Xenial Destiny series
Rustling in the Air!
Air date December 09, 2014 RS007 Season Ruby & Sapphire

After receiving advice from Norman, Lexi and Flannery agree to help Wally solve his problem. Elsewhere, May and Brendan traverse through Petalburg Woods as May searches for a new team member.

Flannery exits Norman back room and finds Lexi and Wally ready to leave. She asks where Wally lives before Lexi explains she's going to help him capture a Pokémon first.

As they arrive just on the outskirts of Petalburg City, where they quickly get to work. Lexi asks for Wally's PokéDex and discovers that in the area are around 5 or 6 different species of Pokémon. She suggests some, but Wally reveals that he's not really sure and thinks when he see's one he'll know if its right for him or not. They begin looking, and he finds Poochyena too menacing, Zigzagoon too skiddish, Wurmple too slimy, and Lotad and Seedot not friendly enough. Lexi continues to look through the PokéDex, before noticing that Wally was taken with Ralts. She looks it up and finds they can be found in the area. They continue to look, and before long, they find a young Ralts walking along.

May and Brendan walk through the woods, which Brendan is jumpy, revealing he's not keen on Forests. May reveals that it shouldn't be long until they've walked through, but she reveals she also wants to look around for a new Pokémon. She pulls out her PokéDex and begins analyzing the area, mentioning what kind of areas certain Pokémon like best, how to attract Pokémon and more, which impresses Brendan. She reveals that having a Fire-type on her team already, which can become a Fire/Fighting, he needs Pokémon of varying other types for a successful team. She reveals she has in mind several others, but she's in particular looking for a certain Pokémon - a Taillow.

Back with Wally, Flannery and Lexi give him advice and tips on how to capture a Pokémon. Wally attempts abruptly, but the Ralts is quick and deflects the PokéBall. Wally becomes disheartened, but Lexi tells him not to give up.

May and Brendan continue to look around Petalburg Woods, before May spots a Taillow sat on a loan branch up ahead. May quickly heads into action, getting ready her PokéBall, before sending out her Torchic. The Taillow notices this, but May immediately begins attacking.

Flannery tells Wally to weaken the Pokémon first, in which Lexi loans him her Mudkip. Wally is nervous, but with more words of encouragement, he faces the Ralts once more and begins to command attacks against the Ralts.

The Taillow is quick but Torchic is quicker, as she continues to attack the Taillow to the point that it becomes weakened.

Wally also attacks, and Mudkip continues to attack on his behalf, weakening the Ralts, before pulling out a PokéBall.

Both May and Wally throw their Pokéballs, hurtling towards the weakened Pokémon - both rattle around - before capturing.

They both celebrate, before Wally thanks Lexi and Flannery for helping him. May thanks Brendan too, and tells him to hurry up and they'll be in Rustboro City in no time.

Lexi asks Wally what he's going to do now, and he reveals he's going to have to face his parents.

Back at his home, Wally's mother argues with Wally for running away, saying he could of been hurt and he's not strong enough to go out alone. Lexi comes to his defense, revealing that he caught a Pokémon all by himself, in which Wally shows it to his mother.

She becomes teary, asking Wally if he really did what Lexi said. He says yes, and reveals that he's ready. His mother stands in silence, until she reveals a compromise. She reveals that Wally can travel to his Aunt's house in Verdanturf Town, and they'll go from there. Wally reluctantly agrees, before saying goodbye to his mother, and leaving.

Outside of his house, Flannery suggests to him that if he works hard, keeps himself safe and trains with his Pokémon, he can prove to his family he's strong enough to become a proper Trainer, so he should work on himself as he travels. Lexi asks where Verdanturf Town is, and Flannery reveals that there is a quick way through Rustboro City, also where the first Gym is. Lexi suggests they head to Rustboro City together, which Flannery and Wally agree. They then head on their way together.

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