Xenial Destiny series
The Emerald Haired Boy!
Air date December 02, 2014 RS005 Season Ruby & Sapphire

May and Brendan look around Petalburg City, but Brendan remains on edge as he scouts to see whether or not his father is around. May notices this and asks him whats wrong, but he just shrugs it off and changes the subject to the person May wants him to meet.

May arrives outside a house in which she knocks at the door, in which a woman answers. She greets May and reveals that Wally was heading off to the Petalburg Gym to meet Norman. Brendan becomes nervous again, as he and May walk towards the Gym.

Just as the Gym is in their sights, Brendan notices a boy up ahead clutching his stomach on the floor. They both rush up to him, and May reveals it's Wally. They help him up, but Wally assures them that he's fine. May explains to Brendan that Wally has a medical condition which leaves him often breathless and in pain if he does too much. Wally then explains that he was trying to catch up to a Pokémon who he wanted to catch, but it was too fast for him.

May and Brendan help him up, before Brendan hears a familiar voice on the phone. He quickly jumps into a nearby bush and drags Wally and May with him, urging them to keep quiet. The person soon walks towards the bush, saying he knows that someone is there.

Elsewhere, Lexi arrives in Oldale Town with her Mudkip and Ralts, in which Lexi head to the nearest Pokémon Center. As they arrive inside, they are flustered as a Young woman storms out of the building, angrily telling Lexi to get out of her way. Lexi is pushed aside before she angrily confronts the girl. The girl appears flustered, before apologizing, saying she's had a rough day. Lexi looks on sympathetically, before asking her if she wants to have a chat. The girls is hesitant, before agreeing.

Brendan looks to May and Wally, before the man says Wally's name. Wally leaves the bush, not mentioning the other two hiding. Norman asks Wally why he never informed him about his illness. Wally is silent, before Norman explains that he can't help him capture a Pokémon, before walking off. May and Brendan walk out before they see Wally in pain once more, before taking him home.

The girl announces herself as Flannery, beginning to say something, before halting herself. She reveals she's the now ex-Lavaridge Town Gym Leader, but her position was revoked a few days ago. Lexi asks why and she explains that she's been having trouble with her battling, and she unfortunately was asked to leave after she was deemed to be not a strong enough personality for a Gym Leader. Lexi asks her if there is anything she can do to get her position back, and Flannery explains that she's hoping she can find some answers in Petalburg City, where's she's meeting with Norman, a fellow Gym Leader. Lexi reveals she's heading in that direction too, and that maybe she could accompany her. Flannery happily accepts.

Returning to Wally's home, Wally's mother apologizes to May and Brendan for his, before Wally himself apologizes. Wally's mother accidentally let's slip about talking to Norman, where Wally discovers that his mother told Norman about his illness and to refuse Wally's attempt to capture a Pokémon. May is angered by this and reveals that Wally is more than capable to have a Pokémon. Wally reveals he's just going to step out for two seconds, but as he does so, runs off undetected.

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