Xenial Destiny series
Moving Forward
Air date November 18, 2014 RS001 Season Ruby & Sapphire

A young boy and girl play around in a large room, when two men walk up to them and ask them to be careful before entering a hall. The man, revealed to be Norman, is told that his Gym Leader Examination will begin now. The two children play around more, until suddenly, a Salamence enters the hall. Realizing it's not supposed to be there, the the young boy acts quickly, trying to attack it with one of his fathers Pokémon. The young girl, however, runs away, scared. Untrained, the boy unable to do anything and the Salamence causes havoc, accidentally hitting a door which unleashes a large snake-like Pokémon which flies through the roof. This causes Norman's exam being interrupted, and told he failed his exam. The young girl realizes she shouldn't of been scared, while the boy seemed traumatized by the experience.

A group of wild Pokémon are seen attacking a man, before the man releases a Slaking which easily defeats them all without being seen. Moments later, the man is revealed to be Norman, who is then interviewed by a man and a woman reporter duo named Gabby and Ty. A woman is then shown watching the broadcast from a van, shouting her son, Brendan to come watch, but isn't surprised to hear nothing back. The boy sits lazily in a van. She shouts to him again, this time saying that they're here. The van stops, and he exits, finding himself in a small town. The woman introduces it as their new home: Littleroot Town.

The boy walks into the house to find multiple Machoke and Vigoroth carrying boxes into the house. His mother tries to coax him into being excited, but he remains unbothered. He enters his room, throws his stuff down, before sitting on the bed.

A few moments later, he walks downstairs to find all the boxes unpacked, and sits on the sofa. His mother tells him that they're all moved in, and that his father will be back soon. This makes Brendan sit on edge, and his mother tells him that his fathers wants to talk about his plans, which agitates him. Brendan stands up and reveals he's going to have a walk around town.

Exiting the house, he looks back before walking off. He explores town, but seems unenthusiastic. Suddenly, he hears a man shouting, in which he follows to the shouting. He soon uncovers a man who is being cornered by a Poochyena. He shouts as he see's Brendan, asking him to help. Brendan steps back unsure whether or not to, before asking what he can do. The man shouts to get a Pokémon out of his bag on the floor and help him. Brendan scatters around before pulling out a Pokéball and releasing a Treecko. Brendan tells it to attack, which it does, but the attack is weak due to Brendan's lack of encouragement and soon, more Poochyena turn up. The man, able to escape, runs from the Poochyena, scoops up his bag and tells Brendan to run. The two men run, and Brendan retrieves the Treecko into it's Pokéball. The two separate, before Brendan loses his footing and slips off the side of the road down a steep hill, in which the impact makes him faint. He remains lucid to see something come close to him.

Brendan is awoken by the Treecko, which looks worryingly over him. Brendan slowly regains mobility and stands up. Suddenly, a girl begins to speak, which makes the Treecko attack. The girl dodges, before revealing herself. She asks him if he's okay, which he nods, before thanking her. She introduces herself as May. Suddenly, two Seviper turn up.

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