Xenial Destiny series
Where's Wally?
Air date December 05, 2014 RS006 Season Ruby & Sapphire

Wally's mother refuses to allow Wally to go off wondering around when he's so ill, and heads outside to shout him in. She's worried as she finds outside to be empty, with Wally nowhere to be found. She alerts the others, before May and Brendan reveal they'll head out to try and find him.

Lexi and Flannery walk along Route 102, Lexi playing with Mudkip and Flannery asking her about herself. Lexi is cagey and answers vaguely, but Flannery doesn't notice. Suddenly, they are intruiged as they hear a young boy shouting up ahead.

The two discover Wally, who seems to be attempting to capture a Pokémon. He struggles, before he notices Lexi and Flannery and begins to run away. Lexi and Flannery try to catch up to him, before finding him curled up on the floor. They help him up, before heading to a nearby building.

They walk in and shout for help, before a man walks through and runs towards him. He reveals he can't believe its happened again, revealing that this isn't the first time today Wally has been in this position. Flannery then notices who the man is, Norman.

May and Brendan return to Wally's house after searching for him. His mother comes out and coldly tells them that Wally has been found and is at the Petalburg Gym, and that Norman will bring him home soon. May thanks her, before the duo walk off once more. May reveals they should head to the Gym, but Brendan becomes cagey again, which May notices and asks him to explain what's wrong.

Brendan reveals that he doesn't want to face his father, and that he and his father don't agree on his life decisions. May asks what, and Brendan continues to explain that he enjoys Contests and wants to become a Coordinator, but his father is set in his ways and believes becoming a battler is the only successful path for him, as he wants Brendan to follow in his footsteps. He continues to explain that he and his father have had many fights because of it and he doesn't really want to face his father. May reveals she understands, and that maybe they should skip heading to the Gym and head on to Rustboro City, explaining that is where the first Gym is and that he can help her train. The two laugh once more, before heading off.

Meanwhile, Wally is now conscious, and he apologizes once more. Lexi asks what he was trying to do and he explains that he desperately wants to become a Trainer but his family don't want him to because of his condition, but explains that when he's around Pokémon, he always feels better. Elsewhere, Flannery talks with Norman about her situation. She explains what happened, and asks for his advice. He explains that its not as simple as just getting back her position, but that she has to take what they told her and learn. But he also explains that he can help - and that if she gains the trust of all the Gym Leaders, she can regain her position easily. She thanks him, before leaving.

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