Xenial Destiny series
A Whirlpool Detour!
Air date January 08, 2015 RS016 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • The group sail along, all happily watching, barring Lexi.
  • Lexi focuses, as she thinks of all the things she was told by Steven.
  • Mr Briney asks them all to strap in, as there seems to be a storm brewing.
  • Just moments later, the storm heats up and the wind begins to rock the boat heavily.
  • May asks how the storm has come so quickly, but Mr. Briney is unable to be heard.
  • They all hold on, as the boat continues rock and shake. Lexi asks her Mudkip to return to it's Pokéball to stay safe.
  • Suddenly, the boat shudders and comes to a grinding halt, as the group are hurtled off their seats into the air.
  • They all thud to the floor, before blacking out.
  • Brawly exits his Gym, before stumbling upon a group of men.
  • The men talk loudly about their plans, revealing that the first stage of the weather testing is going ahead and that Archie has sent a team to go look for one of the items at Sea Mauville. Brawly realizes these guys must be apart of Team Aqua, before rushing off quickly.
  • Lexi opens her eyes and slowly rises to her feet, before looking up into the sky.
  • She slowly raises her head, before finding the others surrounding her, passed out.
  • She rises to her feet and slowly awakes them all, in which they all look on confused.
  • Lexi reveals that they seem to have washed up after the storm, before turning and seeing a huge ship.
  • Flannery reveals that this must be Sea Mauville, before looking around and saying she cannot see land anywhere around.
  • Mr. Briney looks to his boat scratching his head, explaining that the damage means they're unable to go anywhere.
  • May asks what they can do to help, and Mr Briney suggests that they might try and look in Sea Mauville for some of the following items, listing them on a piece of paper.
  • Lexi, Brendan and Flannery decide to head in to look for the items, while May helps Mr. Briney.
  • They all agree, and the trio walk into Sea Mauville.
  • As they enter, they find several different pathways.
  • Flannery rips the list in three, before passing a piece to both Lexi and Brendan, telling them to look for the items and they'll meet back once they've searched.
  • Lexi takes this opportunity to look for the item Steven spoke about, so walks off.
  • Outside, May helps Mr. Briney recover pieces of the ship, before she pots a Submarine arrive on the shore.
  • She tells Mr. Briney and he tells her to hide, and the two of them hide behind the boat.
  • May continues watching, before spotting men in Team Aqua uniforms. A large man and a woman step off, in which the men speak of them as Matt and Shelly. They play a coin-toss for who has to go into the ship, with Shelly winning, resulting in Matt heading in with a group of men.
  • May worries as she watches on.
  • Meanwhile inside, Lexi continues looking for the package, not finding anything.
  • However, she soon spots a lower deck that's partially flooded.
  • Flannery continues looking for her items, finding the last one before heading towards the exit once more.
  • Moments later, she runs into Team Aqua, before dropping the items and running to opposite way, in which they follow her.
  • Brendan also finds his items, beginning to walk out, he's soon hit across the head, and falls to the ground.

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