Xenial Destiny series
Getting to Know You!
Air date December 19, 2014 RS010 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • The group arrive outside the Devon Corporation and Lexi asks what they're doing at the moment.
  • May reveals she's going to be heading to the Rustboro Gym, but asks if Flannery could help her train, as she knew she was a Gym Leader.
  • Flannery is flattered and accepts, and Lexi suggests she takes the letter to the Devon Corporation so they can train.
  • May thanks her, and accepts, before heading off noting where they'll be.
  • As they walk away, Lexi hastily walks to the Devon Corporation.
  • Lexi arrives at the front desk before introducing herself.
  • She asks that she's here to deliver the package that was stolen.
  • The woman hastily shows her to the elevator, before pressing the button to the top floor.
  • Lexi arrives at the top floor, before being introduced to an elderly man.
  • He introduces himself as Mr. Stone, which intruiges her, before he admits that he is Steven Stone's father, and he already knew of her.
  • He reveals that Steven had told him that she was probably going to be in town and that he wanted to meet her.
  • Lexi asks him if he's seen Steven, and Mr. Stone admits no, but that the package that was stolen was for Steven, and that he'll get it delivered to him.
  • She asks where Steven is, and that she'll take it to him herself.
  • He reveals he's training in Granite Cave, and that he probably expects to see her soon.
  • She then leaves the building, and heads to the nearby spot where the others are Training.
  • She arrives and finds May and Flannery battling, while Brendan watches on.
  • She sits with Brendan and asks him why isn't he training, and he explains that he doesn't like battling, and he wants to become a Coordinator.
  • Lexi is slightly stunned and admits she's never actually participated in a Contest before, or even seen them other than Musicals.
  • Brendan explains that he has a passion to prove his father wrong that he is a capable person to be a Coordinator and not a Trainer.
  • She remarks that he is very courageous, and hopes he will get what he wants.
  • May continues to battle, before Flannery helps her perfect a new technique.
  • May excitedly reveals that she think she's ready to battle with Roxanne.
  • To thank them, May asks if Lexi and Flannery want to join them to watch, which they agree.
  • They then all head off towards the Rustboro Gym.

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