Xenial Destiny series
Watch Out for that Guy!
Air date December 26, 2014 RS012 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • A tired Brendan collapses, and May kicks him lightly and tells him to get up.
  • Lexi laughs, before telling him they're at the address, before an old man walks out.
  • He reveals himself to be Mr. Briney, and they soon recognize him.
  • Flannery reveals that they heard he had a Ferry that could take them to Dewford Town and eventually Slateport City.
  • Mr Briney nods and reveals that he'd do anything for them since they saved his Peecko, and reveals if they wish to leave, he can do so right away.
  • They all pick themselves up and get on board, before Mr. Briney quickly sets off.
  • All the group let out their Pokémon and they enjoy the sea air.
  • As they look to the horizon and see Dewford Town in the distance, they are suddenly hurtled forward as the Ferry comes to a grinding halt.
  • Lexi looks up and all she sees is a foot in the air as a board leaves the foot and crashes back into the sea.
  • She quickly rises and looks overboard only to find a man struggling in the water.
  • She shouts to everyone, as they quickly rush to her.
  • She asks Ralts to use his Psychic powers to help the man, in which it does and rises the man to the deck.
  • The man coughs and splutters, before getting his bearings and rising to his feet.
  • Flannery walks towards him, before saying Brawly.
  • Everyone looks to each other and Flannery reveals that Brawly is the Dewford Town Gym Leader.
  • He reveals that he was out surfing when the ferry collided with his surfboard.
  • Mr. Briney profusely apologizes, but Brawly apologizes himself and reveals that he's sorry and that he shouldn't of been this far out training.
  • Mr. Briney tells him that he'll continue the journey, and asks Brawly to sit and relax.
  • He reveals he can't relax as he has a strict training regimine and he needs to continue training.
  • Flannery reveals that she can help him, and Brawly smiles.
  • The two then battle with their Pokémon, equally matched.
  • After a while, the two hault as Mr. Briney announces they are at the shore.
  • Brawly asks Flannery why she isn't at the Gym, and she explains her issues to him.
  • He is empathetic, but before he can speak again, he is hounded by men who tell him the Gym should be open.
  • Brawly apologizes, and tells them all they should come and visit him at the Gym.
  • May jumps forward and tells him she intends to, before he is rushed off.
  • Flannery looks on as he walks away, before May tells them all she needs to get to work again.

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