Xenial Destiny series
Not so New Acquaintances!
Air date November 21, 2014 RS002 Season Ruby & Sapphire

The two Seviper begin to creep closer to the two Trainers, and May quickly begins to attack with her Torchic. Brendan watches on as May attacks, before following suit and begins attacking with the Treecko. The two manage to fend off the Seviper, before exiting the cave.

The two walks up the hill before arriving back in Littleroot Town. May reveals her home, before Brendan reveals his home is the one next door. May laughs that they must be neighbours, before telling him she'll show him to her fathers lab.

Arriving in the Lab, the man reveals himself to be the same one as Brendan met before. The man sighs with relief saying that he was worried about him after they split ways and thanks him for his help. May then reveals that they met earlier, and that she wanted to introduce him to her father, and that he's their new neighbor.

The man officially introduces himself as Professor Birch, and the father to May. He reveals that he knows his father Norman, and that he's happy to meet the son. Brendan then goes to give back the Treecko, but Professor Birch refuses and tells him he wants to give him it as a Gift, and asks if he has any other Pokémon. Brendan says no, revealing that he's not had any up until now. Birch reveals that maybe it could be the start of a new adventure for him. Brendan then thanks him, before revealing that he's gonna head off.

May reveals that she feels like she knows him from somewhere, before Birch reveals that he's the boy from when she was younger in the Salamence incident.

Brendan walks outside, and looks towards his home. He notices his father in the upstairs window, becoming nervous and instead decides to head back through Route 101. May notices this, and heads back into the Lab.

Brendan walks through Route 101 once more, before deciding to let out his Treecko and looks at it. The Treecko looks awkwardly towards Brendan, before Brendan formally introduces himself. The Treecko lets out a faint smile, before Brendan suggests they should continue on. Brendan pushes the Pokéball to Treecko but he just pushes it back again, in which Brendan continues to attempt. Brendan then suggests that he wants to stay out of his Pokéball, and Treecko happily smiles. He then jumps onto his shoulder, and continues on.

Professor Birch arrives with May at Brendan's House where he explains to Brendan's mother about what happened earlier. Brendan's mother asks where he is now, and May reveals that she saw him head off through Route 101. His mother explains that she thinks she understands, before reluctantly explaining that Brendan and his father have contrasting views on a lot of things and that maybe he doesn't want to face his father. Professor Birch nods in understanding before saying he should head off. Moments after they leave, Brendan's mother phones Norman and explains the situation, in which Norman reveals that he'll keep an eye out for him.

A woman heads off a boat, before taking off her hat, revealing herself to be Lexi. The man tells her welcome to Hoenn.

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