Xenial Destiny series
New Friends, New Challenges! May vs. Brawly!
Air date January 06, 2015 RS015 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • The group leave Granite Cave and look towards the Gym.
  • Lexi polishes the Egg she received and looks up, and Flannery asks what Pokémon she thinks it could be.
  • Lexi is unable to answer, and simply says she's excited to find out.
  • May sees the doors to the Gym, and rushes in, with everything quickly following.
  • As they enter, May is confused to see a normal athletic Gym, looking around.
  • Soon enough, Brawly walks down from the stairs and shows himself, revealing that he's styled his Gym as his own athletic Gym so he can train both himself and his Pokémon to top form.
  • May laughs, before Brawly asks her if she's ready to battle. She nods.
  • Moments later, like Roxanne's Gym, the walls collapse and all the people and machines fade through the walls.
  • A platform is moulded, in which Brawly stands upon.
  • The battle begins.
  • May sends out her Taillow, while Brawly sends out Makuhita.
  • Both battle well, but as with the last battle, Taillow is successful thanks to its Flying-type attacks.
  • Brawly sends out Meditite, while May sends out Torchic
  • Torchic uses its Fire attacks, but Meditite's Psychic attacks take it down easily.
  • Brawly takes back his Meditite, before sending out his final Pokémon Machop.
  • May sends out Aron, shocking Lexi.
  • May reveals she kept it as a surprise, before explaining that while Lexi was with Steven, she acquired the Aron.
  • May's Aron and Brawly's Machop fight gallantly, however, Aron is able to surpass Machop's strength due to its typing.
  • May wins the battle, and is awarded the next Badge.
  • They all congratulate her, before Brawly asks where they plan to go next.
  • They explain they're heading to Slateport City, before saying their goodbyes to him.
  • Brawly wishes Flannery good luck, and he'll help however he can.
  • Flannery thanks him, before leaving.
  • The group find Mr. Briney, and asks him to take them to Slateport City, which he agrees.
  • Lexi decides to not ask about going to Sea Mauville, planning to head there at a later time.
  • They all board the boat, before it sets off.

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