Xenial Destiny series
A Rocky Battle! May vs. Roxanne!
Air date December 23, 2014 RS011 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • The group arrive outside the Rustboro Gym, and May confidently walks through.
  • They walk in to find themselves in a large Museum.
  • They're greeted by a woman at the back of the Gym, who asks the Challenger to step forward.
  • May walks forward, and suddenly the Museum becomes desolate and the many artifacts and furniture disappears through the walls.
  • Lexi, Flannery and Brendan are shown to the side, and May watches as they all head to the side.
  • She takes a deep breath and focuses, and Roxanne asks her if she's ready.
  • May nods, and the battle begins.
  • May sends out her newly caught Taillow, while Roxanne sends out her Geodude.
  • Geodude is strong, however Taillow is able to use its Flying abilities to its advantage, eventually defeating Geodude.
  • Roxanne notes something, before sending out a second Pokémon - Onix.
  • The towering Onix battles against Taillow, but even Taillow's sky attacks are unable to strongly attack it, and Taillow is defeated by Onix.
  • May looks to her bag, before sending out Torchic.
  • Roxanne mentions that a Fire type isn't a good choice in a Rock-type battle, but May insists it doesn't matter what the type.
  • Roxanne seems to underestimate Torchic, but Torchic is able to defeat Onix quite easily.
  • May seems embarrassed, before sending out her final Pokémon - Nosepass.
  • Torchic and Nosepass battle, and Nosepass high defense is a huge roadblock for Torchic.
  • However, May and Torchic are able to pull of a maneuver that Flannery taught them,
  • Nosepass is defeated, and May wins the battle.
  • Everyone congratulates May, and she's genuinely proud of herself.
  • Brendan congratulates her personally, and May is touched by it.
  • Roxanne hands her the Badge, and reveals that she still has much to learn, and bows.
  • Lexi tries to cheer Roxanne up, who seems disheartened.
  • Roxanne is spurred on by Lexi's words of encouragement, before showing them all out.
  • May asks what next, and Lexi reveals she's heading to Dewford Town to deliver a Letter on behalf of Mr. Stone.
  • May notes that this is the way to the second Gym, and they all agree to travel their together.

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