Xenial Destiny series
The First Discovery!
Air date January 13, 2015 RS017 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • Lexi has an idea, before coming with a plan. She asks Mudkip to swim through the door and try and reach the lower deck.
  • She then sends out her Ralts, to attempt to help keep an eye on him.
  • Mudkip does so, pushed past the first door. He enters a large room filled with water, before finding the second floor opening.
  • He manages to use an attack being able to get to the next floor.
  • Upon Ralts noticing this, she signals to Lexi and she tells Ralts to Teleport them to Mudkip.
  • They do so, and Lexi arrives on the next floor.
  • She continues to look, before she finds herself fixated on a particular room.
  • She begins to hear a loud tingling noise, before entering the room and seeing a small box hidden on a bookshelf.
  • Outside, May is struggling to decide what to do, before she is suddenly picked up from behind.
  • May discovers it to be Shelly, who hits her across the face and back to the floor.
  • May quickly sends out her Torchic, who attacks against Shelly's Crobat.
  • They continue to fight, before Shelly is knocked out by an unknown man.
  • May looks up, before spotting Brawly with his Makuhita.
  • Back inside, Lexi opens the box, and it glows... before a large Pokémon exits, which Lexi discovers to be a Blastoise, sending Lexi to fall to the floor.
  • Meanwhile, Brendan and Flannery are tied together and put into a small room, in which Matt asks how the search is going.
  • A Team Aqua Grunt reveals they've searched most of the deck, before a loud noise can be heard.
  • The Pokémon looks menacingly towards her, before Lexi notices the box on the floor with a package glowing ferociously on the ground.
  • Lexi tries to pick the package up, but she is hurtled back by the Blastoise.
  • Lexi remembers what Steven said about the stones possibly being protected, realizing what she must do.
  • She quickly heads into action, sending out her Houndoom.
  • The Blastoise attacks fast and hard, and Houndoom does his best to defend them.
  • Lexi soon realizes something, and begins rummaging through her bag.
  • She soon finds a small case, opening it and finding a few stones.
  • She pulls one out and throws it to Houndoom.
  • Houndoom catches it, and Lexi pushes her Mega Necklace and Mega Evolves Houndoom for the firs time.
  • Houndoom transforms, and roars with power.
  • Houndoom ferociously attacks the Blastoise, and the two are locked in battle once more.
  • Both are strong, but Houndoom's speed gives him the upper hand.
  • He manages to land a very powerful attack, which knocks out the Blastoise.
  • Lexi hugs Houndoom, but Houndoom continues to act ferociously.
  • Lexi holds back, before pushing her Mega Necklace once more which transforms Houndoom to normal again.
  • Houndoom falls to the floor, and Lexi rushes to him and thanks him, before returning him.
  • She then walks passed the fallen Blastoise, and picks up the package, before reading Devon Parts.
  • She slips it into her pocket, and exits the room.
  • The Blastoise moves a little.
  • Lexi arrives back on the top deck, before she finds Mudkip and Ralts being held by two men, with Matt standing above her.

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