Xenial Destiny series
One Unexpected Meeting!
Air date December 16, 2014 RS009 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • Lexi and Flannery walk into Rustboro City, and Flannery notes where Rustboro Gym is located, but Lexi admits she needs to head to the PokéCenter first.
  • They head into the PokéCenter, but as they do, they find themselves been bombarded by a man, followed by May and Brendan.
  • Picking themselves up, they look on to see who it was, and they notice the same man from before in Petalburg Woods.
  • Flannery asks what should they do, and Lexi suggests they go find out what's going on.
  • The two run through the City before arriving outside Rustboro Tunnel, finding Brendan and May.
  • They introduce themselves to one another before May reveals the man stole something from the Devon Corporation while they were talking to Mr. Stone, and so they chased after him.
  • Flannery then explains that he was harassing a man in Petalburg Woods too, before another man comes running out of Rustboro Tunnel.
  • He exclaims that his Pokémon was stolen from him by a man in a striped t-shirt, which the groups soon realize must be the same man.
  • The group then head inside, trying to find the man.
  • Brendan and Flannery find themselves with the man, but he quickly escapes before hitting Brendan.
  • May and Lexi then corner the man, in which Lexi sends out her Ralts to battle.
  • After a short battle, May manages to get the Pokémon - a Wingull, before Lexi tells her to run.
  • However, May remains and then attacks the man with her Torchic, in which he surrenders and throws the item he stole to Lexi, before running off.
  • The group then reunite and leave the Tunnel, giving the Pokémon back to the man, in which he thanks them, before running off, stating he has business to attend to.
  • Lexi thanks May for helping and Flannery treats Brendan's wound. May then suggests they deliver the item back to the Devon Corporation.

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