's news.
RS065 Sharp Attack! July 14, 2015
The group head out to sea to find Archie when they are attacked by a swarm of Sharpedo sent by Team Aqua.
RS066 Conserving the Hope! July 17, 2015
Lexi comes across a potential Mega Stone. Marlon helps May train for her next Gym Battle.
RS067 Mossdeep City Plan! May vs. Tate & Liza! August 21, 2015
The group arrive at Mossdeep City to meet with Steven. May takes part in her eighth Gym Battle. Calem and Lexi hatch a plan to keep everyone else safe.
RS068 A Duos Underwater Mission! July 24, 2015
Lexi and Calem leave for Seafloor Cavern. The group realize that Calem and Lexi have gone and head to find them. Lexi and Calem find trouble underwater.
RS069 An Aqua Expedition! July 28, 2015
Lexi and Calem train ready for their battle against Team Aqua. Archie arrives at Seafloor Cavern and searches for Kyogre.
RS070 The Seafloor Seige! July 31, 2015
Lexi and Calem arrive in Seafloor Cavern to find Team Aqua. Will their plan work? When the others are attacked themselves, who will step up to save them?
RS071 Archie's Master Plan! Kyogre Awakens?! August 04, 2015
Lexi and Calem intercept Archie. Can they thwart his plans before it's too late?
RS072 An Aqua Disaster Strikes! August 07, 2015
The group are reunited as the true affects of Team Aqua's plans are revealed. The Pokémon Association gather to tackle the disaster caused by Kyogre, but is there anything they can do?
RS073 Hoenn's Last Hope! August 11, 2015
Rescue efforts continue around Hoenn. The group suffer due to the changing climates in the region. Steven makes a startling admission concerning saving Hoenn.
RS074 The Courageous Spelunkers! August 14, 2015
Lexi and Calem head into the Cave of Origin to battle against Kyogre. Team Magma's plans begin to take shape.
RS075 Kyogre's Rage! Lexi vs. Kyogre! August 18, 2015
Lexi and Calem are faced with trouble as they delve deeper into the Cave of Origin. Lexi faces Kyogre. Can Lexi successfully defeat the Legendary Pokémon and save the threat towards Hoenn?
RS076 Magma's Blind Betrayal! August 21, 2015
With Kyogre calmed, Hoenn begins its journey to get back to normal. Maxie ignores Team Aqua's mistakes and awaken Groudon.
This concludes Chapter .

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