Xenial Destiny series
The Search Begins!
Air date November 28, 2014 RS004 Season Ruby & Sapphire

A hooded figure walks through a route before arriving at Littleroot Town, she continues to walk before she arrives outside a building. She sneaks through the door, where Professor Birch watches on. The person then takes off the hood, revealing herself to be Lexi.

Professor Birch welcomes her and asks her how her journey was, in which she reveals she had to do a lot of dodging and diving around but she got her safe. He asked why she was still wearing the hood, and she reveals that she just wanted to be extra careful, but that she doesn't see a need for it now, before removing it and tossing it into the bin. He explains that Professor Sycamore has filled him in about everything after she left and that he's been doing his research. He continues to explain that he made a call to Steven, who wants to meet her at Rustboro City where he's currently on business. He continues to explain that he doesn't think there is much he can do to help, but he'll do the best he can.

Lexi admits she doesn't even know where to start, but Professor Birch just tells her to think about what Professor Sycamore told her.

Professor Sycamore tells Lexi that he needs her to do something for her. He explains that he didn't understand at first how Lysandre was able to Mega Evolve his Gyarados when he battled her before, and that he did some digging. He discovered the remnants of the suit Lysandre was wearing that day and that he discovered the technology used in the suit is similar to that he's seen in another team a while ago. He continued to reveal that he believes that Lysandre must have been working with another team on something involving Mega Evolution and being able to Mega Evolve his Pokémon. He continues saying that he also was worried about how Lysandre was able to acquire a Mega Stone. He then says that he wants her to go to Hoenn, where she'll meet Steven Stone, who will help her find the Mega Stones scattered through the region. He explains that he believes that now Lysandre is out of the picture, the other team is trying to acquire these Mega Stones themselves, to try and do something with them for their own goals. He wants her to find them before they do. He remarks that he's only asking her because he knows she has what it takes.

Professor Birch reveals that he doesn't know where she can start, but her best bet is to head to Rustboro City and meet Steven first, and he'll point her in the right direction. She agrees, and goes to set off. He explains that she's probably going to need a bit of help from others, and so, presents her with a Pokéball. He apologizes that he hasn't got any others to offer, revealing that he gave the others to his daughter and an aspiring Trainer. She lets out the Pokémon, revealing to be a Mudkip. She picks it up and greets it, and it snuggles into her arms, before jumping onto her shoulder. Professor Birch tells her that it seems to want to stay out with her, and she laughs that it seems to be the norm nowadays.

She walks out of the Lab, and walks out towards Route 101.

Brendan and May walk lazily towards a town, before Brendan asks where they are, and May reveals they're in Petalburg City.

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