Xenial Destiny series
An Unhelpful Hand!
Air date December 12, 2014 RS008 Season Ruby & Sapphire

Brendan tries to help May train for her upcoming Gym Battle, with poor results. Meanwhile, Lexi and Flannery head through Petalburg Woods where they're interrupted by a man being attacked.

  • May and Brendan arrive outside Petalburg Woods, hitting a large field.
  • Brendan is tired, but May asks him if she can help her, saying she wants to train for her upcoming Gym Battle.
  • Brendan is hesitant, but May pushes the issue so he agrees.
  • Elsewhere, Lexi and Flannery arrive in Petalburg Woods, both crept out the Bug-type Pokémon, but laugh it off.
  • Flannery asks Lexi what she's doing in Hoenn, and she explains that she's just visiting and doing a bit of traveling, and quickly changes the subject.
  • She then asks what was she doing before, but Lexi awkwardly fumbles her words before revealing she trained a bit in Kanto and Johto but that's it.
  • Flannery begins to ask another question before both women are suddenly hurtled passed by a man harshly and fall to the ground.
  • The man shouts that someone is chasing him before running off once more.
  • Meanwhile, May is training, before she asks Brendan to send out her Treecko who should help to battle with them.
  • He does so, but he struggles to command Treecko.
  • May realizes that Brendan hasn't actually done any training with Treecko himself, and reveals that she can help him.
  • May first asks Treecko to show off its attacks, which it does so.
  • After discovering its attacks, May relays them to Brendan and explains what they all do.
  • She then pulls out her PokéDex and explains that all moves have certain contest conditions, and that Brendan will need to learn how to at least to be able to command attacks for Contests.
  • Brendan becomes a little annoyed, explaining that he's aware of how Contests work.
  • However, May explains that she doesn't see him getting far until he mans up and begins to properly train.
  • Brendan realizes this, and agrees.
  • Brendan then reveals he'll try to help May with her battling.
  • Lexi and Flannery run through the woods trying to catch up to the man, but he's too fast.
  • They continue on anyway, before they find the man cornered against a tree.
  • They asks him what's happened, and he explains he was being chased by a man in a blue suit.
  • Flannery and Lexi look to each other, before a man approaches and reveals he's a member of Team Aqua, and we should memorize that name.
  • The Aqua Grunt turns and reveals that he'll be needing the Professor now.
  • Flannery stands in front of the Professor, before saying that she won't allow it.
  • The Aqua Grunt sends out his Golbat, before Flannery sends out her Numel.
  • Brendan attempts to help May train, but it fails, as Brendan is unable to act harshly during battle.
  • May sighs, thanking him insincerely, before saying they should head towards town now.
  • The two battle, and the Grunt is easily defeated.
  • He pushes passed Lexi and looks strangely at her face, before running off.
  • The Professor thanks them, before revealing he must dash as he has something to deliver quickly.
  • He then runs off before Lexi and Flannery have the opportunity to ask him anything.
  • Flannery asks what that was about, but notices the exit up ahead.
  • Lexi looks to Flannery, but suggests they should just leave.
  • As they do, A woman in an Aqua suit and talks to another woman through a communication device. She explains that there plan will have to be aborted, and reveals she will move onto the next mission, thanking the woman, revealing her name as Courtney.

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