Xenial Destiny series
Stepping Out!
Air date November 25, 2014 RS003 Season Ruby & Sapphire

Brendan walks through Oldale Town and walks out of a Poké Mart, telling Treecko he's all stocked up. He see's a sign for Route 102 and heads on through. Suddenly, he hears someone from behind. He peers back, before spotting May. She soon catches up to him, catching her breath. He asks her what she's doing, and she happily exclaims that she's coming to ask him for a battle.

Brendan looks on awkwardly, revealing that he's not really a battler. May is confused, and asks him why. He reveals that he believes he knows her from somewhere, from when he was a child. May immediately knows what he's talking about, and tells him that she is the person from then. He reveals that what happened all those years ago made him not really like battling, and that he focused on other ventures, such as Contests. May reveals she understands, but explains that he shouldn't stop battling because of a mistake they made as children. She also explains that the reason she's so focused on battling is because of that event too, revealing she was angry with herself for running away, and that she wants to become stronger because of it.

They both laugh, before they walk along the road together. As they walk along, May pulls out her Pokédex, and begins roaming the path. Brendan asks her what she's doing, and she explains that she's looking around and indexing all the Pokémon she sees with her Pokédex, also saying that she's looking to build a team for her future Gym Battles. He asks her does that mean she's planning on taking on the Gyms of Hoenn, and she nods. He explains that he's going to participate in all the Contests he comes across as he wants to prove to his father that he can do it. May tells him she's sure he'll be able to, and that she believes in him. Brendan smiles, and thanks her.

He reveals that he should probably look at Pokémon too, explaining that he needs to build himself a team for Contests too. May explains though that this means he's going to have to train them though, including battles. He reveals he knows, but he's comfortable with that. May then suggests he captures a Pokémon now, and that she'll help him. He agrees, and they begin to look around.

They stumble on a Zigzagoon, but when May indexes it, Brendan reveals he doesn't think he wants one. They then find a Poochyena, but Brendan reveals it might be a little too menacing for his team. They then stumble on a Wurmple. May shows him that Wurmple evolves twice into Beautifly and Dustox. Brendan seems interested, and reveals he thinks he wants one. May then shows him how to capture a Pokémon, using a Zigzagoon as an example, before releasing it again.

Brendan then tries, but fails in his first attempt. The two continue to chase the Wurmple which it is then protected by another Wurmple. May tells Brendan to send out his Treecko too, and they decide to battle against the Pokémon.

Brendan manages to get into the groove of attacking with Treecko, and manages to get his Wurmple weak enough and attempts to capture it. After a short wait of wonder, the Wurmple is caught. The two of them cheer, and hug. Brendan thanks her, and says that she's a great help. May reveals she enjoyed it. The two look at each other, before May suggests they head to Petalburg City together, revealing there is a friend she wants to him to meet.

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