Xenial Destiny series
A Menacing Opponent!
Air date January 15, 2015 RS018 Season Ruby & Sapphire
  • Lexi is thrown across the main deck by Matt where the others are being kept.
  • He then rushes over to the hostages and grabs Brendan by the neck.
  • He demands that Lexi tell him where the package is, but she's hesitant.
  • As his grip tightens, she shouts at him and reveals that she'll give him the package.
  • In that moment, a loud crash is heard before a large figure enters the room.
  • The dust settles and the figure is revealed to be the Blastoise from before, enraged from being knocked out.
  • It charges towards Lexi, but she dodges out of the way.
  • Matt laughs, but the Blastoise turns towards him and thrashes around.
  • Matt begins to look seriously, before telling his men to abort.
  • Lexi attempts to escape, but the Blastoise just blocks the path.
  • Matt is about to exit, before he shouts to his men to grab them, pointing towards Flannery and Brendan.
  • May and Brawly soon enter, who stop Matt from leaving. He attacks them, but they are overpowered after the Blastoise attacks them all.
  • May and Brawly fall to the ground, but as they do they overhear the men talking about Slateport City.
  • With everyone down, Matt soon crawls towards the package and picks it up, before exiting.
  • Lexi sends out Houndoom once more, but she struggles with if to Mega Evolve him or not. She decides not to, and Houndoom fights against the Blastoise.
  • Despite his best efforts, Houndoom is unable to defeat the Blastoise and is knocked out.
  • Mudkip and Ralts try to fight, however Blastoise immediately defeats them.
  • Matt exits with the other Team Aqua members, and notices Shelly.
  • He wakes her, and they soon depart, with Mr. Briney watching on.
  • As the Blastoise closes in on Lexi, the Blastoise is suddenly hit from behind, before falling to the ground.
  • Lexi looks up and finds Mr. Briney standing above her, who holds his hand out to her and helps her up.
  • She rushes to May who regains consciousness.
  • She shouts for Brendan, and Lexi soon realizes they've gone.
  • She asks where they are, and Mr. Briney reveals that the men took them with them.
  • Horrified, Lexi tells Brawly they need to go.
  • May reveals that they said something about Slateport City.
  • Lexi reveals they'll have to head there quickly.
  • The trio quickly gather their things and rush out.

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